TITLE: The Only Exception

AUTHOR: youngheejin



CATEGORY: Romance/ Angst/ Drama

PAIRING: Caskett (Castle Beckett Romance)

SUMMARY: Something bad happened to Castle. What would Beckett do with her life? How is she going to cope? How is she going to help Alexis and Martha carry on with their life?

DISCLAIMER: The characters are not mine. They are borrowed from their respective owners.

They are solely made for the entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement intended.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I plan this to be a one shot. It just came to me and I really wanted to try if this would work.

Chapter 1


Castle is off to London for a book tour and signing event for his books. He's so sad, bored and lonely because of a certain detective that won't let his mind rest. He decided to put some of his thoughts and feelings into paper but he never really planned on giving it to her.

Dear Kate,

I know you're wondering why I am writing to you in the first place. I am wondering myself. I can name a thousand excuses if I want to and I'm pretty sure you will think it's so arrogant of me. Fear nothing Detective, for I will try my hardest to keep this letter humble, full of humility and gratitude to you.

When Alexis is just a little girl, I always bring her with me everywhere I go. Now she's a grown u, I had to suffer the fact that in the near future, she's going to leave me for her one and done. I'm missing all the things we used to do. She's my world. Everything I do, I do for her sake always but I never expected this that I would yearn for you the way a blind person will passionately read a book with Braille. I hope that I could put you in my pocket so I could be with you and never part for a single moment even though we'll both be sick of each other.

Ever since you came to my life, you turned my life upside down, you crawled under my skin without me knowing it, you get on my nerves all the time, and best of all the things that happened, you got into my heart. You might not believe this for all the flirtations and innuendos I've thrown your way and basing it in my track record. You won't believe it much further because I gave up when Demming came along but I came back didn't I? I also realized how stupid it was to try to live my life without you, and how hard and painful to live day by day without you. Watching you with him really hurt me in a way I could never explain. It's a new feeling. I guess that's the best description of how it feels like to really love and care for that someone and you're losing her to someone else. I think everyone deserves a resting ground after being hurt so thoroughly. The fact of life is that everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to make sure that the person is worth the pain. So what I feel right now doesn't matter because you're worth it. You're worth the pain. So no matter how many times you say no to me, or reject all my forwarding to you, I'm going to stand up and love you more always.

People would ask us if we are together, and I will always say, "Not yet". I really believed that in the end, we'll eventually get there but it is a wrong notion to believe just because you don't date, I don't date, and we have something special.

I can't believe it but from the moment I've met you, you have me wrapped in the palm of your hands now until forever. Forever? Forever is such a long time. It doesn't really set a place to start and end which is exactly the point. I believe that any person is capable of loving someone so much as long as they permit themselves, which I am to you.

I can't promise you anything. I can't guarantee that I'm not going to hurt you, or make you cry, only that you will always be the one who holds my heart. This is not an empty promise, this is all in my heart even though logically you can't literally hold them, and you could only feel them. I will make sure that I'm going to love you the way no one has ever loved you before even if you belong to Josh now.

Let this be the way for me to have some release deeming my feelings for you. I promise I will always come back to stay by your side as your friend you can count on always.

Love Always,

Richard Castle

Castle finished writing his letter and folds it. He wanted it close to his heart so he kept it in his jacket's pocket.

After a few minutes, Castle waked up sore from his sleeping position. He's used to sleeping in planes because of how many times he did this before but this is the first time he felt different. He closed his eyes again and felt the plane going down preparing to land. He didn't clearly listen to what the pilot was saying but they needed to land urgently to fix some problems about the plane.

It happened really fast, the plane is moving fluidly and got caught onto something. Turbulence started, and the plane was thrown off to the ground by a strong air he didn't understand where it came from. The plane broke into two, the passengers are screaming for help.

Castle's Loft

Alexis is on her way to the kitchen to get some milk when she saw Paula and Martha talking discreet and really worried by the door. Her dad is in London for book tours and signing events. What's Paula doing here?

'Grams, is there something wrong?'

'Darling, I don't know how am I going to say this but the plane your father was riding had an accident and they didn't find him in the plane but only his things and his jacket.'

'When the authorities got to the crash site, almost all of the passengers are unconscious and four died due to the splitting of the plane into two.' Paula added. She knows Alexis would appreciate honesty rather than lying to her. 'I promise I will do everything to help find your father. They said they're going to send Rick's things here.'

'Grams! How can he be missing?' Alexis started crying.

'The plane crashed in the forest. It was isolated and the walk to a small town is about 7-8 miles but they are considering that there are people hunting in the forest so someone might have help him if they saw the plane crashing or if he did walk.'

'He was just convincing me the other day to go with him for the last time and I said no. He said he doesn't want to go alone and now they can't even find him.'

'Oh, Alexis, we're going to see him again. I'm sure they didn't find him in the plane because he's alive. Maybe he wanted to look for help. You know how he is.' Martha hugged Alexis.

'Maybe we should ask if Detective Beckett can help.' Alexis looked up to Martha then Paula.

'I'm going to call her. I know she's going to help in any way she can.' Martha grabbed the phone and dialed Beckett's number.