"Gahh!" L shouted, taking a grip on the PlayStation 3 contoller, causing B to sigh and stare back at the detective.

"What's wrong?" he asked, annoyed.

L fumed, "This game is irritating!" he said, pointing at the screen.

B followed L's finger and smirked, "Black Ops: Nazi Zombies?" he said, his red eyes sparkling.

L nodded, "I heard it was a great game- so I bought it. Though, it's weird... When I started a round on "Zombies", my handgun does not seem to kill them, I have to use about 5 bullets to kill one Nazi. And in each round- there is seven more zombies breaking through the windows, in which I will have to repair by holding the Square button. I calculated my skills and noticed that I only kill about 2 Zombies a game- I die too much."

B chuckled, "Haven't you ever thought about CHANGING you gun?"

L tilted his head to the side, "What?"

B sighed and snatched the controller from the detectives hand and pressing "Start" to continue playing. When the "Round 1" disappeared from the screen- He ran un the stairs and towards a wall that had an outline of a gun.

"Since you start with 500 points, you have the choice to sacrifice them and get the gun that instantly kills them when you shoot them in the head or shoulder." he said, holding Square and achieving the gun and running towards his left towards the door that had about two zombies breaking in.

"And here, you just aim and shoot; head." he directed, aiming and shooting a zombie right in the head. "Die you ZOMBITCH!" he chuckled, killing the other zombie the same way he killed the first and then repairing the window and running down the stairs and checking the windows, killing the zombies that he spot.

"Wait- HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET 600 POINTS SO FAST?" L shouted, pouting.

B smiled, "You get 100 points for every time you kill them with a shot in the head. You get 70 points when you kill them with a shot on the shoulder, and... 10 points for every time you shoot one." he said, "in this case, I killed 6 zombies with just head-shots." he said, shooting the last zombie from round one with a shot in the head. "But you need good aim... like me." he showed off, smiling.

L frowned, "So... what's the last round?" he asked.

B shrugged, "I don't think no one knows, since it gets harder and harder every round; I made it to round 31 on solo. 16 with Light Yagami... It just gets difficult..." he explained, continuing to kill the zombies with blows to the head.

"What I like to do is save up my points like up to 5,000 and use them to get better guns- like a Machine Gun or something..." He said, sighing.

L nodded, "Is there a Hitler Zombie, too?"

B blinked and laughed, "I hope so! But... that would be very inappropriate for people who get butt-hurt easily... hahaha. I wanna see that." he said, shaking his head.

L thought for a second, "How long have you been playing this game, anyways?"

B shrugged, "Four months ago, maybe? Who gives a fuck?"

"Didn't Misa dump you because of this game?"

B froze for a second before he turned and glared at the raven, "Shut the Fuck up." he sneered, throwing the controller back at the detective furiously.

L stuck his tongue out, "Loser."

"Look at the screen."

L raised and invisible eyebrow and stared back at the screen, "WHAT THE HELL?" he said once a flaming dog began killing him.

"I hate you."

AN: I have nooooo Idea... Just that I was bored while playing Black Ops on ZOMBIES, and when I died, I immediatley thought of BB when the zombies began to laugh. LOL. I love their laugh!

ouahhhrrr ...

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