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Nikki:'Ello there...

Katie:Hi! *glomps America* Happy birthday!


Nikki:Yeah, yeah. Happy birthday, Alfred. There are two reviews for this chapter! Blargh... First is from ThePhantomFox


I think I'm the only person reviewing the story is because I'm REALLY patient when it comes to these stories! XD Oh, and I think I might do those little pairing guessy things every chapter know so... yeah, they might be pairings I make up, or already made crack-pairings. Okay, enough with my rambling.

Anyone: Who stole my cereal?

Nikki:I blame... um... The wacky one! *points at Nny and then runs like a motherfucker!*

Nny:*tries to chase her, but fails*

Nikki:*from a cabinet that looks like one from Amnesia* Haha! I win! Ah...shit... Stephanooooooooo save me!

Nny:*is weirded out* Who the fuck is Stephano?

Nikki:A golden statue that PewDiePie named in Amnesia. They're bros.

Katie:I'm a neutral.

Nikki&Alicia:Imma bro!

Nikki:On with the review. *is holding a doll that looks like Stephano*

Katie:Wait. Where the fuck did that come from?

Nikki:Oh, I imagined it and it appeared.

Anyone again: DOUBLE DATE TIME! *does the chicken dance* Um... okay, so, this is what happens, I have this spinner that has all the people on this show on here, and I'm gonna spin once, and spin again, then, I will those two people will be the couple on the date, and then I repeat it once, and that's it! Let's begin! *spins spinner once and it lands on Squee* Okay, let's see what lucky lady will get little Squeegee!


*spins spinner again, it lands on Dib* Uh...

Nikki:Why not Dib? Isn't he a girl? (I'm so mean tonight..)

Katie:Don't answer that unless you want much confusion.

*spins spinner again, it lands on Devi* NO PEDOPHILA! *spins spinner again, lands on Nny* FUUUU- *spins spinner again, lands on Annabeth* CLOSE ENOUGH! Okay, the next couple!


Nikki:Annabeth's like 17-18 and Squee's like...8 or something...

Katie:It's still pedophilia...

*spins spinner once, lands on Dib* Okay. *spins again, lands on Pikachu* WHO THE HELL PUT THAT THERE? *spins spinner again, lands on Gaz* OMFG! *spins spinner again, lands on Zim* ...not even gonna comment...

Nikki:Oh but why not? *is trying her hardest to keep a straight face* They're so cute together. *bursts out laughing*

*spins spinner one last time, lands on Nudge (Max. Ride) Okay! JUST YOU FOUR GO NOW AND... MAKE OUT OR WHAT EVER YOU DO ON DATES!

Nikki:Okay. *pushes the four of them out* Have fun!


Zim:What is fudge?

Nikki:Something really awesome! :P My uncle makes good peanut butter fudge.

Katie:The uncle living with your grandparents?


Katie:Do you think he'll have made some when we get down there?

Nikki:Maybe... *shoves fudge down Zim's throat*

Now, for this chapter's pairing, this one makes a little more sense than GASR, GAPR! But, this doesn't have as much fanart, though. But, oh, well! Bye! *poofs out of thin air*

Gaz:This one doesn't involve me, does it? *opens an eye*

Nikki:Si, it does~!


(so you know, the other person of this pairing has been here the whole time, no one seemed to notice him though...)

Percy:It's not me, is it?

Nikki:*eyes widen* No! Nein. That'd be very weird...

Alicia:(again, she didn't see) Purple? *Nikki shakes her head* Um..P...P... Pepito?

Nikki:Yurp! Gaz and Pepito.

Alicia:It does make sense... At least more sense than Squee and Gaz...

Katie:True. Very true.

Alicia:Next review is from Hawkbelly



1. Johnny! You just found that your entire knife collection has "mysteriously" disappeared! (meaning I stole them for kicks)

Nny:*tries to go kill a certain reviewer, but is stopped*

Nikki:You have to get through me and Stephano first! *holds up doll, grinning very scarily*

Nny:Uh.. no thanks.. O.o

Nikki:Yay! I can creep out a homicidal maniac!

Katie:You sure that's a good thing...?

Nikki:To me it is~! Ve~

2. Dib! Your house just got sucked into a black hole! (THE HORROR...)

Nikki:Dib is still on his date...Eh whatever. Black holes are fun!

3. Zim! The Tallest have been kidnapped! Er, uh, whatever-napped!

Nikki:I think it'd be 'alien-napped...'

Zim:Who alien-napped..? Zim's tallests?


Katie:Nah shit sherlock.

Nikki: :P

4. Squee! Shmee has disappeared! (NOES!)


5. A guy walks into a bar... What now?

Nikki:He says ow. *sees everyone's blank look* He walked into a bar.. like not like a drinking bar but...blargh. Whatever!

6. The world seems to be spawning the undead! What NOW?

Nikki:Time to kill some undead freaks! :P

7. Pigs can fly.

Katie:A lot of shit will happen.

Nikki:That means... Stephano is in a human form!


Nikki:A couple days ago I said, "When pigs fly, Stephano will become more or less human."


8. Uh...
9. Zim! Some crainess has just swooped into your base and is creating a ruckus! Oh and a large-and-growing crowd of fangirls are outside your door. Your reaction?

Nikki:You should worry more about the fangirls.


Nikki:You live with GIR.


10. Someone's house just exploded.

...I'm gonna stop now...

Alicia:Blow up all the houses!

Nikki:Really? Must you act the the idiots we call boys?


Nikki:I really hate you sometimes...

Katie:But, that's it for this chapter, right?

Nikki:Ja, auf Wiedersehen.

Katie:See ya!

Germany:You know German?

Nikki:Yurp. My sister taught me a bit and I have a German dictionary!


Italy:Do you know Italian?

Nikki:A bit...

Well, see you next chapter. Hope you had a better 4th of July than I did!