"Ha! Couldn't run away from us for long you little bastard!"

The location was Konoha, the place was an alley between two apartment complexes, and the time was six years to the day after the defeat of the Kyuubi and the birth of Naruto Uzumaki.

Two main activities were going on this day, the annual festival to celebrate the defeat of the Kyuubi, and the conjoining 'fox hunt' the more courageous and myopic villagers had as well. Said 'fox' had just been cornered after an exhausting two hour chase around the village. The fox was a six-year old Naruto, who was currently running for his life.

This was not the first time Naruto had been on the receiving end of death threats and attempts. If anything he couldn't remember a birthday without it. But for the life of him he couldn't understand why. He was only six years old, he hadn't even started his life and so many people wanted it to end.

Attempts to kill him happened with much less regularity throughout the rest of the year, but they still did once a month at the minimum. Usually it was just some drunken thugs who cornered him an alley and beat him until the Anbu arrived to save him.

On his birthday, Naruto was always too afraid to go outside, let alone open his door or windows. It worked only for a short time, for the more vicious of his hunters would just barge in with no form of decency for another's property and try to get him that way. He would get out before they got to him, but he would be chased until they gave up or he did.

This year he had been offered by the Hokage to spend the day in his office for safety reasons, but got ambushed along the way there and chased to the other side of the village.

Naruto had just tripped from exhaustion and hit in the back with some civilian kitchen knives to slow him down further. There were no ninja in this group, and Naruto could tell that these were not the same civilians that started the hunt this year, meaning there was more than one group out to get him this time. "Leave me alone!" He cried, knowing that it was futile to say anything to these people.

"Fat chance monster! You're dying tonight whether the Hokage likes it or not." One of the hunters, a man in his forties with graying brown hair and a small beard said.

"Yeah. Why should we listen to him anyway? We're not ninja; let them be his lapdogs, not us normal people." A woman in her early thirties stated arrogantly.

Naruto looked at them slowly advance, as if they were savoring this moment. Tired from running, and tired from doing this over and over again, he did the only thing no one would ever expect him to do.

He just gave up.

"Fine, then just do it and get it over it. I'm tired of waiting to die." Naruto said sadly as he hung his head, awaiting his demise.

One of the hunters, a man with long black hair and a mustache who also happened to be a member of the civilian council, stopped in his tracks. "You better put up a struggle you hear me? It's no fun if you just let it happen." He had hoped to get some fun out of this before finally killing the brat. They all had. That was the point of these fox hunts.

"I don't care." Naruto replied, still sounding crushed by the weight of the world. "You don't want me to live, and I'm tired of living this way. So just get it over with."

The bearded man stepped forward, brandishing a meat cleaver. "Fine. I'm not wasting this opportunity."

Meanwhile, someone was watching this with much displeasure. This someone was the Kyuubi sealed away in Naruto. "What? No, you can't give up! I will not die like this, trapped in the body of some brat! I AM THE KYUUBI! I CANNOT DIE! I WILL NOT DIE!" The mighty fox roared inside the cage, causing the bars to rattle and shake.

Trapped in this wretched prison for six years, how it cursed that damned Hokage for sentencing a mighty being to this living hell. The Kyuubi's fate bonded to this whelp, who now had decided that life was no longer worth living, it would not allow this, and it would not allow this boy to kill them both.

The giant fox then got an idea. A risky, unorthodox, downright dangerous idea. But maybe, just maybe, it would work for them both. Or it could get them both killed. "Kit, this is going to hurt me as much as it hurts you, but you have left me no choice. This is not just your body it's mine too, and I will not let you kill us both." The fox said as it focused all of its attention on the seal; it needed every ounce of concentration to make this work.

With that, the fox tried to send 99% of it's chakra through the gate keeping it from the rest of the world. The seal the Yondaime placed on his son was the best there was at keeping bijuu locked up, but this sheer output of chakra all at once with no gradual build-up was much more than even it could handle. It was sort of like trying to fill a water bottle with a fire hose at full blast rather than a kitchen faucet. Naruto would not be able to handle it, and the excess amount of chakra would have a profound result, one Kyuubi was relying on. Holding onto 1% of its chakra was a failsafe in case this didn't work, so it could slowly recover over the next few years.

The huge surge of demonic chakra poured through the seal into Naruto's system, straining the seal tremendously to filter it out but not designed to do so on a scale such as this. Fortunately the seal had its own failsafe, the consciousness of Minato Namikaze, who was supposed to appear just once in case Naruto ever accessed eight tails worth of power. 99% of the chakra bursting through the boy's body was close enough.

"Kyuubi!" Minato shouted. "What are you doing?"

"I'm protecting your offspring and my lifeline. What does it look like?" The fox spat in annoyance. Because of it's time with Kushina, it knew full well who Naruto's parents were, and it despised both bloodlines with a burning fury.

"You'll kill him!" Minato shouted back, his voice filled with anger and fear, knowing the life of his only child was in danger from all of this, and he could do virtually nothing to stop this.

"Now why would I do that? If I killed him then I go to the afterlife as well. And unlike you, mortal, I value my life too much to risk it being taken away."

"But he can't handle this much power!"

"He will."

"But it's too much for him!" Minato countered as he started to reinforce the seal. He found it was really difficult to do with the continuing surge of demon chakra. It was like trying to apply a fresh coat of paint while the first coat was being washed off, and due to the fact he was merely an echo of his former self, he did not have much chakra in order to reinforce the seal to maximum strength.

"Maybe, but whatever he can't handle, others will." The fox commented.

"What?" Minato asked, worried about the unknown implications.

"Oh you'll see." Kyuubi replied with a smirk despite the massive drain on itself. "Let's just say that either way the kit won't be alone anymore. And I'll be there to help him out. I've got plans here. Good ones."

Minato didn't like the sound of that and worked faster to strengthen the seal. Unfortunately, he couldn't work fast enough and the seal finally collapsed. "NOO!" He screamed as the gates holding the Kyuubi back started to open. "Please, I beg of you, don't kill my son."

"Foolish human. I have no interest in killing him. If anything, I want him to get as strong as possible." The fox said with a grin as it started to leave its prison with 100% of it's chakra now.

"But why?" Minato asked, confused by the fox's intentions.

"You'll see in a few years. But you won't be there to do anything about it." The fox told him with a smirk, but not a friendly one.

Back in the outside world, Naruto readied himself for receiving a lethal blow. 'Just let it be quick.' He told himself, knowing if he said it out loud the villagers would give him a slow gruesome death out of spite.

He braced himself for the impact and readied himself to meet whatever Kami had damned him to this miserable existence.

The young boy felt a strong burst of pain and thought the blow had been made. But this pain originated from inside his body, more specifically his stomach, and it felt hot rather than sharp. It was almost like he was spontaneously combusting rather than getting cut up by some hateful villagers.

"What the hell's going on?" The village woman asked fearfully, taking a step back, her original euphoria now gone.

Naruto opened his eyes and saw his body was glowing red. "What the...? What's happening to me?" He asked with no small amount of fear. The pain grew and so did the glow, creating a huge red dome around him as he fell on his side clutching his stomach in agony.

"Hurry! The demon's unleashing its power! Kill it now!" The long-haired man ordered.

The bearded man tried to continue the cleaver assault he never got to start, but the chakra aura got brighter and blinded him. He and the others shielded their eyes, and the red dome around Naruto began to grow at an alarming rate.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was at his desk in his office doing some paperwork and feeling annoyed, but at more than just the paperwork. "Where is that boy? He was supposed to be here by now." He thought of using the intercom to ask an Anbu to go look for Naruto and his escort, but a chill going down his spine stopped him. The old man looked behind himself and out the window. Sarutobi wasn't a professional chakra sensor, but nobody could miss sensing this chakra burst. Something was definently wrong.

"It can't be!" He said in shock and denial as he saw a growing red dome form behind some buildings. Judging from its position in the village, the fact that he could see and feel this from that distance meant really, really bad news. And to make matters worse, the dome suddenly without warning grew even bigger much faster, like a bomb went off.

"What's going o-?" The Sandaime Hokage asked, unable to finish before the burst of demonic chakra hit the Hokage tower and blinded everyone it. It even went right thru the walls.

No one could really tell how long this lasted or just how to describe what they felt when it did, but everyone could agree they didn't like it.

When the glow finally did fade, Sarutobi saw he was flat on his back but otherwise no different. He even double-checked himself. 'There's only one place that chakra could have come from.' He thought, dreading the idea of what could have caused this. 'Forget the Anbu, I'm going to see this myself.' He then left the office, somewhat glad he at least had a break from the paperwork, but hopefully not at the expense of Naruto's blood.

The group that had assaulted Naruto found themselves flat on their backs too when the red light faded. "What did that monster do just then?" A blonde woman asked everyone around her as they got back to their feet.

Before anyone could guess, a deep low growl like an angry predator could be heard. From the shadows of the building, near where Naruto was still laying down unconscious, they saw two red slitted eyes above him, the rest of the body hidden in the darkness. Whatever it was, looked about wolf-sized.

"It's the-!" The blonde woman shouted fearfully, but never finished as her head was blown off by a red chakra ray.

What followed next was a multitude of screams, with no one knowing why surviving to tell anyone why. By the time Anbu arrived, there were over a dozen dead civilian bodies and Naruto was missing.

"Uh... what happened?" Naruto asked as he started to wake up. The first thing he noticed was that he smelled a lot of trees, grass, flowers, and... water? Wait, he could smell water?

Naruto sat up to look around. He saw he wasn't in the alley but rather in one of the undeveloped parts of Konoha where forest still stood rather than buildings. "How did I get here?"

"Na-Naruto? Is that you?" A woman's voice asked from behind him. He turned around, expecting to see another attack, but he saw the last thing he'd ever expect.

Kneeling down before him was a red-haired woman in her mid twenties, who happened to be completely naked and covered in dirt. Her eyes were violet and her body lean with little fat on it except where it was supposed to be, namely the bust and waist. Naruto blushed and looked away as quick as he could. "Who are you? And where are your clothes?"

"Are you Naruto?" The woman asked again. Naruto nervously nodded, wondering if she was another person trying to kill him today. "Come here, I won't hurt you."

"How can I trust you?" He asked.

"You can. I'm your mother." She told him, gaining his full attention and skepticism.

"My... mother?" He asked in disbelief but a small measure of hope was hidden underneath it. "But I was always told I have no mother."

"Who told you that?" She asked.


"Well everyone's wrong my son. My name's Kushina. You are definitely my son. I'd recognize those cute little whisker marks anywhere." The now-named Kushina told him with a warm smile. She reached over to gently caress his cheek, but he shirked away from the contact.

"Where have you been?"

Kushina sighed. "I'm not sure how to tell you this, son, but... I died."


She nodded, and it was only then that Naruto noticed a few features he had overlooked. Namely the nine red fox tails and the fox ears atop her head. Until then he was too surprised by everything else to actually notice them. "Yeah, I died. But now I've somehow came back to life. I'm not sure how to explain it, but I think it had to do with the Kyuubi."

"The Kyuubi?" Naruto asked.

Kushina nodded again and moved closer to him. This time he didn't object and let her sit next to him, with her arm around him. "Yes Naruto. The fox is close to our family. It always was. The Yondaime Hokage gave you some of it's power but it acted up when you were about to die. The power protected you, and I think it brought me back to life too. I'm naked and dirty because I just dug myself out of my grave."

"But why do you have tails?" Naruto asked.

Kushina looked at her tails, making a few of them wag. "I'm not entirely sure why, but... when the Kyuubi's power brought me back, I think it turned me into a Kyuubi myself. I seem to know a lot of things about fox demons and all other demons in general too. I feel stronger and smarter than I did before. Maybe the change made me smarter to help me cope with it better. Also, the power affected you too. Look at yourself son."

Naruto wondered what she meant but he checked himself as told. He was shocked to see three red fox tails attached to himself, and he felt a pair of fox ears atop his head. He couldn't see it, but his yellow hair was now red too, but still spiked up. "What happened to me?"

"Some of the power protected you by turning you into a fox demon like me. Just not as powerful. I'm actually kind of surprised you have three tails instead of just one." Kushina explained.

"But now everyone will hate me even more than they already do!" Naruto claimed in a panic.

"Why would everyone hate you? Or tell you you have no mother?" Kushina asked.

The little boy was hesitant to answer. "I don't know."

"Who takes care of you?" Kushina asked, her voice starting to sound angry but not at him.

Naruto sniffled but didn't cry. "The old man gave me a place to live and some money to use, and this nice guy at a ramen stand helps me with food and other things, but no one else does."

Kushina pulled him onto her lap, which made him freeze in surprise and anticipation of anything that could follow. "But now I'm here to protect you, my son. And since I've gained quite a bit of knowledge from the old kyuubi, I can teach you how to fight back if they try to kill you again."

Naruto didn't know what to say. "You... really care about me?"

She nodded. "Why wouldn't I? I'm not going to leave you again Naruto. Mom's here to protect you." She embraced him in a hug and he soon hugged her back, crying happily. Because of his position, he didn't see her own smile.

"Lord Hokage! Lord Hokage!" Several concerned voices called out as the old man walked thru the streets searching for Naruto.

He stopped and allowed Inoichi, Shikaku, and Chouza to approach him. They looked like they had seen a ghost, and they were professional ninja who had little to actually be afraid of by this point. "What's wrong?"

"It's our kids! Something's happened to them!" Inoichi said. "My daughter's hair just turned aqua blue for no reason."

"Her hair changed color?" Sarutobi asked, not seeing the harm.

"My son just grew two small horns." Chouza added.

"What?" Sarutobi asked.

Shikaku nodded. "And my son just grew black bird wings on his back. And his feet look like a birds too."

"Lord Hokage!" A civilian woman shouted as she ran up to the village leader holding a bundle. "What's wrong with my baby?" She held up her child and everyone saw it had only one eye. "She had two eyes right before that red light. What happened to my baby?"

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out." He said before turning back to the Ino-Shika-Chou trio. "Tell half the ninja to secure the village border and make sure no one gets in or out. Tell the other half to check on who's all in some manner different than normal for them. I'm going to go look for Naruto."

"Do you think he did this?" Inoichi asked.

"I don't think so, but I'm certain that red light was the kyuubi's chakra. If something happened that wasn't an outside threat, which I strongly suspect, then I want to be certain for myself what his involvement is."

"What do you suspect sir, because I have no idea." Chouza asked.

Sarutobi looked hesitant to answer. "In all honesty, neither do I." He then headed off, looking for any sign of Naruto.

"Okay Naruto, before we go anywhere, I'm going to show you something you'll need to know." Kushina told Naruto.

"What is it?"

"We need to hide our new forms for now. Not for long, but at least until I can tell everyone what just happened. If I can do it right, then you'll be a lot happier. And if I screw up, well, leave that to me." Kushina said with a smile. Naruto just nodded, too happy to have his mother back to care about much else. "I'm going to show you an easy demon technique, the ability to disguise yourself as a human. Since we're both kitsune, it's much easier for us than for others, but you'll still need practice until you can do it by will alone."

Kushina formed half of the ram hand sign on her right hand and suddenly turned into a normal human version of herself, complete with clothes. There was no smoke like with the henge, she just changed right before Naruto's eyes.

"Whoa! How do I do that?" Naruto asked.

"Just make that same hand sign, focus your chakra around your whole body, and think about how you'd look before you changed. It may not work the first time so don't be upset if you don't get it."

Naruto tried it and closed his eyes tightly, trying to remember how he used to look at the start of this day. He tried to coat as much chakra as possible on his skin, feeling a sort of tickle while doing so. Then he stopped, but felt no different. "Did I do it?"

Kushina shook her head. "'Fraid not. Try again, but try a bit longer this time." Naruto tried again, and this time succeeded in returning to his normal self. Kushina smiled. "Perfect. You look like your normal self again."

"Umm... Mom? If this is the first time you've seen me, how do you know what my normal self looks like?" Naruto asked.

"Well... I did see you when you were born. You were blonde back then with whiskers so I just assumed you still had those traits."

Naruto nodded, accepting that explanation. "So what do we do now?"

"I have a feeling we better go talk to the hokage about this and more."


Kushina nodded. "Yeah, there's going to be a lot of explaining to do. Just let me do the talking son. I'm the one who knows just what's going on thanks to the shinigami." Naruto nodded again. Kushina stood up, and Naruto stood close to her. She smiled and held his hand. "Let's go find the hokage. Who is it now?"

"An old guy who smokes a lot." Naruto innocently answered.

Kushina laughed. "Sounds like Sarutobi."

"He invited me to his big room today, but when a ninja came to guide me there instead of him, halfway there he kicked me in the head and shouted something to everyone around." Naruto continued. "Then the chasing started."

Kushina growled. "This village has a lot to answer for."

Sarutobi had been looking for Naruto for no less than twenty minutes, without finding anything. 'I wish I had my crystal ball with me.' Unfortunately, due to the seals needed to make the crystal ball work, and the fragility of the item itself, it wasn't designed for portable use.

When the old man stopped on top of a building to look around the immediate area, an Anbu approached him. "Excuse me Hokage-sama, but there's a matter at the tower that requires your immediate attention."

'What I'm doing now requires it too.' Sarutobi told himself. "What is it then? I'll decide if it's more urgent than what I'm doing now."

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. All I can tell you is that Naruto is at the tower now... with a woman claiming to be his mother." The Anbu answered.

Sarutobi blinked several times. "You're right, I don't believe you. But if Naruto's there, I will go."

Sarutobi and the Anbu started leaping towards the tower, all the while hearing more cries of the worried parents down below regarding their children. He wanted to tell them everything was going to be alright and there was nothing to worry about, but sadly even he didn't buy that story. There was nothing 'alright' about a situation where children and babies suddenly and inexplicably had new features such as extra limbs or horns. And from what he heard in the commotion, this was apparently a village-wide problem.

But the old man had something else on his mind once he reached his destination, and saw Kushina leaning against the door with Naruto standing right next to her, both trying to look patient. There were some Anbu standing around, keeping their eyes on the two but clearly keeping their distance away as well. There was also some blood on the ground, indicating someone had gotten hurt and most likely taken away as no one present looked hurt.

Kushina saw Sarutobi, and sent him a frightening smile. "Hello old man."

Sarutobi felt like his very soul had been put on ice at this greeting. "Who...? Who are you?"

"I think you know who I am."

Sarutobi still didn't believe his eyes, and tried a genjutsu release. It didn't work, so he tried it again. And again.

Kushina sighed. "Enough old man. If I was someone in disguise, wouldn't I have chosen a more believable one than this?"

"You can't be Kushina Uzumaki! I saw her die myself!"

Naruto looked shocked. "You knew my mom? But you always told me you didn't."

"Now's not the time Naruto." Sarutobi told the child without even looking at him. "How can I know you're really who you claim to be?"

"Your wife was my midwife." Kushina plainly answered.

"Not good enough." The hokage claimed.

"My nickname as a kid was Tomato."

"Anyone who knows Kushina could have told me that." Sarutobi commented.

"When you gave my husband the hokage job instead of me, you told me, and I quote, 'At least you're the power behind the power. If he gets out of line, you can always cut him off in bed. Just like every hokage's wife has done before.'" Kushina added.

Sarutobi was silent. "Okay, for now I'm convinced. But I'm still going to require further evidence to remove all doubt."

Kushina looked undaunted. "I'm sure I can convince you I am who I say I am, but I'm sure you've got a bigger thing to worry about than me being here."

Sarutobi nodded. "You're right, I do."

"You're in luck, because I know what's going on."

Sarutobi looked hopefully. "You do? How?"

"Gather everyone in charge of Konoha. I'd prefer to only tell this once and get all questions out of the way." The red-haired woman told the sandaime.

Within the hour, the entire ruling council of Konoha was gathered in their meeting room. At Kushina's request more were there too so everyone could hear the news she was about to impart on them. Joining the council at Kushina's recommendation was the head of the Torture and Interrogation Department, head of the Anbu forces and hunter ninja, headmaster of Konoha's orphanage, the principal of Konoha's ninja academy, and manager of Konoha's utilities.

Kushina and Naruto were not in the room, as she knew if people went in there seeing them right away it would cause enough trouble to make getting to the point of the meeting difficult. So for now they waited until Sarutobi made them settle down.

That wasn't easy as almost every member in the gathered group was a parent or grandparent who had an affected child. Affected by what, and why, they didn't know, but they placed all their hopes in Sarutobi for knowing the situation and how to regain normalcy for them. That didn't mean they stopped voicing their problems and concerns amongst themselves when he actually came into the room and sat down.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP!" Sarutobi roared, effectively silencing the commotion. "I am well aware that something extremely unusual has occurred and you are all worried. I am too. I do not happen to understand this situation, what caused it, or what to do about it, but I know someone who does." He then motioned to the Anbu in the room stationed there to enforce order if someone got out of hand, and the two masked shinobi opened the door.

In stepped Kushina, carrying Naruto on her shoulders. The young boy was glad to experience this act, having seen other kids do it before, but overall he was nervous being in this room with so many upset adults. He had never actually been summoned to the council before, but he could feel the KI at him when he was noticed.

"So the demon brat is responsible?" One of the civilians asked venomously. This particular civilian was the same long-haired man who had attacked Naruto in the fox hunt mob previously.

Kushina glared at him, her presence being the biggest reason the KI at Naruto wasn't as large as it might have been. Most of the people in this room were surprised to see her alive again, surprised enough that the fact Naruto was potentially connected to this situation wasn't as important to them for the moment.

"Care to say that to my face?" Kushina told the civilian who mouthed off to her.

"Kushina, before you get sidetracked, I think you should tell everyone here what you wanted to." Sarutobi spoke up.

The aforementioned woman took a deep breath to calm down, then looked over the whole room calmly. "Okay then, everyone, I am indeed Kushina Namikaze, formerly Kushina Uzumaki." She held out her right hand to silence any and every upcoming question. "I have been brought back to life by the grace of Kami and another circumstance, but I will go into detail on that later, as my other explanation will help make that subject make more sense."

"But before I answer ANY questions, I have one of my own." She said before giving everyone in the room a cold angry look. "Why the hell has no one been looking after my son all this time?"

"Your son?" Fugaku Uchiha asked.

Kushina used her free hand to point up at Naruto, making almost everyone either gasp or glare.

"What the hell's wrong with you?" The same civilian who badmouthed and assaulted Naruto before shouted. "There's no way that freak is your son!"

Kushina reacted by extending her hand and, without any hand signs, created a ball of blood red fire that shot out at this councilor and hit him. He burned much quicker than expected and before anyone could even get out of their chair, he was a pile of ashes.

"If anyone wants to avenge that bastard, come and get me." Kushina said daringly, flexing her fingers as if brandishing claws. No one made a move.

"What was that you just did, Kushina?" Sarutobi asked.

"A... gift of sorts, thanks to my resurrection." She answered, then took Naruto off her shoulders, setting him on the floor beside her. "But before I say more, I'll have to address the real issue here. Thanks to the Shinigami and Kyuubi, I know what happened to all your children."

Everyone leaned forward to hear this. "For some reason I can only guess at, and WILL get answers to today," She said rather threateningly before returning her tone to normal. "My son Naruto was being attacked by a group of people, including that piece of filth I was incinerated. The Kyuubi, as desperate to live as those bastards were to kill, acted against the seal holding it captive, and overpowered it."

"So the Kyuubi is loose?" Homura Mitokado asked, but only to confirm what he had heard.

"Technically, yes, but officially, no." Kushina replied. "The seal did it's job and killed the Kyuubi's spirit, but it wasn't strong enough to contain it's youki anymore and released it over Konoha."

"So that's what that red glow was? The Kyuubi's released chakra?" Sarutobi asked.

Kushina shook her head. "No, it was the youki, not the chakra. As you should know, chakra is a mixture of physical and spiritual energy. For humans, the spiritual energy is called ki, but for demons that energy is called youki. With the seal unable to contain it anymore, it had to go somewhere."

"What about the spirit of the fox? Or the physical energy?" Shikaku Nara asked.

"Like I said before, the seal killed the spirit so the fox is dead. As for the physical energy, since there was no body in the seal there wasn't that much there in the first place. What little there was went to me, which is what brought me back to life."

"Why you?" A female civilian council member asked.

"I have a former connection to the fox, so it's energy was naturally drawn to me even in death. Some of its youki was absorbed by me too, but not all of it. A side effect of this was that I was changed a bit." Kushina explained before undoing her disguise, revealing her new fox ears and nine tails. She still kept her clothes on though. "According to the Shinigami, and the wisdom of the fox I gained from its youki, I've apparently become a new nine-tailed fox demon."

All eyes bugged out at seeing her new look. Shibi Aburame actually removed his sunglasses to get a better look. "So you're telling us that the Kyuubi that attacked us is dead, and the Shinigami gave you a second chance to live but as a demon rather than a human?" The bug user asked.

Kushina nodded. "Rest assured everyone, my personality has been unaffected. Only my body has changed. And apparently... mine wasn't the only one." She then touched Naruto's head, releasing his disguise and making everyone see his new red-haired, fox-featured form. He clinged to Kushina's leg like a frightened child would normally do.

"Naruto changed too." Sarutobi stated calmly, almost sagely.

Kushina gave her own sagely look to him. "Yes, my son changed into a demon because of the Kyuubi's released youki." Then she crossed her arms. "And so did every other child in Konoha."