PROLOGUE: Rain of Recall

Mylene sat watching the rain, her long fingers drumming the arm of her chair, trying to catch the tempo of the storm. She lounged in a wicker chair wearing panties and a t-shirt, secure on her 8th floor porch that her comfortable attire was unnoticed. Fame...fame made it hard to be yourself, to get close to anyone. Her music was important to her, very important, and over the last few years she felt she had made great strides with it. Her personal life.. She didn't have one of those.

The rain was comforting to her, now, always coming at 3 am for one hour. Every day, without fail City 7's systems brought this rain, without it she might be lost, having grown up with it since age 7. 11 years, now. It was her birthday today, February 2nd 2049. She was an "official" adult now, convenient how her mother ignored that she had been married at 15, giving life to her oldest daughter at 16. But, I guess being a clone is different. It still sucked.

Mylene was different, her music had absorbed her life, to the exclusion of anything else. Her mother had been trying to engage her to a pilot, a former student of hers...Gamlin. She missed Gamlin. Gamlin was a member of Diamond Force, City 7's fighter squadron, under her mother's (the mayor!) command. Before that he had been a member of Battle 7's pilots, under the command of her father. Being the youngest child of the two most powerful people in the fleet hadn't made life easy for her. Much to her mother's consternation, she had taken her musical talent, trained from an early age starting with the piano, and joined a rock band at the age of 14. That rock band, Firebomber, had made it big, saved the universe (well, kinda) and went on to continue to define passion for music for another year or so. Then the leader of the band, Nekki Basara, a man Mylene hated and loved at the same time...never a weak emotion, decided he needed to do something else, try new things, travel. Without him, Firebomber could still function with Mylene, since she was the other lead.. but after a while everyone got tired of it, and they decided to take a break. A long break.

Mylene had done some work with the "Jamming Angels", the female members of Sound Force, the musical unit made to defeat the protodevlin (a few creatures that lived off life energy, which it seems music can manufacture, once they learned the secrets of music, they could make their own). The Jamming Angels were always an option, she had been doing some gigs with them, recorded a single. That was late last year, she'd not done anything for a couple months now, not since Christmas. She'd rarely left her building since Christmas, she'd go to the gym, play in her music room, sleep, watch TV, listen to music. She didn't really have any friends...sure Ray, Veffidas, and Akiko (their producer, and Ray's...friend) had visited her, as well as her mother... and Gamlin, just once. Their relationship had never produced much of anything but seeming discomfort for him, she felt safe with him, but that a romance does not make, she guessed.

While she was musing on the past, the rain stopped. She looked at the drops still slowly dripping from the eaves on her porch for a minute more, then stood up and stretched out her muscles. There was another changed, she mused, no longer was she a 5' tall little pixieish girl, a few growth spurts and she was now a little taller than her mother (at 5'10", mom 5'9"), the great Meltron warrior. she thought she still looked much the same, just a bit more elongated, her slender build easily turned heads combined with her meltron/brittish somehow enduced natural (*ahem* really) pink hair. That pink hair has always made her easy to identify, unfortunately, since it was so rarely produced, it requiring a mix of meltron and blonde genes...she was the only one of her 7 sisters to get it. Lucky her. she examined her hands, then her feet. she was very conscious of her feet, especially, her very long frame had resulted in long hands and feet as well. She'd compared with Gamlin once, after her last growth spurt, and her feet were actually longer than his! A lot of it was very long toes, like her very long fingers. Long fingers were an asset to a musician, however, and she put them to good use.

Walking in her apartment she glanced at her music room, different kinds of guitars and bases on stands, a synthesizer, a real piano, music stands, amps, and so looked very professional. She was proud of it. She made her way back to her bed, falling in it and curling up, letting the past wash over her and be past. The future is what she thought of as she went back to sleep, having trouble imagining it, the feeling that her past was the most of what she would ever do.