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Finn came home with his new mate around 12, it was a Saturday and Finn had just started up at a new football club having been advised it by Coach Beiste and he had met Blaine there. Blaine had welcomed him immediately and despite the fact that Blaine had to crane his neck to look up at Finn properly and Finn's chin touched his chest when he was looking down at Blaine, they got along well.

"Burt, Mum, Kurt I'm home..."

Finn called out to the house, Carole and Burt emerged from the kitchen and smiled warmly at Finn,

"I've brought a mate home if you don't mind,"

Carole shook her head granting him permission.

"This is Blaine,"

Blaine stepped out from behind Finn, Carole and Burt smiled at him,

"Nice to meet you Blaine,"

Burt offered a hand which Blaine shook firmly smiling back,

"You too."


Meanwhile Kurt was emptying his closet for some skinny jeans, (didn't take him long) if Kurt had heard correctly Finn had brought a mate home and he sounded dapper. Kurt knew it was probably pointless him changing seeing as there was an 80% chance that any friend Finn brought home would be straight as a pole but Kurt's red skinny's oughta' tell him for sure.

Kurt opened his door exhaling and walking down the stairs as sassily as he found possible, he caught sight of Finn's new friend... god he was mighty fine. Probably the best yet... well done Finn, Kurt commended his brother.

Blaine looked up upon hearing footsteps on the stairs, Finn's brother Kurt stood there. Blaine couldn't help but look him up... he was rather good looking... okay he was gorgeous but this was his new friends brother. But those red jeans, Kurt Hummel-Hudson was beautiful and almost certainly gay. (judging by the tightness of the jeans)

Kurt caught Blaine staring and smirked, Blaine blushed a little before smiling back nodding a little.

"Oh yeh this is Kurt..."

Finn contributed apparently oblivious to the obvious eye-sex that was taking place.

Kurt nodded still smiling.

"Kurt this is Blaine..."

Kurt nodded again not taking his eyes off Blaine, Finn again was apparently oblivious.

"Oh my God Blaine! The repeat of the game from last Saturday is on again! Come on!"

Blaine was dragged into the living room to watch 'the Game' and Kurt didn't see him again until dinner.


"Dinners ready!"

Kurt called from the kitchen. Carole and Kurt took it in turns to make dinner, Burt couldn't cook too well and Kurt would only eat well cooked food. Carole would have willingly cooked every night but Kurt enjoyed it too much to let her.

Blaine was the first to enter the kitchen, Finn unsurprisingly not close behind.

"Smells amazing Kurt,"

Blaine told him smiling, Kurt grinned back. He loved how Blaine used his name, Kurt was pretty sure Blaine was gay from the way he was looking at him earlier but Kurt didn't want to scare him off so he just replied with a simple,

"I'm glad,"

and left it at that.

Carole entered the kitchen not 2 minutes later and Kurt smiled at her as she sat down also commenting on how amazing the food looked and smelt.

Burt emerged a little later, by this time everyone was seated around the small family table and all eyeing their food,

"You can start everyone, don't wait for it to get cold."

Hums of appreciation came from around the table, Kurt looked at Burt disapprovingly, he was still clad in his overalls from working with the cars in the garage and had a little smudge of dirt on his face and his hands were far from clean.

"There is no way you're going any where near my food dressed like that and with such dirt on you!"

Kurt announced placing his hands on his petite hips and standing in front of his dad blocking his view to the table, Blaine snorted a little into his macaroni. Kurt was adorable, his stance right now was rather cute and he had perfect view to his gorgeous bum and he was eating Kurt's macaroni. Blaine was content.

Burt raised his hands in a mock surrender position and smirked before slowly backing out of the kitchen to go and change. Kurt turned to survey the table of content eating human beings a look of success on his face when he noticed Blaine staring at him yet again. Kurt raised an eyebrow expectantly, Blaine blushed a little, smirked and turned back to his plate.

Burt entered minutes later look presentable, receiving a nod of approval from Kurt and seating himself at the table.

"So Blaine.. what school do you go to?"

Carole questioned politely before scooping some macaroni onto her fork and into her mouth.

"Dalton, Dalton Academy..?"

Blaine questioned, wondering if they'd heard of it,

"Oh yes, I've heard the Warblers are phenomenal."

Kurt chimed in as he sat down next to Blaine letting his leg brush against his a little to torture him, smiling to himself when Blaine blushed a little.

"I'm glad you seem to think so,"

he replied smiling at Kurt.

"So your in the Glee club then?"

Finn asked half way through a mouthful of bread, Kurt rolled his eyes thanking God that his guest had good table manners. Blaine apparently had noticed as he was smirking at him.

"Yeh I'm... sort of there lead singer,"

Kurt's heart fluttered a little, he liked attractive guys who spoke well, had good manners and could sing. Now... was he gay?

"I've heard all the Garglers are gay... is that true?"

Finn asked, Kurt rolled his eyes again before correcting him,

"Warblers Finn, Warblers."

Kurt was although slightly embarrassed at Finn's manners a little grateful for the question, maybe it would help him on his mission to discover Blaine's sexuality.

Blaine laughed a little presumably at Finn's question,

"Ahh... no. Not all of them are, a few... well I mean I am."

BINGO! Kurt smiled maybe a little too obviously as Blaine turned and winked at him making him blush, Carole snorted. Burt and Carole were being usually quiet, just letting them get on with it.

Finn's eyes widened a little,

"Really? Well man you did a good job of hiding it! Kurt here is gay and I knew like immediately, although it was a little obvious when he started crush-"

"Right I think that's quite enough!"

Kurt intervened, wondering how himself he had ever had a crush on the great lummox that was Finn Hudson and now his brother.

Blaine raised his eyebrows a little before looking at Kurt questioningly smirking, Kurt mouthed 'shut up' before excusing himself from the table to clear up the dishes.

"You'll have to tell me that one later Finn,"

Kurt heard Blaine tell his step brother, Kurt turned to face Finn giving him a 'if you dare' look. Again apparently Finn was oblivious,

"Will do man."

Kurt sighed before turning back to the dishes.

Everyone excused themselves from the table then, Burt clapped him on the back saying something about 'a good dinner' and leaving for the cars again, Finn ran off supposedly to catch the last few minutes of 'the game'.

"That was really nice Kurt, you're a really great cook,"

Blaine's voice came from behind him, startling a little and causing his heart to do back flips.


Kurt replied turning around and smiling back at Blaine who soon left the kitchen, Kurt's eyes following him as he went.

Carole appeared from behind him whispering a little into his ear,

"He likes you."


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