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Wishing You Well: My Wish

"Who would ever guess that Darth Vader was Luke's father? I mean how that is even possible!" My best friend, Rachel, said from beside me. We were sitting down on the couch in my basement watching Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back for about the thousandth time in the past year alone.

"Well, a child is conceived when a man and a woman love each other very much, they…" I said sarcastically.

"Alright, alright already!" she rolled her eyes and shoved a gummy worm in her mouth. "Okay really, Amy, I know where babies come from. I learned that in like first grade!" I rolled my eyes as her attention quickly went back to the film. "I will admit though, Mark Hamlin was very, very yummy."

"Umm, alright, he is kinda, ehh, I don't know thirty years older than us." Her eyes were still glued to the television and I swore a drop of drool was coming down from the corner of her mouth. "I'm just going to say this because you're my best friend but, you're a freak." She pouted as she reached back for a pillow and smacked me across the face with it. She burst out laughing hysterically. I made my face stern as I reached behind me and grabbed my own pillow. I smacked her in the head as well. It was my turn to laugh.

This was our typical Friday nights. We sat on my couch, watching movies and drank coke until we puked. We didn't go to Friday night football games or the homecoming dances or participate in any school functions for that matter. We saw no point; we were the geeks of the school and no one liked us.

Not that we tried to be geeks but that was just the way it had always been. Since our first day of high school, we ended at the bottom of the totem pole, even under the druggies and the video game fanatics. It all happened because of some experience with me, milk and Hayley Stevens. They day also earned me the nickname Slipper…

"Well, you wanna switch the movie?" Rachel asked me as she was putting her sandy blonde hair back into a sloppy bun then quickly taking it out. I smirked as I walked over to the DVD player. I pulled out Star Wars and put it back in its case. I looked on the shelf as if trying to decide what I wanted to watch, even though I already knew. "Okay hurry up, we both know what you're going to pick."

I chuckled as I turned around to see her already in her black cabby hat and a pair of yellow suspenders. You see, ever since I was a little kid, I have had two best friends. One, of course, being Rachel and the other being Newsies. I knew every song, line, dance, and actors name and part in the film. I guess I was what people called obsessed…I just called it love.

I grabbed my black cabby and black suspenders. There was no one specific newsie I was obsessed with, I loved them all the same. That is…except one. Spot Conlon, of course…He is the only newsie I absolutely hated with a passion. He is a self-centered, arrogant, jerk and many other words my parents have taught me not to say...Well that is the vibe I got from him in the movie. In my opinion he was a little cute but still, I had absolutely no interest in watching him on the screen any more than I had to.

"Coming soon to theaters." The announcer's voice came from the television. I quickly hit the menu button and the sound of the World Will Know instrumental began playing. I started laughing like a crazy person, barely holding back my excitement. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rachel just shrugged her shoulders.

"You kids want cookies?" my mom's voice came from the kitchen just outside the door upstairs. She must have heard the music. I looked over at Rachel and she was nodding frantically.

"Hecks yeah!" I yelled quickly. Seconds later my mom appeared with a plate full Chips Ahoy! cookies and two glasses of milk. "Thanks mom." We both said in unison. We called each other's parents mom and dad, it had become more of a habit now.

My mom walked back upstairs and I pressed the play button. Max Casella's voice rang through my basement as I dunked my first cookie into my milk. It tasted absolutely amazing, so I had to eat another one, then another, then another. Needless to say, I love cookies and most other sweets.

"Now that is one fine man!" Rachel yelled from beside me. Mush had just come on the screen for the first time without a shirt on. For as long as me and her have been watching this movie, she has had a slight crush on Mush, okay more like a large one. Personally, I don't blame her…he was rather attractive. "Now if I could just find a man like that, we would be in good shape." We exchanged glances and laughed.

After two hours of singing like idiots and dancing on occasions, the movie, sadly, ended. "Amazing, as always." I smiled. Rachel rolled her eyes and laughed. We both made our way up the stairs with the empty plate of cookies and the half-filled glasses of milk, belting King of New York at the top of our lungs. When we got up there, the TV was playing the elven o'clock news.

"Amethyst?" my mom asked using my full name. I groaned, rolling my eyes.

"Yes Margret?" I smirked.

"Don't call me that. You know better." She would usually at this point give me a lecture, but her voice sounded tired. "But can you grab me and your father a Diet Coke from the fridge please." I put the plate down and made my way to the fridge and grabbed two Cokes. My baby sister was lying on a blanket in the middle of the floor sleeping. "She get up or something?" my mother nodded her head with her eyes slowly shutting.

I quickly handed them the drinks and walked over to the blanket. I kissed Sapphire on the head gently and handed her stuffed monkey to her. Yes, my little sisters name is Sapphire as in the really pretty blue stone. We were both named after precious stones. Although for her it makes more sense because her eyes are a very deep blue, while mine are an ugly green. The main reason we got our names was because my parents wanted to be geologists when they were younger, then they decided to have a family. Well more like I came along and ruined everything… Now my mom is a nurse at an urgent care, who took time off to spend with my sister, and my dad is a science teacher at my high school.

I jumped up and kissed my mom's forehead and rested a blanket gently over her. She was already asleep. Then I walked over to my dad and said good night and kissed his cheek. I skipped back into the kitchen to discover something missing. "Rachel?" I whispered. "Chewy?" I said a little louder.

"Out here!" she called from the porch. It was pitch black outside and not a single cloud in sight, which meant you could see the stars perfectly. I joined my best friend out on the porch. "Beautiful aren't they?" I looked up and nodded my head. I had loved stars since I was a little kid. My father and I would sit out on my roof and he would point out tons of constellations. I pretty much know all of them now.

"Hey look, you see those stars there?" I pointed up to a grouping of stars in the shape of warrior.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's Orion. You have told me, eh, six thousand times." She said sarcastically. That was when I saw it, looking up into the sky, a shooting star! "Did you see that?" she asked pointing into the sky.

"Yeah! Quick make a wish!" we both shut our eyes. I wish that I could find a place to fit in, a place where I didn't have to be ashamed of who I was or what I looked like. I opened my eyes and looked over at Rachel, her eyes were still closed. Once she opened them a smile graced her lips. "So, what did ya wish for?" I asked slyly.

"I can't tell you, then it won't come true!" she yelled walking back in the door and I turned back to shush her but she already was covering her mouth with her hand. My parents needed to sleep and for past couple of months, that is something they haven't been getting enough of because of the baby. I went into the fridge and grabbed a container of chocolate icing and two spoons.

"Oh come on, that isn't true. Because I haven't told people my wishes, and I am still not a millionaire." We laughed as we went back downstairs and changed out of our suspenders and hats. "Come on Chewy, tell me." Yes that is the same Chewy from Star Wars, I'm Yoda. Don't judge, we were six when we came up with them, give us a break.

"Its embarrassing." she mumbled as she went over to her bag. I pulled on a pair of Victoria Secrets lounge shorts and a black shirt that said got newsies? on the front.

"I'll tell you mine," I bribed her sitting down on the couch crossing my legs.

"Fine," she put her hair up in a ponytail. "I wished…" she cupped her hand around my ear, whispering "I wished I would fall in love." Her face turned the color of a tomato.

"Aw, my little Rachel is growing up!" I said sarcastically.

"Oh, shut up, I am defiantly three months older than you and I have my license and a car." I rolled my eyes and opened the container of icing. I stuck in my spoon and began licking it like a sucker. "So Miss Meanie Butt, what did you wish for that was all high and great, huh?" she stuck her finger in the icing and began licking it.

"Eww, use a spoon next time!" I shouted.

"Oh don't try and change the topic. What did you wish for?" she sat across from me on the couch.

"Uh, um, er…" I bit my lip. I could tell Rachel anything, but this was just too personal. She never had a problem with not fitting in, and I let on the act I didn't let it affect me either, but truth is, it bugged the hell out of me. I just would like to be able to have more than one best friend, or have a boyfriend. Hell, I'd love to even go to Homecoming but we knew if we did, then we would get made fun of. I stuck the spoon in the icing again and shoved the whole spoon in my mouth.

"Ahh come on Amy…I mean Amethyst." she said. I hated my name period, and I liked Amy a whole lot better. I have to think of something quick…I looked at the opposite wall. On the floor was my black cabby under my signed Newsies poster, that's when it hit me…when in doubt, Newsie it out.

"Fine," I began chipping at my black nail polish. "I wished I could be a newsie."

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