Yay, new story! Invader Zim has been my latest obsession. My sister took me and her friend to Dorney Park Friday. In dis questionnaire I will bring anyone from any book, movie, tv show, etc.(as long as I know the show or whatever their from) but I will just start with Invader Zim characters.

SEND REVIEWS, I will get to everyone's not matter how stupid/weird/crazy they are. It may take awhile though.

Disclaimer:I own nothing...though I wish I did.

Me:Hi everybody! This is my weird questionnaire where I let anybody from anything come and answer questions and do dare. Did I mention the dares? Everybody loves dares! My name's Nicole but you can all me Nikkie, or pretty much anything. I also like the name Katrina(who is my imaginary(yes imaginary I's crazy) daughter), you can call me Andy, Andromeda, or Medsy. Yeah, I don't care.

Kat:Can I go wake up Gir yet?(She's a cute 5 year old, we'll both take dares and questions)

Me:Sure, honey(I'm very motherly and in my crazy a** imagination I'm 20, though I'm actually about 13). You can wake up anyone else too.

Kat:*Quietly walks over to where the characters are sitting* WAKE UP EVERYBODY! (She's very loud and like a hurricane, lol)(Let's say she's my sis so I don't upset the natural balance of the world)

GIR:*Jumps up and starts running*

ZIM:*Sits up* Calm down GIR! *Looks around* Where are we?

Me:My awesome room!(Not really, imagination...) It has everything, literally!

ZIM:*Sees the Tallests waking up* Why are we here pig-smelly?How did you get my Tallests here?

Me:My questionnaire, stupid. As for them, that is for me to know and for you to not find out.

Gaz:*Walks in* Dib did you take my soda?

Me:Yeah, Gaz! If you stay I'll let you play my... any game console I have!

Gaz:What do you have?*Peeks one eye open*

Me:Lots'a game consoles, every game console!

Gaz:Fine, I'll play the Wii.

Tallest Red:Why is ZIM chained up, and how old are you?

Me:Though I have a force field, I don't trust him. I'm 13, almost...

T.P.(Tallest Purple):How tall are you?

Me:Um... about 5'3. So taller than most of the aliens and humans in here.

Dib:*Waking up*What am I doing here?

Me:It's my questionnaire, where people send in questions and dares.

Dib: Sounds fun!* Sarcastically said*

Me:It will be, as long as it stays T rated!

Dib:Who would want to make it worse?

Me:There are some crazy fans in this world. I'm not one of them...I hope... Well this is enough for this chapter! Send in reviews! PLEASE *Does puppy dog eyes, which are very persuasive*

Review please! IT"ll be funny, I promise, and I'll pull anyone here, ok? Please, please, please review! :)