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Hermione sighed happily as she laid back on the golden sand. It had been a long year, but she could now relax, knowing that there was nothing that could ruin this week. After spending a whole year searching for Horcruxes, breaking into the world's highest security bank, and helping to defeat the biggest threat the wizarding world has ever seen, she felt that she deserved a holiday.

Spain was the perfect place to forget about everything, so that's where she came. Her parents used to take her there during the summer when she was younger, and she was always amazed by the natural beauty of the country. They even had their own holiday home there that Hermione had lent for the week.

As she laid on the beach with her book in her hands, she watched the sunset. It really was so much more beautiful than the sunset she saw at home. Though it was the same one, the foreign atmosphere seemed to enhance it's beauty to no end.

Once the sun had finally sank, and the night began to turn cold, Hermione gave a quick look around to make sure there was nobody there before apparating to the villa. It was a modest, but welcoming place. The rooms were small but cosy, and well kept thanks to the housekeeper that looked after the place while the Grangers were living in England.

Hermione entered the kitchen to find that the fridge and cupboards had been newly filled with fresh food. She made a mental note to visit their housekeeper and thank her. Hermione made herself a plate of toast before settling into the living room to finish reading her book on Spanish wizards and their customs. Though she doubted that she would run into anyone from the magical world during her journey, she was always interested in learning.

It wasn't until late in the night that Hermione fell fast asleep in the armchair she had chosen, book still in her hand.

Hermione had been sleeping quite soundly for most of the night, when a loud bang woke her. The fire she had lit earlier that day was burning dimly, meaning the once warm room was now un unusually cold place. Another bang alerted Hermione to the reason she had awoken. She recognised the sound as a gunshot. Her father had taken her shooting when she was younger, and the sounds she could hear was the unmistakable sound of a shotgun.

She assumed that a wolf had just managed to get too close to town. There were many wolves in the area, though usually quite docile, they sometimes got too out of hand. Though she assumed it was nothing to worry about, she still edged nervously to the window. There she saw a man with dirty blonde hair stood with a gun poised, aiming at a tanned man that had only a pitchfork as defence.

"Petrificus Totalus!" She shouted, running outside with her wand aimed at the blonde with the gun. He fell straight to the floor and she smiled at the man with the pitchfork. Instead of smiling back at her though, he turned to her with his pitchfork raised in a spear-like manner. It was then that she realised the colour of his eyes. Deep crimson red.

"Oh shit," she muttered before raising her wand again and shouting "Locomotor Mortis." The man fell to the ground, but continued to try and attack Hermione with the pitchfork. "I don't want to have to hurt you," she screamed desperately, but the man didn't relent.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. "Merlin please forgive me," she said desperately before saying weakly, "Avada Kedavra." A thin wisp of green light fluttered out of her wand before vanishing. She remembered what Harry had told her about the unforgivable curses. You have to mean it. "Avada Kedavra," she said, hoping that the anger and fear she had mustered would be enough emotion to make the curse work. Sure enough, a much stronger beam of green light flew from her wand, causing the man to fall to the ground.

Tears fell from Hermione's eyes as the blank face of the man before her made realization set in. She fell to her knees and touched the man's face when suddenly the man gave a loud groan and started to get back up.

She got to her feet just in time to avoid being speared by the pitchfork. "Immobulus" she cried, and the man froze.

Turning her attention to the blonde man, she quickly chanted "Finite Incantartum" before helping him up quickly.

"You have about a minute to tell me what's going on before I kill you," she told the man, who was looking quite dazed.

"He's been infected with a virus that reanimates dead cells. There's some kind of parasite that lays their eggs in people and can control them. Look, I don't have enough time to explain!" He stopped talking as the other man started to twitch slightly. "Can I just kill him already?"

"I've already tried," said Hermione, casting another immobility spell on the infected man.

"You have to kill the parasite before you can kill him." He aimed two shots straight into the man's head, which popped open revealing a strange tentacle. The man was just about to shoot this new formation when Hermione stopped him.

"You said you have to kill the parasite, yeah? Avada Kedavra." The tentacle stopped moving instantly and the man's body along with the tentacle started to bubble away until there was nothing left.

"What did you just do?" Asked the blonde incredulously.

"I didn't know that there was something inside him I needed to kill," Hermione started. "I was focusing on the man. I'm guessing that the other jinxes worked because the parasite couldn't make something that couldn't move... Well move basically. And that he came back to life because of the parasite? Can they control dead bodies?"

The blonde nodded. "You're quick. I've been here a day now and it's taken me a while to get my head around this."

Hermione smiled slightly before inviting the man into the cottage. Though she didn't know who he was, after a second look she realized he was wearing a police outfit, and if her parents had taught her one thing, it was that the badge that he had emblazoned on his chest showed he was one of the good guys.