Ziva walked out that door reminding herself it would hurt more if she turned around. She knew tony was still standing where he left him.

She crossed the parking lot, making her way to her car. As she put her hand on the door, she looked up at Tony's window.

She half expected him to be standing there, watching making sure she got to her car safely, like times before but this time he didn't.

Ziva bit her lip, opening the door. Sliding in, turning on the car, leaving tony. She never thought she would be the one leaving not like this.

Tony saw the headlights from the street from his window fade away into the distance.

He sat back on the couch, with a glass of whatever he had in the cabinet. He is going to drink until he figured out where he went wrong.

He ran the conversation over his head. Everything about it seemed wrong. What exactly was so complicated? He took another sip, he knew her for years.

She was the longest relationship he had. They saved each other countless times. They knew each other so well, only to come with the times they argued about something, only to find out they worried about each other, that they were afraid to lose each other.

He rescued her from Somalia, along with Tim and Gibbs for help. His world wasn't complete without her. He remembered telling her how he couldn't live without her. He was also trying to tell her how much he loved her.

If Ray loved her so much would he have rescued her too? He asked himself as he placed the glass down on the coffee table in front of him. Getting up from the couch he forced himself back to his bed.

He looked at his bed, there was one thing missing here. Ziva. Climbing in, he pulled the pillow that Ziva laid on close to him breathing in her scent, eventually his thoughts calming he fell into slumber.

20 minutes later, Ziva was already in her apartment. She turned on the kitchen light as she placed her keys on the counter.

She spent so much time at Ray's before he had left, she had forgotten about how her own apartment felt like.

She couldn't tell if it was the mood she had left Tony's apartment in. But her own, apartment felt lonely, lifeless.

She understood why it felt lifeless she only had a marginal amount of items in her apartment. Things she could carry with her in case she had to move. She was used to moving; she was used to leaving people she loved behind.

As she crossed the room, walking through the living room she stopped to look at a picture frame. It was one Abby had given her.

It had Abby holding on to Tim's arm both smiling. Ziva and Tony, standing beside the couple. Ziva playfully posed against Tony both smiling. She didn't notice until then, when she actually looked at it.

Tony had his arm around Ziva's waist, she looked closer. Her hand was gently resting on Tony's hand. She felt herself blush. She couldn't imagine how many times she had grabbed for his hand and he never said anything about it.

Oh, Tony, that's why I love you she heard that small voice say. She put the picture down making her way back her bedroom trying to shift all the thoughts about tony and their night together out of her mind.

Tony was face down in his pillow drooling and dreaming mostly about Ziva. He lay still until his phone started to ring.

He mumbled something as he reached for the phone barely opening his eyes to see the ID he flipped it open.

"Dinozzo" he mumbled into the phone. A familiar rough voice filled his ears. "Got it boss, on my way"

He grunted and whimpered as he pulled himself up out of his bed. Yawning he sat for a moment looking over at the other side of the bed. Sighing he got himself up and ready for work.

Fade to black

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