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The god of thunder had never been one for patience. Today, however, he was particularly short-tempered, as the day had at last come when (gods willing) he would be able to return to Earth.

To Jane.

The last time he'd spoken to her, he'd given his word that he would come back, no matter what. How could he have known then exactly what that promise would entail? Nonetheless, he had promised, and he was nothing if not a man of his word. Since that day, Thor had not rested. Immediately after the fight with Loki, he'd begun consulting with Heimdall on when and how the Bifrost might be reconstructed. There had been those who thought him a fool, who claimed that there was no need for Asgard to be linked to the mortal world, that they were better off without it. One look from him had been all it took to silence them. As it turned out, the rebuilding of the bridge had been a fairly simple task- but a time consuming one. Asgard's finest had been working round the clock for four grueling months, with Thor leading them on. Anyone who'd seen him would agree: he'd worked the hardest, sweated the most, and exerted himself to the point of exhaustion.

And everyone knew why. The god of thunder, heir to the throne of Asgard, and wielder of Mjölnir was in love- with a mortal woman. Considering this, it made perfect sense why he stubbornly refused to leave the partially finished bridge, even to sleep, and why his temper had flared every time they hit the slightest snag in construction. Today was expected to be the final day of work before the Bifrost was ready for use, and things had gotten so bad that Heimdall had ordered Thor to stay in his chambers until it was ready. Naturally, this order had been immediately refused. Obedience came only after two messengers, three attempts at reasoning, five threats, twenty-four armed guards, and one bash over the head with Fandral's sword.

That last one, Thor decided, was likely the reason for his waking up locked in his chambers- with a pounding headache. Groaning, he slowly raised himself to his feet, trying to ignore how the room seemed to be spinning. He supposed he'd eventually have to forgive them for locking him in here- he had after all been acting rather...impatient, he thought sheepishly. Or at least that's what Jane would say. He had soon learned to control his temper around her.

But she isn't here.

His brow furrowed. No, Jane was not here- as if he could've forgotten it for an instant. The lack of her consumed him, she was never far from his thoughts. He wondered how she would feel if she knew the state she had driven him to...

From the first moment he had laid eyes on her, he could tell that something was different about her. She wasn't like the other women he'd had- fawning over him, laughing too loudly, acting like fools because that's what they thought he liked. Jane hadn't fallen for his status or appearance, and for that he loved her even more.

Yes, love. It had taken being ripped away from her for him to realize the exact nature of the feeling her got whenever he saw her. There were those who thought him incapable of love, only lust. They assumed he was planning on using her to get what they thought he wanted. Others he knew (though none were foolish enough to say it to his face) though her beneath him. Quite the opposite, he smiled to himself.

Thor meant to prove them all wrong: he intended to make her his queen.

If she would have him.

A shadow briefly darkened his face before he pushed the thought away. Not long ago he might have arrogantly assumed that no woman in her right mind would ever turn him down- but that was before Jane. He had no doubt that she was more than capable of rejecting him is he wasn't what she wanted. When she had kissed him he'd been sure- more than sure- that her feelings mirrored his own, but now...he couldn't be certain. He had to see her to be positive. With a groan of frustration, he ran his fingers through his thick hair. Speaking of which...he probably ought to bathe before he saw her- but what if they finished the Bifrost while he was in the bath? No, he decided, bathing would just have to wait.

Besides, he mused, there would be plenty of time for that on Earth. Though he eventually intended to return to Asgard (with Jane) when the time came for him to assume the throne, he had made up his mind to remain with Jane on her home planet until then. Partially for her sake, yes, but also for himself. Believe it or not, he had actually grown somewhat fond of Earth, despite it's rather strange occupants. That "Darcy" character, for example.

He hadn't been sure how Odin would react to his decision. His father had been hesitant at first, so Thor had explained that despite their odd customs and lack of advanced weapons, he believed there was much knowledge to be gained from observing and interacting with the humans. He thought he's seen his father's mouth twitch at the word "interacting", but he couldn't be certain. Eventually his father had given his consent for him to remain on Earth, since "he'd obviously found something worth staying for." Sometimes Thor wondered just how much his father knew.

And just today, his mother had pulled him aside, grabbed his hand, and gently pressed something cold and hard into his palm, murmuring something about how it needed to be used by someone "younger and more attractive", before quickly walking away. When he opened his fingers, his eyes had widened in surprise- it was his mother's engagement ring. Yes, he was growing ever more positive that his parents knew far more than they let on.

He reached his hand into the small concealed pocket within his armor, checking to make sure the ring was still there. It was- just like the last eight times he'd checked. He had definitely been cooped up in here for too long, how much time had passed? Out of the corner of his eye he could see light coming through the chamber window, so it couldn't be too late in the day- Wait a minute.

That isn't sunlight.

His breath caught in his throat. Slowly he made his way to the window and hesitated slightly before looking out, hardly daring to hope.

For the first time in four months, a soft blue light bathed all of Asgard, which could mean only one thing.

The Bifrost was complete.

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