Throughout Konoha, the panic continued, as parents had no idea what had happened to their children. They talked with their neighbors, their friends, their extended families, and found two things always constant. Every child was now physically different in some way, sometimes only slightly but often quite drastically, and so far no affected child appeared to be older than eight years of age. No explanation could be offered, but in every case, those were the noticeable facts.

At the advice of their husbands, Yoshino Nara, Izumi Yamanaka, and Chihiro Akimichi were together with their children at theNarahousehold. And as frightened as they were about this change, the affected children were even more worried. Shikamaru was pressing himself against the wall, as if trying to hide the new wings on his back, Ino looked at her blue hair in a mirror, as if trying to deny it was really hers, and Chouji wore a hat to cover his new pair of stubby horns.

Yoshino came up to her son and hugged him, being careful of his wings. "It's okay son, everything's going to be alright when Daddy comes home from his emergency meeting."

"What happened to me Mom?" Shikamaru asked for the umpteenth time.

"I don't know. I wish I did, but I don't. Your father is trying to find out now."

Chouji walked up to his friend. "Hey Shika, can you fly with those?" When he talked one could see his upper and lower canine teeth had elongated, giving him four fangs.

"I... suppose I could, but I don't know how."

Ino looked at him enviously. "If you can fly Shikamaru, you're the lucky one of us."

The young Narafrowned. "You're the lucky one Ino. Me and Chouji can't go outside anymore without hiding ourselves now. But you? All you have is a new hair color so you don't have to worry about anything."

"Settle down kids." Ino's mother told them all.

"How about some cookies?" Chouji's mother asked. Her usual remedy for fussy kids was giving them sweets.

"Actually Mom, I'm craving some steak for some reason." Chouji told her, not understanding why he wanted what he asked for. Judging by the looks he received, neither did anyone else.

Back in the council room, Kushina paused to give everyone some time to let her declaration sink in. As she did, she grabbed a chair placed against the wall and moved it to where she had been standing, then sat down in it and placed Naruto on her lap.

Shikaku was the first to speak up. "So you're telling us that the abundance of energy from the fox affected our children by transforming them all into monsters?"

"I wouldn't say monster. After all, to me the people that were about to kill Naruto were monsters." Kushina replied.

"But they are in fact not homo sapiens, right?" Shibi asked.

Kushina nodded. "Correct. I would call them demons if you must give them a collective name."

"I must ask, why are they not all fox demons?" Inoichi asked. "I saw several affected children including my own daughter and I know they are not all the same demon now. Why is that? Since the original demon was a fox-"

"You'd expect everyone affected to be a fox demon too." Kushina finished for him. "I understand your reasoning perfectly sir, and fortunately I can explain that. You see, the youki all may have been identical, but the children weren't. The youki they absorbed had great life-altering effects on their own ki and physical energy, and they all reacted to it in different ways. Several factors included age, the pre-existing element of the chakra, the presence of a kekkei genkai, their blood type, their health, their diet, and much much more. It's probably impossible to tell for absolute certain what made each one of them into what they are, but because they were all unique, they couldn't all become the same thing. Not to say that no two children are not the same type of demon here. With the sheer number of children within these walls, it would be too unlikely that all of them would be one of a kind."

"So you two became foxes because of your connections to the Kyuubi I'm presuming?" Koharu Utatane asked.

Kushina shrugged. "There may be more to it than that, but yeah, that's good enough explanation to me. Fortunately for you, I'm the only adult that was affected. According to the Shinigami, only those one year older than my son and everyone younger was transformed. So only the kids between ages 0 and 7, and still in the womb too, were affected. All others should still be human."

"Then it's obvious what we must do." A civilian member said. "We must gather all the demons in one place and kill each and every one of them then get to work replacing the youngest generation with genuine human children."

Everyone looked at this civilian with either rage or disgust at this idea, even the Naruto-haters. Kushina glared the hardest at him. "Before I kill you for that, let me make one thing clear first. Such an effort is futile as the Shinigami said for the next year, maybe even longer, all women in this village will conceive only pure-bred demons no matter who the father is, thanks to lingering youki residing in their ovaries that will, in time, wear away. Do you still think such an idea is something we should actually do?"

"How do we know you're telling the truth?"

"Can you take that risk?" Kushina asked back.

"She is right." Tsume Inuzuka added, addressing the civilian. "There's nothing smart about what you suggested. The future of our village is dependent on our children and to kill off an entire generation will severely cripple our numbers in later years. If we did what you suggested, we'd have to bring in a large number of women from outside Konoha to breed like rabbits and that's a near impossible effort."

"You suggest we let some demons grow up to become ninjas then?" The civilian asked. "How would we know they wouldn't turn against us by then?"

"You can't. You just have to trust they were raised well enough to not turn against their village." Kushina answered. "Think about it. What's to stop the Hyuuga from using their eyes to look everywhere people don't want someone to look? What's to stop the Uchiha from using their eyes for stealing clan techniques and taking control of someone's mind on a whim? What's to stop the Akimichi from becoming giants and stepping on all of us like bugs? They're all humans, and they're just as dangerous as any demon can be, but I don't hear you recommending they be put to death?"

"She's right." Koharu said with a nod. "Anyone can be dangerous; all you can do is hope their sense of morality keeps them from being so. We should look at this situation in a positive light."

Homura nodded. "I agree. If you think about it, every child now has a kekkei genkai they could use and could be taught to be the most unstoppable ninja army the world has ever seen."

Fugaku looked at Kushina. "If you don't mind me asking, what does this change of species mean for children who already had kekkei genkai?"

"They shouldn't lose it if that's what you're worried about Fugaku. They should have it incorporated into their new selves and skills now. I suspect that many children have become demons appropriate for the clan's genetic tendencies." Kushina answered.

'So Sasuke should have the strength of a monster combined with his sharingan? Maybe now he'll actually be as decent as his brother.' Fugaku told himself.

"How is Mikoto by the way?" Kushina asked.

"She's fine, still a stay-at-home mother watching over our youngest. She'll be glad to see you alive again." The Uchiha head answered.

Kushina smiled. "I'm glad."

A different civilian coughed. "If we can get back on course, while I don't believe killing all the children in the village is a good idea, we must still ensure that we are in no danger from them. So what if we just eliminate the ones that have the highest potential for being uncontrollable? Like the boy here?"

Kushina growled, the fur on her tails bristling. "Who here has the right to determine which children are dangerous and which children are 'safe enough'? What would you do if your child was one of the ones others considered too dangerous?"

That one statement made everyone in the room stiffen. To a point, each of them had thought up the possible need to retain or handle in some harsh way the new demonized children, but when it came to their own children being at such risk, they didn't like the taste it left in their mouths.

Kushina looked over the whole room with disgust. "You're so quick to point the finger at someone else's child, especially my own, but when it's your child who's being accused you suddenly gain restraint and a tolerance for demons? So how can you all expect to handle this situation when you all expect everyone but you to make sacrifices? The only fair choice is for all children to be handled the same way. No one person or committee has the right to play favorites with the lives of children. If even so much as one child, even Naruto, deserves to die for no reason more than being a demon, then all do, for they are all demons now."

"I agree with Kushina." Sarutobi proclaimed. "I declare a new law for this situation. If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, including those in this room, kills a demonized child for any reason short of self-defense, they themselves will be put to death." Almost everyone in the room, even civilians, nodded in approval of this. The only ones who didn't were Ibiki and Fugaku. "Care to explain your disagreement you two?"

Ibiki spoke first. "Oh I don't disagree Lord Hokage. I'm just wondering how we can confirm a self-defense claim can be proven when such a claim is inevitably brought up."

"Bring me in and I'll find out." Kushina claimed. "I'll be able to notice anything not right in their scent if they're lying."

Ibiki nodded, then Fugaku spoke. "I agree such a law is needed, but I worry how will we handle these children if we know little about them and are forbidden to get tough on them."

Kushina smiled. "Luckily thanks to my transformation I now have a complete knowledge of everything regarding demons. I'm like a walking demon encyclopedia. I can tell the children and their parents everything they need to know to raise them the proper and safe way while keeping them in line."

"How fortunate!" Koharu said.

"But if I am to do so I will demand two things first." Kushina declared, making everyone, especially Sarutobi curious. "First, I demand payment, since after being dead for six years I'm a little short on money. But not just a simple paycheck from this either; as wife of Minato Namikaze I have the right to reclaim any property, physical and financial, we left behind for our son to inherit." She couldn't help but notice that everyone in the room got nervous, making her arch an eyebrow. "Is there something I should know about?"

"It's just that..." Homura said with much hesitation. "A large portion of the Namikaze fortune went into funding repairs for Konoha after the Kyuubi attack. Without it, we would have needed twice as long to repair our homes and defenses properly and been more vulnerable to outside attack."

Kushina frowned deeply. "You stole my husband's money? My son's inheritance?"

"Well, after sacrificing his life to save the village, we felt he wouldn't mind his money going to putting it back on it's feet." Homura defended.

Kushina only frowned deeper. "You stole my husband's money! You stole my son's inheritance!" She repeated those words, this time without any hint of a question.

"It was for the greater good."

"Call it whatever you want, theft is still theft." Kushina responded.

"We understand your displeasure Kushina, but can you say Minato would not have approved our actions?" Tsume asked, sounding sincere rather than hoping to cover up her tracks.

Kushina gave the Inuzuka matriarch a flat look before giving it to everyone in the room besides Naruto too. "Answer me this: Why is it better to honor my husband by using his property as your own, assuming he'd want it done, rather than obey his dying wish, which you should all know for a fact is something he wanted?"

Everyone was silent for a time, letting that question sink in and trying to find a way to answer it. Sarutobi spoke first. "How much about Naruto's life do you know, Kushina?"

"I told Mom everything I know old man." Naruto innocently exclaimed.

"Did you expect him not to?" Kushina asked Sarutobi. "He told me how he lived alone, was never told he had parents except by people saying we 'abandoned' him for being a monster, can't go in most stores and has no friends. Tell me, HOW THE HELL IS THAT HONORING MINATO'S AND MY DYING WISH?"

The amount of raw fury radiating off the now-demon woman made everyone, even Naruto, afraid. When she saw this, she hugged him and stroked his hair, making him wag his three fox tails.

"We have tried, Kushina, we truly have." Sarutobi managed to tell her. "But when word got out that Naruto held the Kyuubi, we had a big problem on our hands. The general population of the village were in a great deal of grief and in their state of mind felt that if the only way to end the threat of the fox once and for all was to kill one defenseless baby... apparently they were willing to deal with that kind of blood on their hands."

"Who told the village?"

"I don't know. To this day we still can't figure out who leaked that information out. We did not intend to release that data on the grounds that people would be wary of the young boy, but someone sought to do it anyway and maybe even started the propaganda against him."

"Why has no one raised him?" Kushina asked, this time sounding calmer but no less offended.

"None of the clans can adopt him because it was mutually decided that giving one clan sole custody over him would inevitably create a power struggle between clans and a possible civil war." Koharu calmly reported. "And no civilian family could because they feared they'd lose any ability to gain work and support themselves, let alone young Naruto, without any income."

"In the end, the best solution we could create was a small nonthreatening apartment in an easily accessible location for most people so caretakers from the clans could reach him and care for him at their convenience." Homura added. "Generally he got at least one visitor a day to maintain the stability and livability of the residence and teach him things like how to talk, read, write, and more, and even shop for his supplies. The only thing we couldn't provide for him was a permanent caretaker."

"Then why did my son tell me that no one helps him except a ramen stand owner?" Kushina asked harshly.

Sarutobi looked directly at Naruto this time. "I guess it's because he's the only one who gives Naruto his favorite food rather than healthy food."

Kushina looked down at her son. "Naruto, don't mislead me like that." He sadly nodded, looking like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Then Kushina looked directly back at Sarutobi rather than look over the council in general. "What about Jiraiya? Or Tsunade? Or even Kakashi? Where were they?"

Sarutobi gulped nervously, afraid that Kushina would get out of hand right after this answer if none other had set her off just yet. "Jiraiya's involvement is complicated. He still has to maintain his spy network to keep our village, and ultimately Naruto, safe. He has made it back many times to care for your son, back before Naruto was old enough to properly remember by now, and Jiraiya tended to use him as a way to get women interested in him. It usually didn't turn out so well, especially once they recognized Naruto or Jiraiya's perverse intentions. So I pretty much told him to avoid direct involvement with Naruto until he was an official ninja, for Naruto's sake, but he could still offer your son help in other ways. Which he has. A good portion of the money Jiraiya earns writing his books goes to Naruto's budget."

"Kakashi helps by being one of the many who provide help for Naruto right at home and in the market." The Hokage continued. "He buys Naruto's food some days and has taught him how to read and prepare simple meals like instant ramen. And when you consider how much he likes Jiraiya's books, he helps out more than enough money-wise. He does not know who Naruto's father is, but only because if he did know, he'd be less likely to leave the village on the missions we still require him for in favor of training Naruto before he's ready to learn all Kakashi can offer."

Kushina nodded, not liking these answers but understanding their point of view on them. Now however, Sarutobi looked a bit worried to say more, and wiped some sweat off his forehead. "And in regards to Tsunade... she said she had better things to do than babysit. I'm presuming she believed someone was already watching Naruto when she said that."

The red-haired woman frowned harder. "And you didn't tell her otherwise?" The old man didn't respond. "And what exactly were these 'better things to do'?" Again, he didn't respond. "You don't honestly expect me to believe you haven't been keeping tabs on your own student all these years. Surely you must have some idea of where she's been and what she's been doing."

"Promise you won't break something if I tell you?" Sarutobi asked.

"No." Kushina flatly answered with her arms crossed.

Several people sighed in resignation alongside Sarutobi. "Fine. Tsunade has... been working on handling her emotional trauma these past few years by taking an extended break from duty away from the village in order to relax and cope with her internal issues as best she can, so one day she can return here in a state of mind that can be beneficial to others."

Kushina didn't know if she should laugh or glare. "So she's wallowing in self pity while running around looking for booze and casinos." Everyone gave her startled looks, some for her callous disregard for Tsunade, others for how surprisingly accurate her claim was. "I did know Tsunade before I died, remember? And I was a jounin too. You can sugarcoat her behavior all you want, but don't insult me by thinking I can't see the truth behind your words."

"Care to explain how you came to that conclusion?" Shikaku curiously asked.

"She's working on handling emotional issues, means she's very unhappy. She's on a break from the village, means she doesn't want to be around things that remind her of something or blames the village for something that happened to her. She's been doing this for years, means she's not getting any better, only worse and likely self-absorbed in her pain by now. And she's coping as best she can, means she's doing the things she most enjoys, which is gambling and drinking. So collectively, she's been hurt and is choosing to run from her problems rather than face them."

Sarutobi couldn't help but feel proud of her sharp mind right then. "You're pretty accurate Kushina, although I wouldn't have put it the way you did. Anyway, the reason we don't insist she come back and fulfill her duty is that we fear in her state of mind, her presence will do Naruto more harm than good."

"I can accept that, and to a point the others and their reasons. but that doesn't mean I like this." Kushina told them, allowing them to relax a bit. "How much of my son's inheritance is left? And what about our home?"

Suddenly all eyes turned to Fugaku, who seemed slightly hesitant before answering, "The Namikaze Estate and Mansion has been made into the new Police Headquarters."

Everyone felt a wave of killer intent from Kushina. "You are in my husband's home?" She said through gritted teeth, baring her fangs.

The Head Uchiha stood his ground despite the threat display. "The former headquarters was in ruins after the attack, and the Namikaze property was an ideal spot for the new one. The grounds there were large enough for training areas and it had enough rooms to serve our purposes, and for the last six years it has." He said as he matched Kushina's gaze.

"What was wrong with the original site?" Kushina asked, the message being obvious: Why relocate rather than just rebuild?

"Nothing. However, we took the chance to renovate and improve the Police Headquarters so we could do our job better, and the Namikaze grounds were more sufficently sized for our needs." Fugaku explained.

Kushina didn't look convinced. "Tell me Fugaku, who provided the funds for this improvement? The Uchiha, or the Namikaze?" All eyes were on the Uchiha head, and he was unable to answer, which was all the answer Kushina needed. "I thought so." She then stood up again. "This is what you are going to do, you will remove yourself and your police out of my house, because with my husband's death, I am inheritor of his estates, and when Naruto comes of age he will claim what is his by right."

Fugaku suddenly turned to Sarutobi, expecting some support. " Lord Hokage, the Police Force has been in the Namikaze estate for six years now. You surely understand that we cant just move everything out-"

"Do not play that card with me Fugaku. You moved into the mansion in one day, you can move out in the same amount of time." Sarutobi said with total confidence and authority.

The Uchiha clenched his fists, but knowing he did not have the support necessary he lowered his head. "As you wish, Lord Hokage. I will remove my Police Force from the mansion and relocate them to the Uchiha Estate."

Kushina smiled and sat back down again. She had never liked Fugaku that much despite his connection to Mikoto and she knew Minato had felt the same way. He often said that Fugaku seemed to view the Uchiha as if they were separate or greater than the rest of the village since they made up a bulk of the internal security. Like somehow they were the law itself, the traditional mindset of the dirty cop. "Now what about all of my family's personal belongings that were in the mansion at the time? Jutsu scrolls, personal articles of value, clothing, furniture, all of that?"

"It was removed, all the lesser items were placed into storage. However the scrolls, seeing how they held important jutsus that made the Forth Hokage such a feared ninja were placed under protection." Danzo answered, having been the one who personally took the scrolls. "The only issue was, we couldn't open them let alone read them."

"Minato pleased a special seal onto them, only he himself, or others he specified could open the scrolls. I am one of those people." Kushina said.

"Then we shall return them to you post haste, it will be good to know that the Yellow Flash's jutsus will return." Danzo said as he bowed his head. 'I should try to make one more effort to open them myself. If she's right however, then maybe it's smarter to let her have them then take what I want after she lets her offspring learn from them.'

"Now what about the Namikaze accounts?"

"About 40% remains." Koharu answered. "But the strange thing is, we're sure we only took 50% to fund repairs, so we believe the other 10% gone was taken by someone we've yet to identify, for reasons we can only guess."

"Haven't you interrogated all the council members over the past few years to see if it was one of them?" Kushina asked. "Only someone in that position would have access to the funds, and some have already proven to have little to no respect for my son."

Sarutobi nodded. "Yes we have, and we've confirmed it's not one of them."

"So someone found out about my son, spread news about him being a jinchuuriki before anyone here could tell anyone any details or stop him or her, told the information in a manner to cause panic amongst the villagers rather than respect for Naruto, completely omitted any details regarding my son's heritage at the same time, and is likely the same person who stole a small portion of my son's money in hopes no one would notice since it was being used by others too." Kushina summarized, looking ready to kill someone slowly. "And for six years they've gotten away with this."

Kushina looked down at Naruto. "Son, could you please stand up for a minute?" He got off her lap, allowing Kushina to stand up as well. She looked over the entire council, baring her fangs. "When I find this person, I will kill them! I will not ask for an explanation, I will not ask for permission, I will not show the mercy I have currently shown others for disrespecting my son, and violating my husbands home. I will simply gut them like a fish. And if anyone dares stop me, they will be no less guilty in my eyes. Am I clear?"

Even Ibiki wanted to cower in the face of this vengeful demoness. But no one challenged her claim.

Kushina then sat down and crossed her arms, Naruto not yet regaining his seat on her lap. "But until that time comes, there's something I think Konoha owes my son and me for the efforts we've made for this village that apparently were never appreciated."

"Never appreciated?" Homura asked.

Kushina started to look bored. "I gave my life to seal away the... 'original' kyuubi per say, and Naruto kept the demon from attacking every day, but who outside this room honored our sacrifices? The way I see it, Konoha owes Naruto big time, and I intend to see him get what he deserves even if it means I have to cremate a few more idiots like that other guy first."

Sarutobi cleared his throat. "Kushina, I cannot have you go around killing people just because they anger you."

The look she gave him clearly indicated that was the wrong thing to say. "But you can allow people to attack my son in broad daylight when they decide to ignore your orders? Tell me old man, why was my son out on the streets alone during a time when people are most likely to do harm to him? Were you setting him up as bait? And are you aware that while attacking him, one of the people doing so told my son that civilians aren't obligated to obey the Hokage? Now where would they get an idea like that?"

A councilwoman arched an eyebrow. "Are you saying we've encouraged this unacceptable behavior in our own citizens?"

Kushina turned her head slowly towards the asking woman to give her upset look even more power behind it. "Something's obviously giving them the idea that they can get away with this behavior." Then she turned, a little quicker this time, towards Sarutobi. "Whatever you've been doing these past six years to keep them in line is clearly not working. And now it's only going to get worse unless you do something about it."

"Get worse how?" The representative for the Kurama clan asked.

"Isn't it obvious? Just a few moments ago there were declarations made in this room that Naruto and other children should die for being demons. What makes you think there aren't others in this village that will think the same thing? And apparently they're willing to ignore laws that they don't agree with so there's bound to be a lot of attempted murders really soon."

Shibi nodded. "She's right. It's only logical that some people will behave this way if they hear the children here have become demons."

Everyone was silent, until Fugaku spoke. "So what do we do about it?"

"Do you really have to ask that?" Kushina asked. When he didn't respond, she sighed in irritation. "Enforce the law like it was meant to be enforced, rather than hope people will obey it on their own which they have not in the past. Unless you want some genocide in this village, that is."

"Genocide?" Several people in the room repeated.

Kushina palmed her face and made an annoyed growl. "Think about it you idiots! You told people not to mistreat Naruto but they did it anyway. Do you think they're going to act differently if you tell everyone what I've told you? There will be people who will go out and kill other children saying they're doing the right thing. Some may even try to kill their own children too. So what do you intend to do about it?"

No one said a word so Kushina kept talking. "Alright, when I have reclaimed mine and my sons home, I intend to open its gates for all orphaned and frightened children who have been turned into demons. A place for them to go where they will not be judged or treated as if they are something to feared, hated, and killed. It can be a place where they can be trained to use their new abilities."

Fugaku, seeing the fear and confusion in the faces of most of the council members, decided this was the opportunity to regain his foothold. "Trained to use their abilities, and how do we know you won't be training these children to be your own little army? To be turned against their parents and village, and usurp this council." He demanded.

There was a slight murmur of agreement amongst a select few, but Kushina still held her ground. "I am a loyal shinobi of this village, I always have been. My 'death' has not changed that. I will submit myself to open examination by teachers from the Academy or even your own police force, but can you say that as of this moment I am not the most qualified person to teach these children?"

There was no argument and even Fugaku could not object.

"This is my offer to Konoha. I will create a home for all demon children that will not be accepted by their families, and I will teach all demon children and their guardians about what they now are and everything that comes with it. This means however that I cannot be listed as a mission-ready kunoichi as my services are more needed here than elsewhere." Kushina told them.

"But surely you can-" Danzo started.

"I wasn't finished!" Kushina all but shouted, making the mummy man shut up. "What I want in return is payment for my teachings and access to everything in my husband's and my name back, and the right to punish as I see fit the one who set my son up for a life of misery. Also, I request a seat on the council as representative of the demon population of this village." Everyone looked confused on that one. "If the ninja clans and civilian citizens can have representatives, why can't the demon inhabitants have a member to specifically speak for their needs and concerns?" She then focused straight at Sarutobi. "These terms are non-negotiable."

"How about if-"

"I SAID NON-NEGOTIABLE!" Kushina screamed.

Sarutobi needed a moment to recompose himself after that shout, maybe because reacting too soon would make him appear feeble. "In that case, Kushina Namikaze, I approve of your request."

"Good." Kushina said smugly with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Is there anything else you wish to tell us?" The hokage asked, hoping they were done.

"No, that's all for now. The only things I can think of are a suggestion to have the guards on extra high alert tonight considering the hysteria bound to happen here, and the request to tell everyone to gather at the tower tomorrow so we can properly inform everyone of what happened tonight." The redhead replied.

Sarutobi nodded. "Good. With that out of the way, I declare this meeting adjourned. Everyone go home, get some rest, and try to comfort your young ones as best you can. And if you see anything unlawful happen, take action."

With that, the room emptied and Naruto led her mother back to his apartment for the night.

He slept the best he ever remembered sleeping that night, feeling safe and warm in her embrace.