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Harry stared at his mother in awe. Sirius and Remus had told stories of how beautiful his mother was, but now he saw what they meant. He idly mused what he would've looked like if he had had auburn hair instead of his father's raven hair.

Looking back up to his unaware mother, he decided that he wanted to be held by her. Granted, it was childish, but he had lacked the small things would do for their children since he had grown up with the Dursley's.

Bringing his short arms up in the direction of Lily, he demanded, "Up! Up!"

Looking at the expression his mother had- one of shock- Harry wondered if demanding to be held by her was a bad decision. But his worries were soon put to rest as a smile came onto the red-head's face as she came forward and picked Harry up from Remus' lap. Knowing that he wouldn't want to leave his mother's arms for a while, Harry grabbed a handful- well, as many as he could, anyways- of treacle tarts before making himself comfy in his mother's arms.

Right off the bat, Harry knew that he wouldn't want to leave here anytime soon; her arms were warm, and she smelled of cinnamon and evergreens, which Harry thought suited her perfectly.

As Lily sat down, she placed Harry sideways so he would be able to see the Marauders and her as well.

Turning his attention to her, with big, green emerald eyes, he smiled a cute toddler smile for her. He could hear the 'awws' and 'oh, how cute!' from the girls around the Gryffindor table, as well as from other tables. Harry sweat-dropped slightly, he guessed that no matter where he went, he'd somehow always be part of the spotlight.

Coming out of his thoughts, Harry started listening to the thoughts of his parents and the Marauders.

"It's amazing how well he took to you, Lily," Harry heard Remus saying as he continued to eat his dinner. "Harry must really like you."

"Is that so?" Lily said with a grin and turned to Harry to ask, "Do you like me Harry?"

"I wike Lily!" Harry exclaimed happily, burrowing in to her side. He could feel the laughter coming from his mother, and he smiled happily. Though he wasn't with his friends, Harry was incredibly happy that he could be here with his parents, smiling, laughing and having fun.

"Oh, come now Sirius," Lily commented, and Harry turned to see his future godfather looking gob smacked. "Is it really so shocking that Harry can like me?"

"Yes, it is," Sirius replied. Then, as mischievous look appeared on his face. "I mean, considering that your hair's brighter than a fire engine, I'm surprised he's not already blind." While this was an exaggeration, it still riled Lily up, and she leaned up against the table to yell at Sirius, forgetting Harry was on her lap.

"Now you listen hereā€¦" And so the argument went on, and Harry kept on being squished. It appeared that Remus and James knew that Harry was being squashed, but couldn't get a word in between the two. Finally having enough of being squished, Harry squeezed himself out of Lily's lap, landing by her feet under the table. Waddling his way over to Remus- Harry was really starting to see the disadvantage of being a toddler- he tapped the werewolf's leg.

When said werewolf looked down, Harry put his finger to his lips in the universal sign of 'Shh' with a mischievous look in his eyes. When Remus nodded, Harry went over to his dad's leg, doing the same with him. After making sure that both of them knew to be quiet, Harry crawled through Remus; legs under the bench and began crawling around Gryffindor table to go around the tables near the doors to the Great Hall.

Crawling, Harry remembered that he saw Lucuis and Snape sitting next to each other on the far side of the Slytherin table. Knowing that he really didn't know any other people from the past besides those two (at the moment) Harry decided it would be best if he went to them. Who knows, maybe Snape wouldn't be sp bitter to him since he didn't know who his father was.

When he reached the Slytherin table, he looked back to the table to see that his mother and godfather were still arguing and mentally sighed. He wondered how long it would take for them to notice him missing, seeing as how the Headmaster had already seen him crawling towards Slytherin table, smiling with a twinkle in his eye.

'I wonder how he does that,' Harry thought to himself before he came to the backs of Lucius and Snape. Looking up, he saw Lucius' hair and thought how pretty it looked. Blinking, Harry laughed to himself. It appeared that while he still retained his memories and age in his mind, the physical properties of his toddler body- his eyes, hands, nose, etc.- had an influence over his mind as well. Seeing as how it would be normal for a toddler to be attracted to pretty and shiny things- which just so happened to describe Lucius' hair- Harry reached up and grabbed it. Tugging it lightly, Harry soon garnered the attention of the future head of the Malfoy Family. Lucius had turned to see what had pulled on his hair and looked down into Harry's face.

Raising an eyebrow, Lucius asked in a somewhat bored tone, "Why are you holding onto my hair?"

Harry, for lack of a better explanation, simply replied, "Pwetty," and then smiled at the blonde.

Lucius blinked while other members of the Slytherin House snickered quietly. Shaking his head slightly, Lucius continued, "Is that all?"

Harry thought about it. Was he going to let an opportunity like this go by? No, he didn't think he was. So he did what toddlers did best:


Going from a somewhat annoyed expression to a slightly surprised expression, Lucius examined the little toddler in front of him. If he was correct, the boy was the one that Lupin had brought with him to dinner. But what was he doing here at Slytherin table of all places?

"Up." The toddler demanded again. Deciding to humor the boy, Lucius reached down and lifted the boy, bringing him to his lap so that he was facing the table. After staring at the boy, Lucius decided to ask the boy why he was here.

"If I may ask, is there a reason that you're over here rather than with Lupin?" Lucius asked the boy, who looked up at the blonde as the question was heard.

"They loud," Harry replied, "and hurt head." A frown marred the small youth's face as a small glare appeared on his face.

"And who would 'they' be then?" An almost baritone voice asked from next to Lucius. Turning his head slightly, Lucius found it to be Severus'.

"Them," the young boy responded in what seemed to be a drawl, his hand motioning to the arguing duo over at the Gryffindor table. Lucius noted with interest that the tone was very similar to the way Slytherins dealt with Gryffindors.

"Ah," Lucius said as he recognized the two arguing to be Evans and Black. "I can see why they would hurt your head." Severus nodded his agreement as he went back to his dinner. Some of the other Slytherin students would ask questions of the boy from time to time, and the toddler would reply in an astonishing tone for his age.

When dinner was just about to be concluded (it was longer than usual, being the Welcoming Feast) Lucius looked across the Great Hall to view an interesting sight. Evans hair was in hot pink spikes that went straight down the middle of her head, the tips being painted in neon blue. While this was amusing, the sight of Black was even more amusing to the blonde; Black's hair was up in pig-tails, which were now a banana yellow with tips of orange.

An amused smirk came upon Lucius' face as he watched the two Gryffindors freak out over their new hair styles. Looking down to the toddler, he noticed the toddler was smiling and giggling lightly, apparently thinking it was funny as well.

The Slytherins, hearing the giggling noise, looked towards the new addition to their table for that evening and saw the toddler staring straight ahead. Many turned their heads and started snickering at the sight as well; it truly was a sight to see, Lucius noted, though he never would say that out loud. It was a wonder that the two had yet to notice the other's hair style.

That thought put his thought process to a halt; was there a charm upon them not allowing one to see the other's new hair? And who had pulled this prank in the first place? Observing the toddler from the corner of his eyes, Lucius noted the look of satisfaction upon the boy's face. Lucius' eyes narrowed slightly as the wheels began to turn in his head. Could this boy have been responsible for this prank? If that were so, it would be more than just accidental magic. 'I will keep an eye on him for the time being,' Lucius thought to himself, 'for there's much more to this boy than meet's the eye.'


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