I am actually making this story for someone that reviewed on my first story she asked me if I can make a story of how Piper met Leo and Jason. Also how she got to Wilderness School in the first place. Now on with the story I hope you like it. I do not own Lost Hero, Yet!

Chapter 1

I woke up like it was an average day in my house. When I went to the kitchen to get breakfast, I saw my dad sitting at the table waiting for me. I asked my dad "Dad why are you here still you should be at work by now? Is something wrong?"

"No Pipes, nothing is wrong. I just wanted to spend time with my daughter for once in my life. Why is that such a problem? Anyways it is my day off?

"Dad next time I would like a heads up before hand, if that is all right."

"Ok I will give you a heads up next time. Eat your breakfast and get dressed we a long day of fun ahead of us." I ate toast and jam for breakfast then I went to my room to get dressed. I picked out my favorite pair of old denim jeans with a plain blue tank top to match. I grabbed my snowboarding jacket from my closet and my black Converse. With my hair up in a messy ponytail, I waited in the living room for my dad.

A few minutes later I heard my dad yell "Piper why don't you wait in the car for me I will be out in a second"

"Ok dad where did you put the keys?"

"They are on the counter in the kitchen."

"Thanks dad, I will be in the car" I walked to the car to find some weird dude in a cloak standing at the front of my drive way. He was buff with a goatee. He would have been scary if he was taller than 5 feet tall. The moment he saw me looking at him he ran away with a slight limp in his run. At the moment my dad walked out and asked me "do you know that strange man that was watching our house?"

In reply I said "No but let's get that off our mind and have a day of fun." He started the car and off we went on our bonding day.