Warnings: As you already know, this story is different than canon. Thus, I will be changing it as I please, making surprising and maybe upsetting changes Harry's years at Hogwarts.

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When Lucius and Lily had arrived at Hogwarts, they had reported their findings to the Headmaster. It was the first time Lucius had ever seen the Headmaster without that blasted twinkle in his eyes. It wasn't something pleasant to think about, after all. Dumbledore had given them a tired smile before inquiring into the more pleasant aspects of the Diagon Alley trip. The two of them did, and the elderly man had chuckled with amusement at Lily's thoughts about Harry having his own broom. The Headmaster had then sent them off to their respective dorms, it being past 8 o'clock and Harry needed to be put to bed. Lucius had walked Lily to the Entrance Hall- it being proper manners to treat a woman that way, Muggleborn or not- where he bid her a good evening before making his way back to the dungeons.

Now that Lucius was no longer carrying young Harry, he felt a wave of anger coursing through him. Though he didn't know the small child all too well, having only known him for a few days, he was simmering with rage at the thought of the boy being abused in any way. He was a child, for Merlin's sake, a small, fragile child who was treated horrendously at the hands of his previous care-takers. Children were precious in the Wizarding World, and for people to have treated Harry in such a way that their conversations would elicit such a reaction...

'If I were to ever meet them...' Lucius thought to himself, entering the Slytherin Commons Room. The other Slytherins in the room had looked at him upon his arrival with curious glances, but he paid them no heed. He needed to write a letter to his father about what had occurred today.

'It would probably be best to inform Selena as well.' Lucius thought, sitting down at his desk as he pulled out his Quill to write.


Lily was carrying the slumbering Harry into his crib in James' room, the young child having fallen asleep before they had even arrived back at Hogwarts. She looked down at the young child in her arms, smiling softly as she spelled him into a green onesie before tucking him in and turning off the light. She spun her wand in a full clockwise circle and a little light was on the counter by Harry; it was small enough not to wake him up, but bright enough to reassure him if he did.

Closing the door to James' room, she made her way into room to grab her book bag and making her way to the mini commons area that they shared. Since it was a Saturday night, she could've gone over to the Gryffindor Commons Room, but really, after today's experiences, she decided that she would rather stay and get the homework out of the way.

It was about an hour later, and Lily was putting the finishing touches on her Transfiguration Essay (she had already finished the Potions Essay due on Monday) when she heard the door to the dorm open. Finishing her line, she looked up to see James come in with a grin on his face.

"Hey Lils," James greeted in a quiet voice as he say down on the chair by the fireplace, "How's Harry?"

"He's been asleep for over an hour," Lily replied.

"Today tucker him out?" James asked cheerfully.

"In more ways than one," Lily replied, becoming solemn. James noted this, and his grin fell away into a small frown.

"What happened? Did something go wrong? Did Malfoy do something?" James started asking, starting to work himself into a little frenzy.

"No, James, it wasn't Malfoy's fault. But yes, something happened with Harry today." Lily paused, sighing as she brought up the memories that had been pushed to the back of her mind.

"It started today when Harry accidentally grabbed one of the goblins' spears and cut his hand open." Lily watched the color leave James' face as he heard that, and she nodded in sympathy. "Thankfully, the goblins noticed and lead us to a separate room so that a Healer could attend to it. That opened a can of worms though, because we found that Harry couldn't feel the pain. Normal children would have been bawling, but Harry wasn't. Malfoy and I were discussing that and found that Harry has some...issues that most likely stemmed from his previous care-takers." James' face was now grim, and Lily was sure hers matched his pretty well.

"What are these 'issues' you're talking about?" He asked, and Lily was sure this was the most serious she had ever seen the raven-haired male for all the time that she had known him.

"His care-takers made him believe he was a freak, I think." Lily stated, and she saw James' eyes narrow in anger. "This was brought about while Malfoy and I were talking about the reasons he could not be feeling the pain and somewhere along the way there must've been a trigger word that sent him into an emotional lock-down."

"Was there anything else?" James asked, his voice low. Lily didn't respond right away, giving James his answer. "Lily, was there anything else wrong with Harry?"

"Since Harry was being treated for his hand, we also asked the goblin healer, Smoothfang, to do a full body scan on Harry to see what else may be wrong. He agreed upon hearing that Harry couldn't feel the cut from the spear. The results even disturbed Smoothfang; according to him, Harry's suffering from malnutrition, a slight crack in his skull, badly healed fractures and breaks, consistent night terrors and an eye disease that will, if it's not treated, will cause him to be blind by the time he's thirty."

Lily watched as James' face became paler and paler as she repeated what the goblin healer had told them.

"Dear Merlin," James whispered, sinking into the chair. He ran a hand through his hair, clamping down on it as anger surfaced. "How could they do that to him? He's a child! He's so small and gentle! It's obvious that Harry grew up with muggles; children are so valuable in the Wizarding World that what happened to Harry wouldn't have happened." Sirius' situation flashed through his mind, but he pushed it away in order to concentrate on Harry. He looked up at Lily with dulled eyes, eyes that shouldn't be on a seventeen-year-old.

"What is being done to help Harry?" James asked, running his hand through his hair again.

"Healer Smoothfang fixed the badly healed fractures and breaks, the slight crack in his head and the eye disease. He also is sending over potions to help cure his nightmares, the potion being non-addictive." Lily explained, covering a yawn with an ink-stained hand.

"Are they actually going to send the potions to Hogwarts?" James asked. While the Potters respected goblins more than most Pureblood families, they were still cautious when dealing with the goblins of Gringotts. After all, goblins don't trust human witches and wizards very well. He was surprised, though, when Lily smiled at his question.

"Malfoy asked the same question, actually," Lily replied, grinning at James' reaction. "He's taking Harry's well-being quite seriously; he didn't even bat an eye when Healer Smoothfang said it would cost forty five galleons to heal Harry and pay for the potions." Lily stopped as she saw a strange look on James' face.

"What's wrong James? I mean, forty five galleons is quite a bit of money, but-"

"That's not it Lils," James replied, scratching his cheek. "Well, maybe it is it."

"What on Earth are you talking about James?" Lily asked, rather confused at to what James was talking about.

"Normally, the goblins would charge quite a bit more than forty five galleons for medical treatment like that," James explained, smiling a bit a Lily's surprise. "Knowing the goblins, it probably should have cost a lot."

"I wonder why they reduced the price." Lily mused, placing her cheek in her hand as she thought about it.

"It is rather odd, considering that Malfoy was the one paying for it," James said, "You would think the goblins would take the opportunity to charge more, given how much money the Malfoy's possess."

"That'll have to be something we discuss with Malfoy, possibly tomorrow," Lily suggested, again using her hand to cover another yawn.

"It looks like Harry's not the only one who's had a long day today." James teased with a wry grin. Lily rolled her eyes but laughed anyways.

"I think I'm going to head in early," Lily said, standing up from the couch where she had been working. She stretched, having sat there for well over an hour. "Harry's already tucked in, James. I put him to bed when I got back from Diagon Alley."

"I'll do my best not to wake him up, then," James said, smiling at his fellow Gryffindor. "I'll see you tomorrow Lils."

"Good night to you too James," Lily said, picking up her bag and heading into her room. James, still sitting in the chair by the fire heard the click of Lily's door as it shut, leaving him in complete silence.

James stayed there for a while, not willing to get up and go to bed quite yet. He had too much running through his head right now. He just couldn't get it through his head how people could abuse a child in their care like that. James knew that Sirius had had it rough with his parents, but from what Sirius had told him it was more verbal than physical. For all the crap they put him through, Sirius' parents would probably never hurt him in the way that Harry was.

'They'd probably be insulted that someone assumed they'd do such a thing,' James thought wryly to himself.

He sat there for a little while longer, staring at the fire as he let his thoughts just flow. After a while, though, he found himself starting to yawn and decided that he should probably get to bed soon; it was almost midnight.

Turning off the lights to the Commons Area, James quietly entered his room, closing the door behind him. he silently thanked Lily for the night-light charm she had set up; it made it easier for him to get ready for bed. He went about his business silently, stopping to gaze at Harry ever so often as the small toddler slept peacefully.

James slipped in between the cool covers of his bed and took off his glasses, placing them on the nightstand next to his wand. He closed his eyes, trying to relax his body and fall asleep. Twenty minutes later, James was still awake. He sat up, looking at Harry's crib. James stared at it for a little while before getting out of bed with a sigh. Going over to the crib, he gently picked up the sleeping child before curling back up into bed.

Sighing contently, he closed his eyes as he fell asleep, smiling as he felt Harry cuddle into his chest for warmth.


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