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This is going to be a series of oneshots surrounding Morgause's and Morgana's plans to take over Camelot or kill Uther or Arthur or Merlin or Gwen. I think you get the point. Enjoy.

Morgause cackled over a cauldron, feeling quite wicked. It really was wonderful how the laughter echoed dramatically off the cavern walls. Consulting a list, she sprinkled a dash of salt into the massive black pot.

"Sister." She smiled as Morgana entered the cave wearing a red cloak over her purple dress.

"Morgause." Morgana said, "You said you had another plan." She smirked evilly at the thought.

"Yes, I found a way to get rid of that vile traitor, Merlin." Morgause spat the name. How dare he think he could hurt her sister and escape so easily? He would pay. Oh, he would pay.

Morgana's eyes lit up in delight, "Really?"

"Yes, I am conjuring the most vicious of creatures. Now, pass me that hunk of raw meat." Morgana raised her eyebrows in surprise and disgust.

"I think I would rather not," she huffed indignantly.

"If you are not going to be helpful you might as well leave."

"But, I want to watch." Morgana complained.

Morgause sighed, "Fine, but stay out of the way." She walked over to the table that held the animal flesh and proceeded to dump it into the cauldron. Morgana wrinkled her nose at the smell.

"Just a few more ingredients and we will be done." The older woman picked up a small black bag. "This Morgana is the secret ingredient."

Morgana's eyes widened in wonder, "What is it?" she breathed.

Morgause opened the bag and pulled out a handful of tiny glittery specks.

"Just a pinch, now. Too much and it would explode."

Morgana raised an eyebrow, unimpressed, "It's pixie dust."

"It is not." Morgause said in a high and offended voice, "I'll have you know that I milked this from a basilisk on a midsummer's night under a red moon." She dropped a pinch of the powder into the cauldron for dramatic effect and a puff of multicolored smoke exploded above it.

Morgana waited.

Morgause waited.

Finally, a brown fluffy creature popped out.

In disbelief, Morgana demanded, "A bunny? This is your great plan!"

Morgause picked up the rabbit and cuddled it affectionately, "This is not just a bunny."

The creature opened its mouth to reveal long sharp teeth.

It's not just a rabbit. It's a wererabbit!

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