Chapter 6


Lanie and Kate are standing outside Castle's loft dreading the situation. They hoped that they are here for a different reason. Kate doesn't even remember the last time she was here. As for Lanie, the last time she was here is when she attended Castle's Halloween Party.

'Are you ready?' Lanie squeeze Kate's right shoulder as she stood beside her.

Kate presses the door bell. After a few minutes, Martha opened the door. 'Dr. Parish, Kate, it's nice to see you. Do you have any news? Come in.'

Kate glanced at Lanie then at Martha frowning. Martha saw the look in Kate that she's not going to like why they're here.

Lanie put a hand in Kate's back. She exhaled deeply and explained everything that Will told her a while ago.

Martha burst in to tears, 'Oh my, no… This is not true! What's going to happen to Alexis, to us?'

'That just it, Martha I don't believe it too which is why we're going to keep looking. I know he's still out there. We missed out a place. The forest is about as thousand miles, he could be anywhere, he could have found a cave to rest or maybe someone found him who doesn't live near the forest. We'll exhaust every lead and location we could search.'

'Thank you, thank you, I thought you believe in it too, that you've already given up on him.'

'You don't have to worry about that.' Martha hugged Kate tightly.

'We're going to do everything we can to find Castle.' Lanie held Martha's arm.

'Thank you so much to both of you. I know you are the only one I can ask help about my son.'

'Anyway but what I'm concern for is Alexis. I don't know how to say this to her.'

'You don't to, I heard everything.' Alexis is seating behind the railings of the stairs and they didn't even notice her. 'I heard the door bell, I thought Grams is sleeping.'

Alexis had tears in her eyes and it's still flowing. She talked as if her tears are just naturally falling from her eyes. She walked towards them and Kate hugged her fiercely.

'Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry about how things had turn out, I'm sorry.' Kate is close to crying as well but she didn't. She promised herself she'll be strong for Alexis.

'Don't apologize. I don't believe his gone. I believe that you'll find him.' Alexis said as she laid her head on her chest. Kate kissed her forehead.

'We will find him.' She whispered to Alexis.

Catskill Mountain

'Good evening Carl, did you have a good night sleep? I'm Mario, I found you passed out in the woods. I'm sorry I couldn't bring you back from where you came from. It will take a day to get back. I don't think your body can do that much yet.'

'Good evening, Thank you so much for helping me. And don't worry I understand, you've done enough for me, taking me in. Why do you stay here in the woods? Is it more hard leaving here without neighbors to talk to and ask some help if you need one?' He didn't know what else to talk about. He still feels anxiety for not remembering anything but Carmen is right, panicking won't help him. If he heals faster and start doing something, he may remember something.

'We used to live in a small town but the area we own is so small, we can't fit all the animals we have and we need lots of vegetation for our own living. I tried hiking on the different parts of the forest until I found this place. I had my 2 sons, and my only daughter help me in building this house here, until we are able to transfer all of our things here. We don't have much, what we have here is enough for the both of us.'

'I haven't seen anyone here but you and your wife.' He commented.

'Oh,' Mario laughed. 'My sons, Jeremiah, and Joseph, and my daughter, Karla are studying so we left them in town but they visit us here from time to time.'

'How old are they?'

'Jeremiah is 15, William is 14, and my youngest Karla, she's 12. Carmen and I are very lucky to have them, they're loving, and helpful kids.'

Carl went silent. He saw a glimpse of red hair and then it was gone. He didn't even see a face. It wasn't strikingly familiar to him but he felt the need to remember her.

'Are you okay?'

'I… I don't know. I feel a little worried. I think I must have seen something in my mind for a while. I feel that I should remember her. I think I might have a daughter.'

'Did you see how she looks like?'

'No, I just saw long hair, it was red.'

'How about your wife? Do you remember someone?'

He tried harder to conjure a face or a name in his mind but nothing came. He shook his head. His forehead started to wrinkle and he tried massaging his head. He felt it throbbing for a moment.

'Hey, son, take it easy. I heard that some people don't remember things right away. You should prioritize healing first so that you can try to remember much next time. The good thing is you remembered something. In the mean time, you can try reading books. My wife's sister gave us some her of books before she passed away. They're not really my thing; my wife only reads the books for plants.'

Carl nodded. 'Maybe I can help with the little things here. I can stand and walk upright now without feeling much pain, maybe tomorrow, I'll feel much better.'

'Alright, I'll tell Carmen to let you help her with some of the chores here but don't overdo yourself.'

'Thank you.'

'Then come on, I forgot I'm supposed to tell that dinner will be ready. We've been talking for a while now; maybe Carmen had finished setting the table. I'll tell her we talked just in case she gets angry for not helping her.'

They both smiled and went outside to dinner.