Another super lame title from the endless banks of Cat's lame titles.
Anyway, here is Sadie's prize! Who only requested- a happy scene. I don't know if this is happy enough, but its the best I could do!


Sometimes, when it was dark out, and rainy, and he was sure no one was going to be in his room, Rex wished, and he dreamed. He wished he knew who his parents were, and he dreamed Holiday and Six could be the ones to fill that role. Not that they didn't do their best to take care of him, he really did appreciate what they did, but some days, he wished they were more like parents, and less like guardians. He wondered too, wondered what if would have been like if Holiday had been his mother, she did have a very soothing voice as it was, it made him wish she was his mother. Well, when he wasn't hitting on her.

He always knew he wanted Six for his dad though, he could even imagine himself as a five year old, with spiked hair running around a living room watching Sesame Street while Six sat in a chair glaring at the television screen. That though made Rex grin, maybe a little too deviously for his own good, but Rex would be Rex after all. He could imagine in, forcing Six to play catch with him, forcing Six to take him to school on his hover board. Rex grinned again. He could imagine the jealous face of a young Noah, who would, of course, have gone to the same school as him.

He could imagine Holiday too, a ten year old him with a scraped knee coming in pretending he didn't feel a thing, and her playing along as she got him a band-aid and disinfected it. He could imagine her trying to bake him a birthday cake, and failing miserably but demanding he at least try some for courtesy, well that had happened, but he could imagine it happening every year. He could also picture every complaint he would make, every year on his birthday about how she should just buy one from the store. He could imagine snuggling up next to her when it rained lighting and thunder filled his room and she would tell him stories about heroes, or maybe she would just explain it scientifically and then kiss his forehead goodnight.

He looked out his window, watching the rain pour down his arms behind his head, one knee up, just like he always was when he stayed up late dreaming like this. Lightning filled the room and he reflexively flinched, not because it was frightening, but the light just shocked him. He almost wished he really was afraid of lightning, then he'd have an excuse for Holiday and Six to baby him. As much as he acted like he hated it, he really did wish they would play protective parents more often. He sighed leaning his head back further to look at his door, his black hair rubbing his arms. He sighed knowing no one was going to come baby him today. He gave up on staying up dreaming, figuring it wasn't going to happen. He pulled the blankets over himself closing his eyes.

No sooner though, than he closed his eyes, did his door slide open, a pair of heels clicking on the metal floors and a hushed female voice, one he knew all too well, "He's asleep Six…"

There was no response but Rex knew he was there. Holiday spoke again, "Guess he's alright."

This time Six did speak, "Holiday its nearly midnight, the power just went out, nothing bad is going to happen to Rex, he's learned to handle things like that."

Holiday sighed wistfully stepping into his room bending down beside his bed. Rex did his best to appear asleep. "I know, but I just want to make sure he's okay, he may be a teenager, but even teenagers get scared." Holiday leaned forward and gently kissed his forehead. She stood up turning to Six, "Besides you usually come check on him without me when there is a thunderstorm like this and I know it."

There was no answer as the door slid closed behind Holiday, but Rex smiled. So he did have a family