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So what do you say- Kurt still goes to Mckinely and has a horrible Aunt who believes at his age he should have decent knowledge on the working background and so to Kurts dismay she has pulled a few strings at her work place – the Gap and Kurt has been awarded a Saturday job along with extra hours when he's free, folding sweaters.

Help? Blaine to the rescue!

So what happens when Kurts put in Jeremiah's place?

Let us find out?




It was Saturday and Kurt Hummel was seriously pissed off,

"Now Kurt, what have I told you about these sweaters?"

Kurt looked up at his far from attractive Aunt, giving her his best bitch please? Look.

Aunt Silvia was apparently oblivious,

"You have to tuck the right sleeve under the left sleeve, not the other way round! Honestly! Your dad told me you were good with clothes?"

Kurt made a mental note to thank his dad before returning his attention to Silvia, why it really mattered which sleeve tucked under which other sleeve Kurt had no idea, Kurt decided Silvia didn't know either but decided not to challenge her, considering the last time Kurt had challenged her he had ended up here.

"I am deeply apologetic Silvia,"

Kurt replied, not sounded a little bit sorry,

"Oh dear boy! Do call me Aunt Silvia,"

"Sorry... Aunt Silvia."

The words were painful, Aunt Silvia, hell it was painful to stand next to her, let alone admit they were related. How 'Aunt' Silvia ever got a job at the Gap with dress sense like that Kurt would never know, he eyed her red velvet skirt with a look of disgust on his face. How any body managed to sell clothes like that was also a mystery, let alone getting people to buy them.

Kurt was suddenly aware of a stench insulting his nostrils, ahh... low and behold 'Aunt' Silvia had forgotten to brush her teeth, that was the only obvious answer to the aroma trailing from her mouth, either that or some deranged person has created a new mouthwash, designed to torture subjects of it's clients bad breath, such as himself.

"You see Kurtie- pooh?"

Ahh.. yes, yet another reason to love Aunt Silvia even more so, she had a knack for creating extremely original nicknames for people, Kurtie- pooh...who ever deemed that acceptable? Whoever it was Kurt officially hated them, the only possible human being on this planet who would deem that any where near acceptable was of course his wonderful 'Aunt'. Simply put, Kurt hated Silvia.

The Aunt in question had just finished explaining to her 'eager' nephew why a certain button had to remain done up when it was folded and was now tottering off (to Kurts relief), gone to yell at some innocent customers Kurt assumed setting to work on switching sleeve angles and re- doing buttons.


Just as I thought, Kurt sighed as he turned around to discover the object of his Aunt's torture methods today. Kurt knew Silvia's regime by heart now- pester her boss for more money, come and pester Kurt about some petty nonsense that made absolutely no sense and then torture customers for the rest of her shift. Kurt often wondered why people still came at all. Kurt also wondered why the manager kept his Aunt until he realised that the manager was a bigger slob that she was and was, (despite the fact she was married and fugly) in love with her.

Kurt followed his Aunt's gaze and immediately felt sorry for the subject of her yells, the poor boy was standing there mouth agape and looking around helplessly. This poor boy, Kurt also happened to notice was rather good looking... okay who was he kidding? This guy was supermegafoxyawesomehot! A true sex God! Good taste too, Kurt contemplated, noticing the boy's black skin tight jeans and blue t-shirt.


Kurt rolled his eyes and watched in slight amusement as the boy looked at his Aunt as if she was a mental case- granted she was.

"Come on Auntie Silvia, lets leave this innocent shopper alone okay?"

he hoped he had calmed down his Aunt a little, he had used her acquired name after all,


apparently not.

The boy met Kurt's eye and Kurt felt his heart flutter a little he shot the bewildered boy an apologetic look, the boy smirked a little back and raised his noticeably triangular eyebrows at his Aunts pet name for him. Kurt blushed,


Kurt cut his Aunt off not wanting any other astonished shoppers to hear his nickname and dragged her by a her arm further away from the attractive boy,

"Yes I did Silvia, don't worry I'll fix it,"

Kurt somehow managed to drag his Aunt to the managers office, who of course was not complaining and didn't look a bit concerned when Kurt announced she had been scaring the customers again. How any man, even a man like Garry could find that woman attractive was a mystery to Kurt and he planned it to remain that way.

Brushing himself off Kurt emerged from the office and exhaled deeply, looking around the shop to be sure all the customers had survived his Aunts daily rampage.


Kurt turned to find himself face to face with the attractive young man who had been victim of his Aunts yells,

"Hi, look I'm really sorry about my Aunt she's a bit well..."


the boy assisted, the same smirk appearing on his amazing face.

"Just a tad,"

Kurt smiled back,

"I'm Blaine,"

Kurt shook Blaine's outstretched hand,


"No I think I caught it... Kurtie-pooh wasn't it?"

Kurt blushed and Blaine giggled playfully,

"Oh shush... it's Kurt if you don't mind."

Kurt corrected regaining his usual sass.

Blaine smiled kindly and winked causing Kurt's heart to do acrobatics,

"Of course it is, well Kurt it's been awesome meeting you and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of each other seeing as I happen to like the Gap,"

Kurt smirked thinking about seeing Blaine on a regular basis,

"I'm glad, if you'll excuse me I have to fix that jumper you harassed before my beautiful Aunt has a heart attack... not that that would be such a catastrophe,"

Blaine laughed,

"I'll see you around Kurt."

Kurt waved and watched as Blaine walked off towards the door, Kurt Hummel had a new crush.


Blaine pulled into Dalton's driveway smiling widely, he had finally spoken to the beautiful porcelain boy who worked folding sweaters at the Gap.

"Blaine, how did go?"

Blaine smirked at Wes and David,

"I spoke to him,"

Blaine watched in amusement as both boys cheered,

"Was he as marvellous as you'd hoped?"

"Even more marvellous that I could of ever hoped, his sense of humou-"

"Oh dear David, I'm beginning to think this was a terrible idea, Blaine's not gunna shut up about this guy now,"

"His names Kurt,"

Blaine stated in a dreamy voice, Wes and David smirked at each other,

"Did you tell him you like him?"

David asked curiously, Blaine and Wes looked at David both with a are you kidding? look on there faces,

"Seriously David! Haven't I taught you anything? You never tell someone you like them it makes you look like an idiot,"

David rolled his eyes as Blaine smirked at his best friends, they squabbled like an old married couple,

"Besides what was I supposed to say? Hey Kurt, I've never met you before now but I like you?"

Blaine contributed, curious of David's answer,

"That's what I'd do..."

Wes and Blaine exchanged knowing looks,

"You see, now is when I start questioning your girlfriends sanity."

Blaine chuckled as his two best friends bickered about their dating techniques, letting his mind wonder back to the stunning brunette at the Gap, I'm gunna take him out for a coffee Blaine decided as he smiled to himself. Maybe he had a shot here.


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