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I am not human. I know this, yet I still yearn I did not. Would anyone really know? Of course they would. I'm not real. You can't love someone who isn't real.

But why do I yearn? Why do I ask these questions? I am not human. I do not feel.

I don't think. The space that resembles a cranium is hollow, as if housing blank sheets without a writing instrument.

I know this for my master has told me so. My master created me. He dug me from clay and formed me. He alters me and strives to make me more humanoid. To him, I am a failed experiment. My master is not unkind, he is just not sentimental. The only things that bring a smile to his lips are flowers, especially ri. I know not the reason.

I cannot help responding to the word ri. The way letters and syllables are put together in the human language is so intriguing. Two little letters can mean so much. I have said that I respond to the word, but ri is not my name. I have no name. I am nothing special. I am not human.

But I have a human form, assumed to be female. My innards are bare. I am a figure, still attached to the clay beneath me. My outer layer is ashen. My eye sockets are colorless. My head is smooth. I am an unattractive base with little purpose in life.

Correction: I have no purpose. I have no life.

I am not human.


"Golem!" I disengage myself from the earth and follow my master's voice. It led me to the workroom. I am directed to sit upon the table. My master's dark emerald eyes focused on me with great determination. "Golem, I was provided with an opportunity to sell more like you. I want to upgrade you and make you more desirable." My master adjusts the accessory atop his nose. "Musashi! Bring the supplies we agreed upon!"

A younger human male that looked similar to my master approached us with grace and a basket full of unfamiliar items. "Here you go Kairi-sensei."

"Thank you Musashi." My master turns towards me with a knife in hand. He proceeds to cut an incision from the base of my throat to the top of where hips are generally located. I feel no pain.

It took hours to be perfect. A metal rod was placed inside of me to perform like a spine. A pendulum was set ticking inside the cavity of my chest as many wires were threaded throughout my body and connected to a battery pack that housed the energy it provided. Heat circulated from my toes to fingertips, making me feel alive.

A section of the rods was cut out, revealing its hollow interior. Reeds were placed inside. Bellows were attached to the rod so that the may move air through the reeds to produce sound when needed. Is this what is called speaking? My master vetoed any plan for a digestive system, instead equipping me with a copper plate to prevent any food from entering my person.

Smooth clay made my eyeballs. To make them more human, my master encrusted them with topaz. Spider legs were attached to the rim as eyelashes. Rose petals stuck to my mouth as lips.

Assuming we were finished, I stood on my newly sculpted legs that were reinforced with sticks and stones as bones. "Wait." I turned my unblinking gaze back to my master as he coaxed me back to the table.

"This," my master says as he holds an object out to me, "is a relic." Before me was something odd, like nothing else in my world. It was made of colors like captured sunlight; so bright that my eyes stung. The material was opaque and I got the sense of fragility. "This is also known as a Faberge egg, known for holding souls of the deceased." My master moved the instrument that clouded his eyes further up his nose before placing the object within the cavity of my torso. "Of course, such wives-tales are foolish. It is just a theory that Musashi convinced me of. The pendulum is much more reliable." He nudged the ticking weight inside of me, putting more momentum behind the motion before sealing me up with bits of wire and cage. They act as ribs. They aren't real bone.

The top of my head, around the temples, was then removed. As stated before, the area was hollow. "We have only experimented, with no entirely preferable results, so for tomorrow we will only use daisies and keep that small bit of cattail already present. Musashi, do you believe that these will be enough?'

"Of course, Kairi-sensei. Your judgement is most reasonable." My master's assistant bent at the waist, a movement I have seen among humans many times.

"The roots shall embed themselves in the space of this night. Her personality will come slowly and we will adjust it as the time comes. Musashi, please continue to put the hair on. I need to contact our investor and set up a meeting for tomorrow."

"Yes Kairi-sensei." The boy took up some boiled golden wheat and carefully, strand by strand, sewed it into my epidermis. When he finished, he handed me a loose dress to cover my imperfections. I'm not human, but if all went well, I looked the part.


"Golem, come!" The command is harsh but familiar, and I follow it without hesitation.

My movements are fluid, humanoid, as I approach my master. My mouth opens, but no sound emits. I am not permitted to speak.

"Is this the creature you described, Sanjo?" a portly man in a tuxedo addressed my master.

"Yes, sir. I apologize that she is not much to look at." Would a human take this offensively?

"What is her sell price?" The man's gaze gave me the same sensation as when worms nested in my clay. Was this a feeling, an emotion? Was it positive or negative? I was still as he continued to assess me.

"Sir, my apologies for misleading you, but she is not for sale. I would be glad to sell you a smarter, more functional copy for a reasonable price."

The man's gaze directed its self on my master. "I do not want a copy. I want her."

"As I said," my master's voice became intense. Why is that? "She is not for sale."

The man examined his nails. "Everything is for sale if the correct price is offered." He looked up. "Tell me, Sanjo, when was the last time you saw your wife?"

My master's spine stiffened and the intake of air from his lungs halted temporarily. "Where is Yaya?"

The man's fleshy lips turned up in a smile of amusement. "I'd be glad to tell you, once the golem is in my possession."

"I- I will make the trade." My master lowered his head and his green hair covered his eyes.

The man made a noise with his fingers, and one of his gray suited lackeys paid attention. "Make sure the prisoner is ready for transport tomorrow." The man looked at my master. "Make sure you do the same." The man dismissed himself from the room.

I followed my master from the room. I looked up at him, for I am shorter, and saw a foreign sight. Liquid was dripping form my master's eyes. Was this another human thing?

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