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Summary: Randy Orton comes from a rich family. John Cena comes from a poor family. The two families are enemies, but the two young men who are meant to hate become bonded forever...

Pairings: John/Randy.

Rating: M

Warnings: Slash, violence, dark themes, MPREG and man sex. Consider yourselves warned.

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Blood Stained Rose.

Chapter 1

The icy cold winter wind blew away the last of the warm autumn air. The hard wind crashed against the floor, the buildings, just every thing that it could find.

The rain poured out of the sky, smashing against the hard dirty concrete floor. The thunder roared and screamed and it boomed across the city, almost, just slightly making the towers and vibrate. The lightning flashed over the tall buildings that towered over the roads. Each time a small drop of rain landed on the ground, it didn't fall gracefully and gently like rain normally would do, it crashed on to the ground with a very large thud.

It was dark, though there were a few lights around the city. There were many street lights that illuminated over the ground and the small houses. Also, there were the many lights that were glowing from the windows, inside in the warm houses where everyone was safe from the winter's typical weather that took place outside.

Not a single person passed the streets of Las Vegas. Not even a car scraped across the dark streets ...Not a single soul passed, they were all asleep, or enjoying themselves inside the comfort of their own homes.

There was one building that stood out from the rest. It was taller from the others, which was actually very surprising because they were all very big. It had many floors, many windows and many rooms, but none of the lights were on.

It was a mansion.

Everyone in the mansion must have been asleep, but no, that was not the case, one was awake, one that had a striking resemblance to a ...viper...

The apex predator, the legend killer, the viper, Randy Orton stared out the window which was being almost bullied by the rain. He scanned the outside with his beautiful, icy blue eyes and his thin, slit shaped pupils. His eyes looked just like...a viper. His lovely chest rose up and down, breathing as his warm breath condensed the freezing cold window, making the window become covered with mist, his reflection no longer visible.

He wore a very tight black shirt which made his perfectly shaped abs stand out amazingly. It exposed his overly tanned, sexy stomach which rose up and down every time he took a breath. It also exposed his overly tattooed arms which had complicated drawings which were slightly difficult to work out. But it was very obvious, looking at his abs and chest and the rest of his tanned body, it looked like he took very good care of his well built body.

At the bottom, he wore black shorts which went half way through his thick, muscled up thighs. They were very tight, making his ass look as round as a football.

He covered his feet all the way up to his knees with pure black shiny boots, which made him look...taller if it was even possible for Randy Orton to get taller, but like what they said: 'Tall is sexy.'

He appeared to be a very dangerous looking man but...

He was so fucking sexy...

He gazed outside, his eyes showing a mixture of tiredness, boredom and, anger. Though it was really hard to tell, because he appeared as always, emotionless, which was a bit strange. Many people asked questions to themselves about Randy Orton. What could be going on in his head right now? What was he thinking about? Were they evil thoughts? Or were they good thoughts? Those were the questions that everyone wanted to know the answer to.

The room he was in was very organised. The ceiling was high and a large golden chandelier hung on the ceiling. It was very huge and the carpet was blood red. The walls were decorated with different patterns, and different shaped roses. His four poster bed was placed against a wall. Everything was put neatly around the room, including vases, cups and more expensive items. There was a television which was switched off, and he had a few photographs of himself which was placed neatly on a sill. A table was placed in the centre of the room. Last of all, and this looked like one of his most precious items, his gun. It was caged inside a transparent rectangular shaped case. It seemed like he took very good care of the gun, as it appeared to have no scratches at all. Not even a small speck of dust was on it.

Suddenly the sound of the door being thudded broke the silence.

"Come in." The viper quietly said, turning around to face the door.

The door slowly opened and the family's maid, Mike Mizanin stumbled in to the room, holding a tray with a glass cup full of lemonade. He approached Orton, bowed respectively towards him and placed the tray on the table. The man was dressed in a high white and black dress with very small high-heels. He was the Orton family's maid, he was the one that organised the family and prepared meals for them. He also helped them whenever they were ill.

"Here is your drink you asked for, sir Orton, though, it's past your bed time. You should really be asleep right now, sir Orton. " Mike said, his lips curled to form a sweet smile.

"Thank you very much for your concern, but I really don't feel tired enough to go to bed. " The viper whispered, approaching the table and taking a sip of the beautifully made lemonade.

"Shall I sing you a lullaby?" Mizanin asked, the smile still glued to his face.

"No, no, you don't need to. I'm fine. " The viper replied.

"As you wish, sir Orton." Mike gestured before sprinting out the room with a grin and closing the large door with a thud.

Randy Orton did nothing but sigh...

Even though Randy Orton came from a rich family-The Orton family, he didn't really like how they treated him. He always refused to dress up how he should. He hated wearing posh and rich clothing such as suits and less revealing outfits, he really didn't like eating with any manners, and he certainly didn't like speaking like a rich person would speak.

Randy Orton always thought of his family as being very bossy, they always told him what to do all the time, and how to do it. They treated him like a 5 year old but however, he couldn't really disobey, they were his family and he had to follow, whether he liked it or not...

Randy Orton glanced at the clock that was placed beside him-12:01am- it read. . .

The rain still poured from the sky as it continued to ruin the ground, making it look very dirty and muddy. The wind was still very fierce, as it bit the ears of a man. A man who appeared to look determined. He was one of the members of the poor family, John Cena, who was crouched down in front of the Orton family's mansion. He was cold and wet and his clothes were soaked from the rain that was splashing against his him.

He was holding a sharp sword with his left hand and he was curling his fist with his right hand. . He wore a white long sleeved shirt which was dirty and tatty. He left the first two buttons of his shirt undone, exposing his well shaped up torso. Below, he wore casual blue jeans which the zip was undone, and wore simple white trainers. He was also very tall, but wide, not from fat, but pure muscle; he was very sexy indeed...

All his thought were to the mansion. His blue eyes scanned the mansion up and down. He tried to look for an open window he could go through, but they were all locked. If he broke one, that would have caused too much noise, so he had no choice but to go through the main door.

"There must be loads of guards in there. But I must get their items and valuables." He whispered to himself, so quiet that he couldn't even hear his on voice because of all the rain and wind.

He slowly crawled closer to the mansion, slowly getting a better view of the rich and well built building. Oh how he wished to live in there, but too bad, he didn't belong in the family. He moped slightly at the thought of that, but still carried on slithering until he was face to face with the main door. It was time to do what he had to do.

He gazed at the door and he tried to push it open but it was useless.

"Fuck, it's locked..." Cena cursed, lightly punching the air with his huge fist in frustration, but a smart thought struck his mind...

He slid his large hand into his pocket, trying to look for something very small and thin for him to pick the lock. He knew that it was locked, the Ortons mansion's security was very tight. He knew this by past attempts to steal the items of the building by his other family members.

John continued searching his pockets until he found something very thin and sharp. Oh yes! He found something! He found a hair clip in his pocket! He pulled the hair clip out of his jeans and placed it inside the lock.

"So, how am I going to do this?" Cena asked to himself.

The first few attempts on opening the door were a failure.

"Damn." He cursed again.

He tried again but he failed.

"Come on, man."

He tried once more, but this time he managed to get the door open...

John was happy that he managed to open it, but he knew what was waiting for him, guards, patrols, and loads of other types of security. This wasn't going to be easy, and he knew it, but he was willing to take the risk...he held his short dagger more tightly now, he knew he was going to need it...

The Chain Gang commander took a very deep, long breath before placing his palm on the hard wooden door and slowly pushing it open...

It was time...

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