HEY! Just procrastinating again and writing another short story after watching the latest Fairy Tail episode. I have to say, I wasn't so excited about this one, no more NatsuxEdo Lucy moments and just Lucy being weird XD. But I got this weird idea for a story after watching it. I had read about Natsu Dragion before so the switch of personalities wasn't any big surprise. What really got my attention was how he told the group from Earthland to not involve Edolas's Fairy Tail. When they mean the opposite of Natsu Dragneel, they mean the total OPPOSITE of Natsu Dragneel. In a few episodes Natsu got angry when one of his enemies was betrayed by their own comrades. And Edolas Natsu was telling kind people who were fighting partly for their sake, to not get them involved. I thought that was almost heartless.

Disclaimer: I seriously don't know why anyone would believe I own this anime/manga. Isn't the websites title FANfiction enough to tell it's not an original idea. Oh well, I guess I'll put it up just to be safe. I don't own this anime and/or any of its franchise.

Not So Different After All

"Let's go and beat up some monsters!"

"I-I'm sorry...I-I wo-would rather go-go for a ri-ride in the ma-magic four-wheeler."

Natsu Dragneel looked ready to fall dead at the mention of his worst enemy: transportation. Natsu "Fireball" looked guilty for causing the dragonslayer discomfort. He tried again using less opposing ideas.

"I-I'm sorry, bu-but could-could we ma-maybe just sit in it?" Dragneel revived and considered the option. ' if it isn't moving, I won't get sick, so I guess it's ok.'

"Alright, but only if you don't make it move." Fireball nodded meekly and began walking to his dear car. He got in to sit on the front seat and instantly loosened up, putting his feet up, and putting his arms behind his head. Natsu Dragneel just got in the passenger seat, stretched and became bored after 5 seconds of sitting. He growled.

"I can't believe Lucy and Scary Lucy are making us spend time together." Dragion nodded without opening his eyes. He didn't have anything personal against the Earthland Natsu; they just couldn't do anything together.

"We don't like doing any of each other's hobbies." Fireball gazed at the dragonslayer as he said this. He lowered his arms and put his hand to his chin thoughtfully.

"Maybe we can just talk bout stuff, or eat together or whatever, not necessarily do something." The dragonslayer gave it some thought. Fireball almost fell out of his seat as Dragneel jumped up with his fist in the air.

"I know we can have a duel and-"

"No." The dragonslayer just looked disappointedly at the transport mage and sat back down.

"I know we could go shopping for wheels or-"

"No." Fireball looked at Dragneel and sighed angrily.

"We really have nothing in common." They sat there still for a few moments. Then the dragonslayer decided to end his boring torture once and for all.

"Let's just go back to the guild." Even in his car, Dragion visibly shivered at the thought of defying Lucy.

"You go ahead and do that, I'm sure your Lucy wouldn't beat you up." Dragneel stopped halfway between the ground and the seat at this.

"Lucy's scary! She WOULD beat me up!" The next second he was back in the safety of the car. Yes, Natsu was so scared of Lucy he actually thought of the car as safety.

"You mean your Lucy? She's scary?" Fireball tried imagining the sweet Lucy as scary. He only came up with images of Edolas's Lucy.

"Aye! She always throws me out when I sneak into her house!" The transport mage sweatdropped as he finally got the situation.

"You kind of deserve it if you sneak into her house." The statement was totally ignored however.

"Besides at least your Lucy's reliable." Dragion laughed at this.

"What does it matter if she's reliable if she isn't on your side?" The dragonslayer stopped his shivering at this. He looked almost incredulously at his companion. The fire mage had always assumed they were friends, but maybe it was the opposite, like the Lucy and Levy here were actually friends.

"Wait, yo-you don't get along with Scary Lucy?" The transport mage sighed. But a smile slipped on his face as he looked out the door window with nostalgia.

"It's not that…I just, I guess I wish she wouldn't be so, so…tough." The other Natsu just became more confused at this.

"So, you don't like her the way she is?"

"I wouldn't change anything about her…" The fire mage blushed as he could practically see hearts float from the dosing Dragion. Dragion blinked as he realized what he had said, and more importantly clearly revealed about his feelings for a certain girl.

"A-anyway! What about you and Lucy-san? You seemed very determined to go rescue her from what I'm told." Natsu Dragneel lost his rosy color instead of it darkening like the transport mage had expected.

"Of course I was determined, Lucy was in trouble, I wouldn't be a Fairy Tail mage if I didn't help my friends!" Dragneel looked up as he heard a painful thump come from his right. He looked over to find his Edolas version with his head on his steering wheel.

"Are-are you o-"

"I meant what about your affection for Lucy-san?" The dragonslayer looked even more freaked out as the usually passive mage looked ready to kill.


"Natsu, you like Lucy-san right?" Said mage blushed as he finally got the meaning of the question.

"She, she is just always so cheerful. She reminded me of my friend Lisanna. Except her smile made me feel…weird. Probably because Lucy's a weirdo." The flushed boy closed his arms as he not only confessed to the transport mage, but discovered for the first time why his Lucy had always made him feel strange. He looked up at the approving hum of Dragion.

"Wha-what are you so happy bout?" He just opened one eye to look at the temperamental fire mage.

"I donnow, I guess I was just laughing at how we're not so different after all."


Well, I have to say I don't think this is my best story. Maybe it's because it's the first one that doesn't really have any romance in it? But it wouldn't leave my head and I do think it's cute that the only thing that these two seem to have in common really is their feelings towards certain blonde girls. Now you all know why Natsu always calls Lucy a weirdo XD. But anyways, I should probably fight against writer's block and go work on my Side Effects of Magic story.