Hey all reviewers! I am so so so so sorry for not updating. All of my stories got deleted so I had to rewrite everything I had. I will try to update as much as possible, but it will be slow. Now that school is over I should have some more time, but my teachers did give some over summer vacation homework. Don't know why. I am trying to make each chapter long so I don't have to update much. Plus I have to deal with the whole thing about getting my story copied by another story. Sigh. So much to do. Warning: This could be considered a filler. Oh well. Better filler than nothing.

Me: (buried under homework and other junk with only an arm visible)

Alex: Oh my gosh, TJ! Guys help me get her out!

Me: (muffled) Life fading; I see a bright light.

Ella: James help me.

James: No. We haven't had an adventure in awhile because of this weird, lazy chick.

Ella: Pwease. (pouting and giving off sparkles) She created me.

James: Fine. (blush)

Me: Dying over here. More saving, less flirting.

Torunn: Oh for Odin's sake. *pulls me out*

Me: Thank you Torunn. At least someone remembered to pull me out instead of flirting (staring at Ella & James while trying to push in my dislocated shoulder).

James & Ella: Sorry.

Me: Whatever. Azari, Pym, can you start the story?

Azari: TJ does not own Next Avengers or any of the characters except for Ella.

Ella: Because I'm AWESO-thump.

Me: (holding bat) Shut up and let them start.

Pym: She does own the plot. Thanks for watching dudes.

Pym POV:

Alright. We're currently heading over to Paris in the ship. Tony said that we'll have to make continuous stops in order to refuel so the journey will be so long. This is going to be a drag I can't sit still for that long.

Hawkeye is off somewhere sharpening his arrows. Torunn left the room when Ella entered. I think she doesn't like Ella that much. Maybe jealous of how much James is flirting with her. Azari is off taking a cat nap. HA. Get it? Cat nap? Because he's like a cat… oh I give up.

Tony and Vision are steering the ship. Well Vision's head is. Tony is working on a something. I think he said he's trying to create a temporary body for Vision so that he can move without us having to carry him. So far it looks like Tony connected spider-like legs to the bottom of Vision's head.

Anyways, James is flirting with the new girl. Who by the way, is cool. Seriously, she uses katanas. Katanas! She's even sharpening one of them right now. Man those things are awesome.

"Hey Pym, want to hold a katana?" asked Ella. Dang. She noticed me staring at them.

"Heck yeah!" I said. I was so stoked. Torunn never lets me hold her giant sword. Or even touch it. She said she doesn't my "mortal idiocy" to rub off onto it. That and her sword weighs like a kabillion pounds.

"Down boy. These are not toys. They're dangerous weapons that can slice through humans and some metals like butter." said Ella as she handed me the katana that she wasn't sharpening.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whoa! They're so heavy!" I said. Seriously, how the heck does she swing these around like they're twigs? I can barely keep it off the ground.

"Well these katanas are made of a special blend of metals. From what the smith who had made them told me, it has some vibranium in it along with other special alloys."

"WHAT?" asked James. Right, he was still there.

"Yeah, vibranium. Got a problem with it?" She raised her eyebrow at James.

"No, it's just my dad's shield is made of vibranium."

"Right. That's why it's hard to destroy that shield. I'm surprised that Ultron was able to do so much damage to it."

"Yeah I know what you mean. I mean I want to use my dad's shield. It's just that I'm scared that I'll break it or something. Some of the cracks are really deep and there are still some chunks missing from it on the outer edge."

"How about this? I heard that Wakanda is still around. Even after Ultron took over much of the world, Wakanda was still able to hold up its defenses because of the large vibranium mine hidden under the city. I think Ultron was going to try and destroy Wakanda after killing you guys."

"And this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but are you sure it's a good idea leaving me a sharp, deadly sword that could kill someone. Especially with someone like ME?" I asked. I don't like being forgotten. I mean I do want to hold the sword, but I don't think leaving a dangerous sword that could probably kill in an instance with a kid is a good idea.

"Whoops, sorry little bee." said Ella while sheathing the sword.

"Little bee?" I asked.

"Well yeah. You're the youngest and you look like an adorable little bumble bee, especially with that adorable costume. It just makes me want to SQUEEZE YOU" she said while suffocating me… er… hugging me.

"Not an adorable costume. Gah! Oxygen. Air. James. SOS." I choked out. How can a girl HUG someone so hard? I was getting spots in my vision. My lungs getting compressed more and more. Dying slowly…

"Whoops. Sorry little bee. I don't know my own strength." She finally released me.

I coughed a little and laid down.

"No need for dramatics Pym" said James. He rolled his eyes.

"Well why don't you try it? Oh wait, you probably do WANT Ella to hug you now? Don't you?" I said. I was smirking evilly. Perfect.

Ella and James turned so red, a tomato would have been jealous. I chuckled.

Hawkeye walked in. He looked around. He raised his eyebrows at us.

"Uh, someone mind telling me what just happened?" he asked. Well he was mainly staring at me and glancing at the red heads. Get it? Because they're blushing and … oh forget it.

"Oh, nothing. Ella let me hold one of her katanas."

He stared at me again and then stared at Ella.

"What? Is there something on my face" asked Ella. She started touching her face.

"No, but what in the world made you think it was a good idea to let PYM hold a katana?"

"Well, it's not like he could pick it up."

"Still. He could have dropped it and slice off his foot."

"Wait I could have what?" I exclaimed.

"Well he didn't. Besides, it's not like he needs ALL of his foot in order to fight."

"Uh yeah, I do need ALL of my foot to fight!" I exclaimed.

They just kept going on and on. James and I were being ignored. I hate being ignored.

Suddenly the intercom buzzed.

"Kids, listen up. We need to fuel up on gas so we're going to be landing. Buckle up. We are currently in a small town close to Paris." said Tony.

Hawkeye and Ella kept on arguing. I don't even know what about anymore. Wow. They really are like siblings. It's like when James and Torunn argued. (Me: Oh if you only knew Pym. Ella: Know what? Me: Nothing. *smirks* Ella: GAH.)

James and I put on our seat belts. We decided to let Ella and Hawkeye figure it out themselves.

Suddenly we were dropping fast. Ella and Hawkeye began to trip around until finally Hawkeye fell down… with Ella on top of him. He turned red.

Nobody's POV

Pym watched in amusement as Hawkeye turned a nice shade of red. James watched the scene suspiciously. Why was Hawkeye turning red if Ella was just like a sister to him? He waved it off. He was probably still steamed from the argument they were having.

"Attention Avengers, we have landed." stated Vision over the intercom.

The team unstrapped themselves (or got up in Ella and Hawkeye's case) and got off their ship. They had landed by a lake that was close to a forest.

"We're going to camp here for the night. The engine began to heat up too much and I want to let it rest for awhile or it might explode." said Tony.

"I have scanned this area. There are fish in the lake so we can fish for dinner. There are no hostile figures close by so we should be safe." said Vision as he tottered out of the ship with his new legs.

Vision was basically a spider with a giant robot head attached to it.

"Fishing? You mean like using actual fishing rods and cooking fish over a campfire?" asked Azari.

"Haven't you guys ever fished before?" questioned Ella while raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"No. They lived in a giant bubble in the North Pole," said Hawkeye while pointing at the other kids, "And I lived in Ultra City which doesn't have large bodies of water that were easily accessible."

"Right. Well, you learn new things every day. Don't worry guys. How hard could it possibly be for you?" stated Ella.

"NO!" cried Pym.

Everyone looked at Pym in shock.

"What? What did I say?" asked Ella.

"Never say, 'How hard could it possibly be'. Then things will just be harder than it should be." said Pym while crossing his arms.

"That's just a fluke." snorted Torunn.

"Oh you'll see. You'll all see that I'm right." pouted Pym.

"I think the long plane ride finally got to Pym." said James.

"Did not."

"Did." replied Hawkeye.

"You'll all see." huffed Pym.

"Oh stop pouting." said Torunn while rolling her eyes.

"I'm not pouting."

"Yeah you are."

"Kids, stop badgering each other and help me with fishing."

"Well Avengers. Fish!" stated James, slightly puffing his chest out in a semi-heroic pose.

His siblings plus Hawkeye and Ella gave James a look saying "Really?".

This was going to be a long day.

There you go my fabulous readers. Another chapter. Sorry with the delay. Anyways, I'll try updating more this summer. Keep an eye out. I just want to give a shout out to the readers who didn't give up on me. You're all awesome and I hope this chapter was good enough. A little rushed, but hopefully good enough.