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Kurt noticed something was a little peculiar when the breadstix had failed to arrive on their table with their food and when they asked exactly why they were told they had already had them... which they hadn't... hmm.. strange.

"So your Aunt's a charming lady,"

Blaine commented breaking the comfortable silence,

"Oh please can we not talk about my Aunt, it's hard enough to admit we're related let a lone her being one of the main conversation topics,"

Kurt replied sassily. Blaine chuckled,

"Baby seriously you're nothing alike,"

that cheered Kurt up a little,

"I should hope not Blaine, now... lets talk about your hair shall we?"

Blaine cocked a particularly adorable triangular shaped eyebrow,

"My hair?"

"I think curly hair's adorable Blaine,"

Blaine nodded trying to work out Kurt's objective,


Kurt shifted in his chair,

"Well no more gel from now on 'kay?"

Blaine snorted,

"Sorry Kurt but you haven't seen my hair un-geled, not a good look for me.."

Kurt sighed as Blaine continued,

"Sorry, I need my gel to live,"

he concluded, Kurt rolled his eyes.

Inhaling preparing himself for Blaine's reaction he replied,

"Looks like you're going to die then..."

Blaine's eyes grew a questioning look,

"What exactly do you mean by that?"

"I may have disposed of all the gel you posses,"

Blaine's jaw dropped, Kurt Hummel was mean.. that was a good £25 down the drain...

"And don't even think about buying some more because you know I will find it."



"This is ridiculous! How could we have eaten them when we haven't even been served them!"

Kurt and Blaine had just been told they had apparently eaten both of their deserts despite the fact that neither had been placed on the table.

"Well I'm sorry but I've heard this 'I've haven't had it' story from far too many kids like you. No more puddings and thats final,"

the usually charming lady with grey stalked off in a huff leaving Blaine and Kurt in shock at their table.

"Okay, what did you do Blaine.. that lady usually loves me!"

Blaine raised his hands in a 'mock surrender' position,

"Well maybe she's just had a bad night, this is really odd though I've never had these sorts of problems at Breadstix before.. it's weird."

Kurt nodded in agreement, looking around, Blaine watched as Kurt's eyes seemed to focus and narrowed. Blaine followed his eye line and there was Finn, Blaine had never met Finn but Kurt had showed him pictures around the house and this boy was definitely him.

Kurt beckoned him over with a finger, Blaine watched as Finn gulped and slunk over and he couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him... Kurt could be really scary when he wanted to be.

"Can you explain to me number 1 why you're here and number 2 why you have chocolate soufflé all over your face?"

Blaine laughed a little but immediately stopped upon receiving a harsh look from Kurt and looked at his plate feeling very sorry for Finn.

"I- umm..." Finn started but Kurt immediately cut him off,

"You snuck on here to spy on me and Blaine and then ate our pudding?"

Finn nodded sorrowfully, suddenly Blaine wasn't feeling quite so sorry for him.. he was really looking forward to that pudding.

"And no doubt you ate our breadstix too?"

Finn shook his head ferociously looking up,

"No actually that wasn't me..."

Kurt snorted,

"Of course it wasn't."

"Really it wasn't! It was some one else in New Directions..."

Kurt raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow,

"New Directions... wait they're all here?"

Kurt's voice was getting gradually louder with anger.. and he seemed to reach boiling point as Finn nodded and he stalked off to the bathroom, leaving Blaine and Finn at the table.

Finn sighed,

"Sorry about the pudding..."

Finn apologised still looking at the floor,

"It's all right..."

Blaine smiled a little before excusing himself to go and find Kurt.


Blaine walked into the loo's to find Kurt leaning over a sink washing his face with cold water, Kurt looked at him for second before returning to the mirror,

"It's rather depressing having stalkers..."

Kurt told him, Blaine laughed replying with,

"Especially ones that eat your food."

Blaine looked around the room and finding no-one he wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist,

"We're in the toilets Blaine,"

Kurt sniggered a little as Blaine nuzzled into his neck and made cute 'mmm' noises sending shivers down Kurt's back, Kurt fidgeted turning around to face his boyfriend.

"Can't you contain yourself?"

Kurt teased smirking,

"Not really..."

Blaine grinned back before leaning in to capture Kurt's lips, Kurt kissed back enthusiastically backing Blaine up against the counter.


"Guys... really? A toilet?"

Kurt and Blaine jumped apart to find Finn, Mike, Sam, Puck and Artie all staring at them with accusing looks in their eyes although Sam, Puck and Artie did look a little amused... Finn not so much.

"Glad to see you're finally getting some,"

Puck exclaimed making Kurt blush, Blaine pulled Kurt into his side protectively, an arm wrapped around his waist, having not deciphered the nature of Puck yet.

"What ever Puck,"

Kurt countered,

"Just glad to see my boys happy is all,"

Puck replied shrugging the teasing tone still present in his voice,

"My boy actually..."

Blaine replied making Kurt grin a little as Puck raised in his hands in 'mock surrender',

"Some ones protective..."

Blaine blushed,

"I think it's adorable,"

Kurt stated. Finn left at that point obviously not able to take it any more, Blaine smiled the blush spreading a little more on his cheeks,

"And I think you're adorable,"

He replied.


"Well I prefer Klaine to be honest... I mean Blurt is just a little too similar to Kurt's dads name and thats just a little creepy,"

The other girls around the table nodded in agreement, Finn emerged from the toilets and was beckoned over.


Rachel smiled widely standing up and planting a kiss on Finn's cheek, cheering him up a little.

"Hey Rach..."

Finn replied smiling a little back and nodding at the rest of the New Directions girls as he sat down next to Rachel putting an arm around her resting on the back of the seats. Mercedes spoke up,

"Finn you're not lookin' so good... everythin' all right?"

Finn shrugged,

"Well as good as things good be when you walk in on your brother making out with his boyfriend in the loo's.

The girls seemed way to excited at this in Finn opinion,


they all cooed, Finn scrunched up his nose... what he had just seen was definitely not aww.

"Are they still there?"

Tina asked excitedly, beginning to stand up along with a few of the others,


Finn replied, disgust evident in his voice,

"Well actually yes they're still there..."

A few more girls stood up,

"But not continuing past activities..."

Finn replied adding 'I hope' under his breath.

"Besides even if they were... which they're not... you couldn't go into the boys bathroom anyway,"

the girls sighed sitting down obviously a little disappointed. Finn braced himself as Santana opened her mouth to contribute,

"I've been in the boys bathroom way more times than I care to recall,"

"I'm sure you have Santana," Finn replied.

"It's true... even in kindergarten I was in an out of there like a yo-yo,"

Most of the girls shook their heads to rid them of any unpleasant thoughts as Brittany remained with a very confused look on her face,

"Whats a yo-yo?"

Oh dear...

It was at the time that the rest of the boys followed by a ruffled Kurt and Blaine emerged from the toilets,

"Here come the love birds.."

Quinn stated adoration in her eyes,

"Can we just not talk about my little brother like that it's disturbing.."

Finn muttered looking at the table,

"Did we decide on Klaine or Blurt?"

Finn sighed.

Kurt walked sassily with Blaine,

"What may I ask are you all doing here?"

The girls all looked up at Kurt and his boyfriend cooing a little at their interlinked hands,

"Well I had to come up and check Blaine was treating you right Kurt.."

Mercedes stated narrowing her eyes a little at Blaine, Blaine gulped.

"Blaine has been nothing perfect thank you,"

Kurt answered making Blaine grin, Finn 'face-tabled',

"Oh and which one of you ate our breadstix?"

Brittany immediately perked up,

"That was me!"

she exclaimed as if it was something to be proud of, Kurt rolled his eyes,

"Thanks Boo..."

"That's okay! Is this your dolphin?"

Brittany asked motioning to Blaine, Blaine raised a triangular eyebrow,

"Yes Brittany this is my dolphin,"

Blaine's other eyebrow joined it's partner as Kurt answered. The girls all giggled a little at Blaine's reaction and motioned for Kurt and Blaine to sit down, which they did and Blaine whispered in Kurt's ear,


Kurt giggled a little then too, trying to ignore Blaine's breath on his ear, whispering back,

"I'll explain later,"

Blaine nodded and wrapped an arm around Kurt mirroring Finn and Rachel's position. The girls cooed again, Finn knocked his head on the table again as Rachel rubbed his back soothingly,


Santana started, Kurt looked up at her,

"Is that a hickey on your neck?"

Many things happened at the moment- Kurt and Blaine proceeded to blush as Kurt tried to cover up the mark and Blaine looked down at the table flushed although a little amused, the girls all moved in closer to get a better look and Finn's head yet again collided with the unfortunate table.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it was,"

Sam exclaimed,

"Considering what we walked in on in the toilets,"

Kurt glared at him,

"Thanks Sam."


"I think it's about time we went home,"

Kurt exclaimed, dragging Blaine up with him, Finn didn't have to be told twice and stood up extremely quickly,

"Yep lets go."

Blaine paid despite Kurt's arguments and they all gathered outside Breadstix,

"Well it was nice to see you all again, despite the fact this was supposed to be mine and Blaine's first date..."

Kurt stated, hugging the girls in turn and giving Mercedes a particularly tight squeeze,

"Woah... this was your first date and you already had your tongues down each others throats?"

Mike said disbelievingly, Kurt and Blaine blushed and Finn looked away,

"How do you do it man? I had to wait until our 3rd date before Tina let me get there!"

Tina slapped Mike on the but at that point and told him to 'shush' before hugging the blushing Kurt again,

"Thanks Mike..."

Finn mumbled glaring at his mate, shaking his head ferociously obviously trying to rid his head of any 'unpleasant images.'

"Do you think Kurt's a good kisser?"

Brittany asked a bemused Blaine, before Blaine had a chance to answer Brittany spoke again,

"I do.. we made out on his couch until his dad came and then-"

Kurt cut in then his face gradually growing redder,

"Boo... thats enough okay?"

Brittany nodded and shut up immediately. Blaine looked at Kurt terribly confused at this point.. Dolphin? Made out with his Kurt?... Boo?

Kurt shook his head,

"I'll explain later baby,"

the girls 'aww'ed' at the pet name... Blaine and Kurt blushed again.

Finn had enough now,

"I think we should go now... Kurt are you coming back with me or are you going with..,"

clearing his throat Finn finished the sentance,


Kurt rolled his eyes,

"Obviously I'm going with my boyfriend, I'll see you later... and the rest of you,"

Kurt hugged a few of them again,

"I love you guys."

Many of the girls chanted 'I love you back' as the guys gave a friendly wave, Brittany spoke up again,

"I love you more Dolphin!"

Kurt laughed as he watched the New Directions walk off,

"Okay now we're both dolphins? I don't think I've ever been more confused..."

Blaine said, Kurt laughed and wrapped an arm around Blaine's waist... this could take some explaining.



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