iThrow a Surprise Party


It's Sam's 17th birthday and Freddie decides to throw her a party. While she is unaware of this, things get complicated. Will the party pull through, or will it all go down in flames? Seddie of course! Short multi-chapter! R & R! Oh, and iOMG never happened.

Freddie POV

"Yo, Fredlump, get your butt over here!" Sam yelled as she barged into Carly's apartment.

I sighed; Sam always knew how to make an entrance. "What do you need?" I replied while walking over to her.

"Just to do this..." She leaned forward; closer and closer. My breath caught in my throat. Was she going to kiss me? Her hands reached around my waste. Wait, I paused, wasn't I supposed to put my arms around her waste? Our noses where about to touch when I felt a pull towards my back, my boxers (yes, I do where boxers) yanked upwards by the blond hair demon.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed in pain trying to get her hands off my underwear.

"Wow Nub, I think I just did a double whammy! I tricked you AND gave you the best wedgies ever!"

I pushed her away and sat on the couch. "Jeeze Sam, do you always have to hurt me?"

"What did she do this time?" Carly asked while walking into her living room.

"Oh, you know, she just gave me a wedgie that I'll feel for a week!" I heard Carly sigh as she began to lecture Sam.

"I thought you guys have moved passed all this hurting Sam! You can't just go on hurting Freddie…"

Carly's voice drifted off as my thoughts over powered them. What Carly didn't know was that I really didn't mind Sam's constant name calling and pain. It was….us. Oh, haha, and maybe I left out that little fact that…I was in love with Samantha Pucket.

Don't ask me how it happened or when because I sure as heck have no idea how it happened. One day I'm gazing at Carly thinking about how gorgeous she was, and then BOOM! I all of a sudden got butterflies when Sam looked at me! And yes, I am aware of how gay that just sounded….you never know what love will do to you.

My thoughts were interrupted from Sam's obnoxiously loud voice, "Did you hear me Freddork?" I looked back with a confused expression on my face. "Obviously you didn't" She said, "I repeat, my. birthday. is. in. two. weeks!"

"Sam, do you really think I would forget your birthday?" I say smoothly,

Dang! How could I have forgotten? What was I going to do? Come on, think Freddie! Come on, come on, come on! I got it! I was going to through Sam, the best surprise birthday ever…and maybe get up the courage to tell her how I feel. I've got a feeling this was going to be a tough two weeks…


I know that this chapter was uber short (only 433 words not counting this and the summary :/ ) but I just wanted to have a little bit up to see what people thought about. So, R&R and let me know what I can improve on. Did you like it, hate it….barf when you read it? I hope not! Let me know if this is even worth continuing and I'm open to ideas!

Fly on,

Ellie Zara

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