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Kurt and Blaine were still going strong and it had been 3 months since Blaine had first entered the Hudmel residence, Finn was still with Rachel and Kurt was still enjoying torturing Blaine with his skinniest skin tight jeans.

Finn had decided that it was about time he attempted to have Blaine round as 'his friend' rather than 'Kurt's boyfriend', of course Blaine had been round a lot since he and Kurt had started going out but all the time he was round was spent in Kurt's bedroom doing... God knows what (unfortunately for him Finn knew exactly what and didn't want to think about it.)

Finn thought his plan was foolproof, Kurt was going out with Mercedes meaning he would not be there to distract Blaine, Burt and Carol had both gone to work which would leave the boys free to have the living room for a Xbox marathon and he had checked with Blaine in advance about him being free on this particular day.

Kurt hadn't left the house yet due to his obsessive need to look fabulous before he set so much as a toe outside the door, Blaine had told him numerous times he didn't need to try as he was just naturally fabulous which usually led to a kiss between the two boys, thus, another reason for Blaine to come when Kurt wasn't around.

Finn planned to invite Blaine round for about an hours time as Kurt would hopefully be gone by then and would not be swayed to stay just because Blaine was around and so, hopeful that an hour in advance wasn't too late notice, Finn rung Blaine's number (which, no surprise was saved on their house phone.)

Beep.. Beep...

"Hey Babe!"

Blaine's voice announced happily on the other end, obviously having seen Kurt's house number flash up on his mobile..

"I- Uh... It's Finn,"

Finn mumbled, there was silence on the other end before Blaine rushed to apologise...

"Finn! God.. I'm sorry.. I- I thought you were Kurt.. Sorry about that,"

He finished with an awkward chuckle. Finn gave a humoured grunt in response, he was however a bit annoyed... he had known Blaine first and yet when they call using the house phone it's expected to be Kurt. Finn also had gathered he was thought to be Kurt before Blaine had explained, he highly doubted Blaine referred to anyone but Kurt in the household as 'babe'... Finn smiled a little as he tried to imagine Burt's reaction to the term of endearment.

There was a short silence before,

"So how can I help?"

Blaine enquired politely, a bit too politely in Finn's mind, as this was not the way he was usually addressed when speaking to a friend.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to come over... just you know... us two, Kurt's going out and I thought we could play a bit of Xbox? I know you usually just see Kurt now but I thought.. well you know we used to hang out at football club an-"

Finn was mumbling now and so Blaine quickly intervened,

"Sounds awesome! What time do you want me?"

Finn smiled despite the fact Blaine couldn't see him,

"I was thinking about an hours time?"

Finn questioned,

"Yeah awesome, I'll be there at 1ish then?"

"Awesome. See you then dude. Bye!"

Blaine said good bye and Finn hung up the phone, he was feeling quite proud of himself, the conversation had gone from awkward to awkwardly polite to friendly and generally chatty. Blaine would be there at 1pm and so Finn decided it was probably a good idea to get out of his pyjamas.


It was 12:50pm and Kurt was long gone, Finn was waiting for Blaine to arrive, he'll probably be here exactly on 1 he contemplated, Blaine was always on time for everything if his and Kurts dates were anything to go by.

12:57pm and the door handle turned, Finn looked at it questioningly, Blaine always knocked. Kurt rushed in hurriedly running up to his room,

"What are you doing back Kurt?"

Finn asked, trying not to sound too annoyed, a muffled reply involving something about 'shopping vouchers' answered Finn's question as he prayed that Kurt and Blaine wouldn't bump into each other as Kurt was on the way out and Blaine, on the way in. The sound of an engine came from outside through the door that Kurt had left open in a rush to get upstairs, Finn panicked as he looked between the open door and the stairs wondering what to do to stop Blaine and Kurt from colliding.

Blaine's smiling face was soon visible as he walked up the path towards their house, just as Finn heard footsteps on the stairs, despite meeting Blaine's eye Finn quickly shut the door almost right in his face.

Blaine was thoroughly confused at this point and so waited for a while to see if Finn was mucking around and would open the door any minute... no movement.

Finn continued to stare blankly at the stairs, Kurt soon appeared and rushed down them, shopping vouchers in hand and was about to open the door to rush out before Finn was in front of the door blocking his way.

"Finn? Would you mind getting out of the way? I need to go?"

Kurt was aggravated, he was looking at Finn as if challenging him to do anything but get out of his way. Just then there was a knock at the door and Finn stiffened, knowing that Blaine was there and it was him knocking,

"Finn! Any reason you're blocking the door way whilst I'm trying to get out of it and someone is clearly trying to come in through it?"

Blaine cocked an eyebrow, I thought Finn said my boyfriend was out? Blaine had distinctly heard Kurt's voice...


Yep, that was Kurt.

Finn gave in at this point as Kurt's eyes narrowed and the knocking became increasingly louder, and stepped out of the way of the door, head lowered in shame and disappointment. Kurt frowned in his direction before opening the door,


Finn rolled his eyes mimicking in a high pitched voice,


"Kurt! Finn said you were going out!"

Blaine questioned, an adorable confused look plastered on his handsome face,

"I was! I mean, I had... but then I realised I'd left my shopping vouchers in my room!"

Kurt explained happily.

"That was lucky,"

Blaine smiled, Finn had to resist the urge to snort... yeah.. lucky.

Kurt turned to Finn now,

"So... explain to me why you felt the need to stand in front of the door when my boyfriend was waiting outside in the cold?"

Finn blinked, before replying bluntly,

"Because I knew what you'd do if I didn't."

Kurt's eyebrows rose,

"And what exactly is that?"

Blaine laughed catching on to what Finn had obviously not wanted to happen,

"I think he means this baby.."

Blaine stated before planting his lips firmly on Kurt's making the counter-tenor squeak in surprise before reciprocating.

Finn looked down and mumbled,

"Thanks Blaine,"

before walking off towards the living room, hopes dashed.

Kurt wrapped his arms around his boyfriends neck pulling him towards him as Blaine's hands wrapped easily around his waist, their lips moving against each others slowly, only drawing apart when it seemed impossible for either of them to go on any longer as oxygen was unfortunately a necessity.

"I have to go out with Mercedes now, I promised... but I'll hurry back!"

Finn heard from the living room and mumbled,

"Please don't..."

Blaine responded my pecking him once again on the lips and then watching as Kurt walked out of the front door only turning around once to call,

"I love you Blaine, miss you already!"

Finn rolled his eyes, yeah never mind your step brother Kurt.. don't even think about missing him..

Blaine appeared around the doorway of the living room at that point and Finn turned to acknowledge him with a small smile,

"Sorry about that Finn... I haven't seen him in a while..."

Blaine apologised, Finn had to stop himself from reminding him it had only been 2 days,

"And he always just looks so gorgeous an-"

Blaine was going to continue before Finn quickly ended that conversation and started a new topic completely,



Finn was quite happy with how his and Blaine's meet up was going, he had actually managed to beat Blaine twice on the Xbox which was great even if Blaine had asked him,

"Has Kurt been tutoring you?"

He was on his way to beating him a third when the door was opening and Kurt was entering, about 5 large bags in each hand.

"Hello boys,"

Kurt smirked at Blaine sending a wink in his direction, Finn was going to say 'Hi' back and continue the game when Blaine paused the game and trotted over to his boyfriend, Finn groaned and collapsed onto the floor lying down where they had previously been sitting.

"Why did you buy?"

Blaine enquired curiously, trying to peep into the bags.

"Ahh well... you'll see if you come and tell me what you think of the outfits I bought,"

Kurt smiled as Finn shut his eyes in an attempt to block out the shameless flirting,

"Did you buy jeans?"

Blaine asked innocently but Kurt could see the glint in his eyes...

"You'll just have to wait and see won't you,"

Kurt replied before tapping him on the nose and disappearing up the stairs.

"Go Blaine.. I know you wa-"

Finn didn't even get to finish that sentence before Blaine had ran up the stairs after Kurt.

Great foolproof plan Finn... just amazing.


Rachel had turned up at the door about an hour ago and now all four of them were in the living room watching TV, Rachel and Finn on one sofa and Kurt and Blaine on the other... just as before.

"So, I was thinking that we should go and see it so when I play it on Broadway I'll have someone to outshine!"

Rachel finished, looking at Finn with pleading eyes, Kurt and Blaine were whispering in hushed tones and giggling quietly, being cute as normal. Until Kurt started sucking and nibbling at Blaine's neck and he turned his head suddenly to connect his lips to his boyfriends as he had done so many times before.

"Sounds awesome Rachel but how are we gunna afford that?"

Finn asked, half focused on the TV still, there was quite a long silence Finn noted, apart from the heavy breathing from the kissing boys on the couch opposite...


Finn enquired, this time managing to tear his eyes away from the TV, Rachel was not looking at him but at Kurt and Blaine as they kissed, Blaine's hand was at the back of Kurt's neck he was kissing him passionately... and there was Rachel just watching AGAIN.

"Ugh.. I can't take this any longer,"

Finn announced before making quick strides to his room as Kurt and Blaine continued kissing none the wiser, Rachel still watching intently.

I've never seen the appeal in gay kissing before now... and that time in the bathroom.. but it is really freakin' hot. Wait... where did Finn go?


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