Hey fans! I just saw Next Avengers and I loved it. I'm just sad that there are so little stories for the movie cause I see lots of potential stories from the movie. Anyways, I know I have tons of other stories to finish, but this idea would not go away. Besides I was thinking of just making this a one-shot instead of a multi-chapter story. Also, I see a sort of love triangle going on between James, Torunn, and Hawkeye. I'm just going by Wikipedia. It said that James had a crush on Torunn, Torunn had a crush on James, and that Hawkeye had a crush on Torunn. Yeah, complicated. By the way call me TJ.

Me: Man that was a good movie.

Alex: TJ, what the heck are you doing?

Me: What? I'm typing again aren't I?

Alex: Yeah, but you have about hang on… (starts counting her fingers) three other stories to finish. You haven't even updated in months.

Me: (guilty face) I know, but I ran out of inspiration. Besides this will probably be a one-shot.

Alex: (sigh of relief)

Me: Unless fans start asking for more.

Alex: (smacks forehead) You never learn will you?

Me: Nope.

James: Wait, who's Alex?

Me: How did you get here?

Alex: TJ, when a man and a woman really love each oth-

Me: Not like that Alex. Just answer his question.

Alex: Fine. I'm TJ's assistant.

Hawkeye: That makes sense.

Torunn: Would thee start the story?

Me: Fine, fine. Wait where's Azari and Pym?

Alex: Start!

Normal POV

"Avengers, assemble!" yelled James.

They got into position.

"Wait, what happened?" asked the Vision.

"Oh yeah, someone has to update Vision. Right well, we should rest. We've had a long day." said James.

"But the Scavengers need us. Even without Ultron the robots will still annihilate humans if they are caught." said Hawkeye.

"I know. If we aren't at hundred percent though, we won't be able to fight. Besides it will take several hours before we reach Ultra City." James responded.

"Yeah. I'm exhausted. We defeated Ultron and robot versions of our parents. I think we deserve to sleep at least." said Pym.

"Yes, we all require rest." added Torunn.

"Hawkeye, we can rest along the way." said Azari.

"I guess you're right." said Hawkeye.

"Kids, the ship is ready." called out Tony.

While the Avengers were discussing their next move, he was repairing the ship to return to the city.

"Should we try and find Mr. Banner?" asked Azari.

"He will be fine. He just needs to change back to his human form and he will return to his cave. He has enough supplies to sustain him and Betty out here for awhile. Come on. Ultra City is waiting." said Tony.

The Avengers followed Tony into the ship. Soon, they were in the sky, resting for their next battle.

Pym conked out on a cot immediately. After all, he had to take down Iron Giant-Man and Iron moms. Azari decided to take a quick nap, using his powers exhausted him. Hawkeye was sharpening his arrows, he couldn't sleep. Torunn was looking outside through the window.

"Hey Torunn, are you okay?" asked a voice coming behind her.

She turned around. It was just James. James, their leader, their older brother, her best friend. He took a seat next to her.

"Yes James, I am fine." she stated.

"Oh. I just wanted to make sure considering we just defeated our parents murderer, unleashed the Hulk, found a new teammate, left our home, and you finally got to see your dad. Not in that specific order though." joked James.

Torunn smiled.

"I guess a lot of things have happened today. At last I learned that my father does care for me. He never replied to my prayers before, except when I lost my sword. I now know that he loves me, that he didn't abandon me, that I have another home at Asgard." confessed Torunn.

She sighed.

"Thor offered you to stay at Asgard?"

"Yes he did."

"Why didn't you take his offer? You've dreamt of this your entire life."

"I couldn't bear to leave my family. To leave Pym, Azari, Tony, Hawkeye, you." she stated, a little bit of pink appeared on her cheeks. It was only visible if you looked closely.

James didn't notice. But he did notice that the atmosphere got a little awkward.

"You didn't say thee."

"I guess I didn't."

"So, what do you think of Hawkeye?" asked James.

"He seems nice. He keeps complimenting me." replied Torunn.

"Yeah, he's flirting with you."


"You know, doing and saying nice things for you because he is attracted to you."


"Get some sleep Torunn, it's been a long day."

"You too James."

"By the way, sorry about saying your dad abandoned you earlier. I was in a really bad mood."

"It's fine. I know you didn't mean it."


With that last word, James walked to his own cot. Torunn took one last look outside and decided to rest. Hawkeye had fallen asleep some time ago. In a couple of minutes, Torunn and James were asleep.

Meanwhile, Tony and the Vision (or at least his head) were flying the ship. It was in auto-pilot mode so they were finally able to chat.

"All of that happened while I was recharging?" asked Vision.

"Yeah, a lot happened. I knew the kids would be able to destroy Ultron. I just regret ever making that retched machine." replied Tony.

"Tony, you had good intentions. How were we supposed to know that Ultron would betray you?"

"I know it's just, because of me the children couldn't grow up with their parents. Because of me they never had a semi-normal life."


"Well Azari, Pym, and Torunn have powers so it would only be a matter of time before they chose a hero's career. Plus Francis and James would have eventually joined them."

"Ah yes. It is in their blood to save people."

"It would only be a matter of time. Anyways, I'll have a new body for you soon. I can use the spare parts from the robots the kids are going to destroy." said Tony.

A light began blinking on the dashboard of the ship.

"We will be reaching Ultra City in about 2 hours. We should wake up the kids, so they can prepare for the battle." said Vision.

"I'll go wake up the kids. Keep on steering the ship. When we get closer put it in camouflage mode so we don't get shot down." said Tony.

"Right." replied Vision.

Tony walked into the room with all of the kids. Pym and Azari were on the left side of the room. James, Torunn, and Hawkeye were on the right.

"Kids, we're going to reach Ultra City in about 2 hours. Wake up." said Tony.

None of them woke up. Tony sighed. He walked over to James and pushed him out of bed.


James groaned.

"Tony, did you really have to push me off the cot?" asked James.

"Yes, I did. You could sleep through a natural disaster. Help me wake up the others." replied Tony.


Tony went over to wake up Pym and Azari while James woke up Torunn and Hawkeye. Soon, Vision's voice was heard throughout the ship on the speakers.

"Avengers, we are approaching Ultra City. Please put on your seat belts and get ready."

"Alright Avengers, destroy as many robots as you can. Don't push yourself though and also nothing fancy. There are probably more robots in other cities Ultron captured and we need to work fast." ordered James.

The team nodded. The hanger door opened and they rushed out. Pym shrunk down and started zapping robots to pieces.

"Come on is that the best you got?" yelled Pym.

"Pym, look out behind you." yelled Hawkeye. He shot an arrow at a robot about to squish Pym.

"Thanks for the save Hawkeye."

Hawkeye nodded and continued shooting exploding arrows at robots. Meanwhile, James threw his dad's shield at some robots. They were sliced in two immediately. He caught his shield and blocked some bullets the robots were shooting at him. Torunn was stabbing and slicing multiple robots. Her new armor helped protect her from the robots attacks. Azari was busy electrocuting robots which short-circuited them.

Tony and Vision managed to use the ship's weapons to help out the team. In the middle of the battle, the Scavengers arrived and started shooting at the robots. The robot numbers were quickly dwindling. Along the way, Tony collected parts so he could rebuild Vision's body.

James was suddenly outnumbered by some giant robots. They had large lasers and were the more powerful robots of Ultron's army. They were called Ultra-Bots He was backed up against a wall and was using his shield. He was crushed between his shield and the wall like when Ultron was using his laser on him back at Banner's cave. James was panicking. He didn't know what to do. If he got out from behind his shield, he would be zapped at and if he stayed hiding behind his shield, he would be crushed to death.

"James! I'm coming!" yelled Torunn.

She tried to run over to James to help him, but some Ultra-Bots were attacking her, preventing her from helping James. Torunn had to do something. She had to help him, her best friend.

"Just her best friend, right? No, Torunn focus!" thought Torunn to herself.

Suddenly a shadow jumped up from over the battle. It was a black haired girl. She was wielding two katanas. She sliced through the Ultra-Bots that were attacking James. James immediately put down his shield. When he looked up, the girl was gone. Torunn flew up to him. She had finished her own robots.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, but a girl just saved me. Who was she?"

James decided to not ponder about it and went back to the battle.

By the time night had fallen, most of the robots had been destroyed. The last remaining robots retreated and escaped.

"Whew, I thought that battle would never end. But did you see us, I was like zap, zap and Torunn was like stab, slice, punch and James was like-" exclaimed Pym.

"Pym calm down. Breathe, Pym, breathe." chastised Azari.

Pym began to breathe again. When Pym was talking, he was starting to turn blue from lack of oxygen.

"Good job Avengers. Looks like Ultra City is safe now." said James.

"Scavengers, you can move out of hiding. Repeat you can move out of hiding." announced Hawkeye to the Scavengers.

The Scavengers cheered. Suddenly a girl ran out of the crowd of Scavengers and tackled Hawkeye. She was of Asian heritage and a head shorter than James. She had shoulder length black hair and the tips of her hair were dyed a dark blue. She was wearing black cargo pants, a white shirt, a black jacket, black fingerless gloves, a belt that had a lot of pouches, and black combat boots. She also had two katanas on her back.

"It's the girl from before!" thought James, suddenly excited.

"Nice job bro. You and your team finally defeated Ultron." said the girl.

"Who's that Hawkeye?" asked Torunn with a small hint of jealousy.

"Guys this is Ella. She is a good friend of mine who is like a …sister." said Hawkeye.

"Yep. Name's Ella, but don't call me Ellie or El-el or I'll give you an atomic wedgie." said Ella.

"Ella, meet the Avengers. The beautiful one is Torunn, daughter of Thor. The pipsqueak is Pym, son of Giant-Man and Wasp. Then there is Azari, son of Black Panther, and the red head is James, son of Captain America and Black Widow." said Hawkeye.

"Aw Francy(pronounced like France, then e), you didn't tell me you got a girlfriend." teased Ella.

"Ha, Francy. Why didn't I come up with that?" laughed Pym. He got slapped in the back of the head by Hawkeye.

Hawkeye and Torunn blushed beet red. Then Ella got a closer look at James.

"Whoa, you didn't tell me you had a hot teammate. You should have introduced me sooner. Wait didn't I save you before?" said Ella while eyeing James.

James blushed. He wasn't used to being complimented. He liked her boldness already.

"Yeah you did. So, you've trained with the katanas?"asked James. This girl interested him.

"Hm, oh yeah. A woman named Elektra (actual character from Marvel) trained me. I know different types of martial arts and I'm trained to use all types of weapons. I prefer the katanas because they're light yet deadly. What about you?" asked Ella.

"Well I know how to fight pretty well and I've only used shields as my choice weapon. I used to have energy shields, but it recently got destroyed so I'm using my dad's shield." replied James.

"You know I could take a look at the shield generator and fix it. I'm pretty good with machines." said Ella.

"I would like that. I love using dad's shield, but I can lose it more easily in a fight that the energy shield." replied James.

"Um, guys what about us?" asked Pym. He was getting annoyed at being ignored.

"Right sorry. Aw aren't you adorable. I could just squeeze you, and SQUEEZE YOU!" exclaimed Ella as she hugged Pym to death.

"Can't… breathe. Need … oxygen. Tell my fans… that I loved them." said Pym overdramatically.

"Oh whoops, sorry about that little buddy. Got carried away. Heh, heh." said Ella sheepishly.

"Nah, it's alright."

"Well you recovered quickly Mr. I'm-Dying-From-Being-Hugged." said Azari.

"Cool tattoos dude. Born with them?" asked Ella.

"Yeah. Had them all of my life." replied Azari.

"So Ella, how long have you know Hawkeye?" asked Torunn, too tired to talk like an Asgardian.

"Oh yeah, well I've know Hawkeye for about 7 years. I met him when I was 8 and he was 9. He saved me from a bunch of robots. You see, Elektra decided to give me a vacation and she and I were camped close to Ultra City. Not enough for Ultron to reach us, but enough for me to travel here. I was too thick-headed back then and I was being stupid. I thought I could take on some of the robots. Hawky here saved me. After that we became best buds. I visit every month to help him and the Scavengers. I bring supplies, help protect the people, destroy robots, and try to help him find a girlfriend. Though that last part may not be necessary anymore."

"I don't need a girlfriend. And you are bad at playing cupid." said Hawkeye.

"I am not. What about that chick I tried to set you up with last time I was here?"

"Ella, that was a guy! He was a cross-dresser passing through the city! It doesn't help that he was as straight as a circle. (I have nothing against cross-dressers or gays. One of my favorite anime characters is even a cross-dresser.)"

"Oh yeah. Well I said I was sorry! That guy looked like a hot chick… from a distance. I was just trying to hook you up because you were being so serious. You didn't even want to destroy robots with me. You love doing that. By the way, I win this time. I got 932 robots. What about you?"

"890. Fine you win. But still, no more hooking me up with guys looking like chicks." said Hawkeye.

"Ok. I just want you to find someone special. You know that special girl. Someone who will make you happy." said Ella.

"If only you weren't oblivious." muttered Hawkeye, unintentionally staring at Ella.

"Did you say something ?"

"Ugh… no I didn't."

"Sure. Anyways, I got to go. Other cities need to be protected. There are still millions of robots out there." said Ella.

"It was nice meeting you. See you next month Frank." said Ella.

"Wait!" exclaimed James.

He grabbed her wrist as she was turning around. She looked back at him surprised.

"I want you to join our team. We could use your skills." said James.

Ella paused. She could be a part of something. It's been awhile since they traveled with a team or another person. She separated from Elektra 2 years ago and has been traveling by herself ever since.. What the heck, why not?

"Yeah. I'll join your team." said Ella.

"It will be nice not being the only girl here." said Torunn.

"Welcome to the team." said Hawkeye.

"Woo hoo! I get 2 older sisters now." exclaimed Pym.

"An honor to have you." said Azari.

"Wise decision, James." said Tony.

"Whoa, your Tony Stark. The Iron Man. It's a privilege to meet you." said Ella.

"And I as well. Come on kids, the ship is ready to go. We need to go to a special technology base over in France. I need some specific parts for Vision's new body. Paris wasn't taken over by Ultron and Ultron never bothered to take it over. He believed it was a waste of time and that there was not hope for humanity." said Tony.

"Alright the city of L'amour." sighed Ella.

"The city of what?" asked Pym.


"Avengers, Assemble!"

Alright, I finished my first Next Avengers story. I added an OC. Before in the movie there was a love triangle, now there's a love square. Get it? Because Torunn seems to like Hawkeye and James. Hawkeye seems to like Ella and Torunn. James seems to like Ella and Torunn. Ella likes James. Yeah, I made sure Ella just likes James to add even more tension. If that's even possible.

TJ: Phew, that was a lot of typing. I mean like close to 10 pages on Microsoft Documents.

Alex: Ok, you did a good job, but seriously. You have other stories.

TJ: Oh stop nagging. Gosh, I made you to be my assistant, not my mum.

Alex: Well I wouldn't be nagging you, if you would update.

Ella: Break it up you two.

TJ & Alex: Oh go make out with James.

James: (blush)


Hawkeye: Oh no. That's my … sister you're talking about.

TJ: Francy, are you sure she's JUST you're sister?

Hawkeye: Shut up.

TJ: Don't tell me to shut up, grandpa.

Hawkeye: I'm not old either!

TJ: Your hair doesn't seem to agree with you.

James: Oh, burn.

Hawkeye: I'm going to kill you James. Ella isn't old enough to date.

Ella: Don't tell me what to do Francy! (then grabs and kisses James)

James: (blush, eyes widen)

TJ: Aaahhh! So much action is going on. I've got to end this.

Alex: Snap out of it girl. (SLAPS TJ)

TJ: Ow! (rubs cheek) Thanks Alex. I needed that, but don't do it again. I'm the author.

Pym: Please R&R before something bad happens.

Torunn: I'm going to kill you Ella! (swinging sword with flames in her eyes)

Pym: It's the end of the world! (cries while hugging Azari who's terrified)

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