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Dawn of

Right above the Clock Tower, there suddenly came a deafening groan as the moon that had threatened Termina for so long was consumed in a blazing rainbow aura. All the Pokémon scattered around the outskirts of Clock Town looked up in astonishment as the moon disintegrated away before their eyes, disappearing completely within moments and leaving nothing behind but an extremely cheesy rainbow that stretched across the morning sky.

Everyone began cheering at the sight, obviously not realizing the absence of the moon would cause the tides to stagnate and lead to unspeakable damage to the ecosystem down the line. With nothing left to hold up, the four Regis stood there dumbly in the middle of town, trying to look like they'd planned this from the start.

"Would you look at that!" Bibarel gasped in wonder as he stared at the sky. "The moon has disappeared! We're saved!"

"Wow… it really has," said Furret. "I guess that means we don't have a reason to fight each other anymore, do we?"

"DID I SAY THAT, BITCH?!" Bibarel roared, brandishing a baseball bat and repeatedly whacking Furret in the knees with it.

"Look, Vulpix! The moon is gone!" Riolu cried joyfully. "And that means our families all survived too! My parents and your mother!"

"What?" Vulpix looked deeply disappointed. "Oh, yes, uh… that's wonderful."


"Pichu… yo, Pichu. You dead?"

"Oohoohooh! Ifhe'sdeadIwantallofhisstuff!"

"Shut the hell up, Cleffa. I'm older, therefore I get his stuff if he's dead."

"Both you little shits are wrong. I've been forced into prolonged contact with his ass! The universe owes me!" Epona was cut off as Pichu started groaning, slowly sat up and opened his eyes. "Well, dammit."

"Owwww… where are we?" Pichu asked, rubbing his aching back and looking around blearily. Somehow, he and Clefairy had been transported to the middle of Termina Field just outside of Clock Town, and Cleffa and Epona were hanging around him as well. As soon as he realized that, he also realized that the Fierce Deity's Mask was gone and he was a Pichu for real once again.

"Ohhh, come on! I saved the world and I get rewarded by losing my godlike power?"

"That's a pretty good reward for the rest of us," Clefairy said with a smirk. "Anyway, looks like you still have your other masks less likely to cause suffering to those around you."

"Huh?" Pichu looked around in surprise and realized that all the masks he'd given away to the moon children were lying scattered across Termina Field. Apparently they'd survived the moon's destruction as well.

"Hey! Does this mean – " He quickly scanned the area before finding what he was looking for. "It does! I found it!" he cheered, racing over and grabbing the Couple's Mask.

Clefairy stared at him. "Why are you so worried about that one? That's the one mask we never found a single use for."

"I have plans for this thing…"

As it happened, the four Regis were still there, and at the moment they were gathered around and looking down at a certain someone. Nuzleaf, his true face visible to the world for the first time, was gazing back up at them, looking very unhappy.

"You guys… hadn't forgotten about me?" he asked quietly. One of the giants made a noise that sounded like a confirmation, and he lowered his head, trembling all over. "You still thought of me as a friend?"

As he continued to avert his eyes, Regigigas suddenly leaned back and let out a low wail, signaling that it was time for the giants to return to wherever exactly it was that they came from. And so they parted, lumbering slowly across Termina Field, each one heading in a different direction. Finally they all vanished into the distance, gone from Termina until the next time Nuzleaf screwed something up. It would be about two weeks.

"So those were the guys you were in a fight with. You somewhat neglected to mention the part where they were all continent-crushing golems," Clefairy said to her friend.

"It didn't seem relevant at the time… hey! Did you save me?" said Nuzleaf as he noticed Pichu and shuffled over to him. Pichu froze up, looking rather disturbed as Nuzleaf leaned in close and started sniffing at him.

"Is this how you say hello to everyone?"

Nuzleaf actually looked pleased. "Hee hee… you have the same smell as the kid who taught me that song in the woods."

Clefairy stared. "Wait, what? What woods? Have you guys met before?"

Pichu grew a thoughtful look on his face. "Oh, yeah…"


"Wow, what a dark and stupid forest I am lost in. What the hell am I supposed to be doing in here?" Pichu complained as he trudged through the Lost Woods. His quest to recover the Spiritual Stones was currently getting a bit off track. "Seriously, I can't remember. It's been more that fifteen seconds, I can't be expected to concentrate that long."

"Yoohoo! Up here!" came a voice, and Pichu looked up in surprise to see a Nuzleaf standing on a tall tree trunk, playing a Pokéflute. "You have a Pokéflute too, fairy boy? Do you know any songs?"

"Huh? Well, sort of… it's really hard to play any death metal on this thing," Pichu complained. "I guess I have this one." He pulled out his Pokéflute and played Leafeon's Song.

"Oooh! What a wonderful song! We should be friends!" Nuzleaf said happily as he pranced around on the tree trunk. "What do you say, fairy boy?"

"Well, that depends… does being friends mean you'll help me get out of this forest?"

"Of course not! How do you think I got stuck in here in the first place?" Nuzleaf cackled, leaping off the tree trunk and vanishing into the trees.

Pichu glared after him. "Wow, what a dick. Oh well, at least I'll definitely never have to see him again."

End Flashback

"Yeeeeah, that scene that totally happened that I never mentioned until now. Good times."

Clefairy shook her head. "Whatever. I guess morons really do cluster together."

Several yards away from all this, the Happy Yamask Salesman was gazing down at Majerkass's Mask as he held it in his hands. "So… the mask has returned to me at last…"

He began to chuckle. It was quiet, but gradually it increased in volume, growing louder and louder, more and more sinister, until finally he suddenly threw back his head, howling in deranged laughter.

"Aww, look how happy we made him!" Pichu said cheerfully.

"You idiot!" the ghost cackled, holding the mask up triumphantly. "I can't believe you were actually stupid enough to deliver me the most powerful dark relic in all of Termina! Morons like you really do come along once in a lifetime."

Epona leaned in close to Pichu. "In case you're too slow to follow that, he's betrayed you and is probably about to murder you painfully. Good luck with that." She immediately trotted off.

Pichu jerked his head up. "Wait, what? I wasn't paying attention."

"Oh really? Perhaps we shall hold your interest, young one."

"Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Revenge shall finally be ours, fairy boy!"

Pichu's eyes bulged at the very unwelcome sight of Noctowl and Trubbish. "WHAT THE HELL?! WHO INVITED YOU ASS CRACKS?!"

"Why, our dearest friend here did, of course," Noctowl said smugly as he flapped down from the sky and Trubbish floated down on his balloon, landing on either side of the Happy Yamask Salesman. "He assured us that if we joined forces with him, once you had returned his mask to him, we would be free to share in his new world of darkness. And we believed him, despite his already having proven to be evil and giving no sign of being trustworthy!"

Clefairy slowly turned to Pichu. "…Is everyone in your social circle just a dumbass?" she asked. "Whatever. As you people seem to have forgotten, we just killed Majerkass! That mask has no power left!"

"Perhaps…" the Yamask said with a sinister grin. "Or perhaps it just needs recharging."

He suddenly reached out with both arms and clamped down on the heads of Noctowl and Trubbish, which they had obviously not been expecting. "Hey! What the – YEAAAARGHHHH!" Noctowl yowled in pain as the evil ghost sucked their energy out through their heads and into Majerkass's Mask. Finally the two hapless Pokémon's screams were cut off as they disintegrated and crumbled into dust, causing everyone else standing around and watching this to burst out cheering.

"Stop cheering, you dolts! You're all about to be killed!" the Yamask shouted at them. "Those two were so hated by everyone, I was able to channel the power of that hatred into my mask… and fill it with darkness like never before! Now the power of Majerkass shall truly be mine! And I owe it all to you, Pichu."

Riolu stared at Pichu. "Wait a minute! You mean you met this guy, you saw how creepy he was, and you still helped him?!"

Pichu grew an awkward look on his face, abruptly realizing that all the Pokémon standing around were now glaring at him. "Uhhh… I was looking for an adventure?"

The crowd immediately started booing loudly and pelting Pichu with a bunch of rocks. "OW! OW! STOP THAT! I'M THE HERO OF TIME, YOU PUNY MORTALS!"

"Give me some of those. I've been waiting weeks for this," Clefairy ordered Bibarel, who had his arms full of rocks.

"Well, before one of you idiots stops throwing rocks and actually tries to stop me… I'd better do this!" the Yamask proclaimed, throwing Majerkass's Mask on his face. Everyone in the crowd quickly stopped what they were doing and gasped, staring in horror as the Yamask started to glow. All at once, the sky began to fill with enormous dark clouds that blotted out the sun, and a sinister cold wind began to blow. The Yamask threw back his head and roared in pain, consumed by the power of darkness. Thunder and lightning tore up the sky as he floated into the air, growing larger and larger.

When the glow died away, he had evolved into a monstrous Cofagrigus, still wearing Majerkass's Mask over his face and looking way, way, way, way, way, way more powerful than a member of his species ought to be. "And now, my subjects… it is time for my reign over this world to begin!" he declared in a voice that sounded like a thousand demons speaking in unison. He began firing off a volley of enormous Shadow Balls in every direction while laughing evilly, immediately causing the crowd to scatter as everyone ran away screaming, which they had been doing quite a lot of for the past three days.

"RUN AWAYYYY! RUN AWAYYYY!" Pichu shrieked as he raced off while flailing his arms.

Clefairy grabbed him by the ear and hauled him back. "You coward! Get in there and fix the mess you made! You can't even be killed, remember?"

"Is that what you think?" the Cofagrigus sneered. "By setting up Majerkass as the final boss, I assured his precious plot protection would already be spent by the time he faced me! Now there is truly no one who can stop me!"

Pichu turned to Clefairy. "Well, you heard the man. I'll resume my running away now if you don't mind."

And then, suddenly:

"Not so fast, villainous scum! HIYAAAAA!"

A bright white streak came zooming down from the sky, crashing into Cofagrigus's head and throwing him off balance, causing the Shadow Ball he had been about to hurl at Pichu to fly off at a wild angle and crash into a blimp flying high overhead. The blimp violently exploded. The crewmembers' families would mourn.

Pichu pulled his head out of the ground where he had been attempting to bury it in fright and stared, his mouth falling wide open. "Wait a minute… TOGETIC?!"

Hovering triumphantly in front of Cofagrigus was none other than Pichu's original fairy companion. "That's right, jackasses! It is I, here to save you all from destruction! You can thank me later! …Actually, thank me now. It took me forever to get here."

"Wait a minute. You know her too?" Clefairy demanded, then slowly seemed to put two and two together. "Hang on… you're telling me your 'girlfriend' was real this whole time?!"

"Of course she was! Why does everyone find that so hard to believe?!"

Meanwhile, Cofagrigus had managed to reorient himself. "Hmph… so one more foolish mortal tries to stop me. It makes no difference to me. I shall simply end your life now rather than later."

"Oooh, don't you talk big?" Togetic sneered at him. "Do your worst! I'm immune to all of your ghosty attacks! I'd like to see you – " A humongous Shadow Ball crashed into her and sent her hurtling into the wall surrounding Clock Town.

"Owww… somehow I did not foresee that."

"Togetic, you're not a Normal-type, you're a Fairy-type," Pichu reminded her.

Togetic pried her head off the wall. "…Wait, seriously? When did that happen?"

"If you would be so kind as to stop interrupting me?!" Cofagrigus bellowed at them. He generated an enormous, extremely lethal Shadow Ball, big enough to blow Pichu and both fairies to smithereens all at once, and hurled it at them, but all three of them frantically jumped away from the explosion just in time.

"Dodge all you want! You're merely prolonging the inevitable! There is nothing you can do to defeat me!"

"Sure there is! You're weak to Ghost and, uh… Dark, right?" said Pichu. "Okay, new plan. You guys distract him long enough for me to climb up there and start chewing on him, and – "

"That won't be necessary," said Togetic, suddenly growing a wicked smirk. "I got two words for you, pally… Mirror Move."

Cofagrigus turned and stared at her. "…Wait, what?! WHAT?!"

He was too late. Togetic spread her arms wide above her head, generating a Shadow Ball exactly as enormous and exactly as lethal as the one he had just thrown at them, and then as the ground around her surged with blinding energy and she let out a high-pitched scream that sounded like a Super Saiyan charging up, she threw the attack at Cofagrigus, who couldn't get away in time.

"AAAAARGGGGGHHHHHHH – " he roared in pain as he was consumed by the explosion. Pichu and Clefairy were thrown backward by the blast, wincing and bracing themselves against the blinding light as the shock wave flattened them against the ground.

When the smoke from the explosion cleared away, nothing remained of Cofagrigus but a few sad wisps of shadow and the still-unharmed Majerkass's Mask, lying on the ground and powerless once more.

Pichu slowly got up and walked over to the mask. "Phew… that was a close one. Good thing my quick thinking saved us all. Oh, and my sexiness too. Can't forget that."

Clefairy turned to glare at Togetic. "He's all yours."


Some time later…

"So, in summary. Majerkass is dead, the other jerkass is dead, the moon is gone, and we both found the people we were looking for," said Clefairy. "So I guess this is where you and I part ways, isn't it?"

"I guess…" Pichu said unhappily before turning to Togetic. "Hey, T-Money… how'd you end up here, anyway?"

"Well, I heard through the grapevine you'd somehow wound up in Termina, and my conscience told me I'd better head over there before you epically screwed something up. And wouldn't you know, the moment I get here there's a giant moon about to kill everyone."

"…That actually wasn't me, though…"

"So anyway! Why don't you just leave and go about your business? The rest of us have a carnival to go to," Clefairy cut in loudly.

"Hee hee… don't worry, fairy boy. We're friends, after all," said Nuzleaf. "Friends never say goodbye forever. We'll see each other again soon."

"Over my dead body," Clefairy snapped at him.

"Hang on a minute… what if I wanna go to this carnival?" Pichu asked Clefairy. "Don't you think I've earned a little celebration?"

"Maybe you didn't hear, but the mayor just issued a proclamation banning you from within twenty miles of Clock Town for the rest of eternity. I may have had a hand in it."

"…Well, that settles that then. Come on, Epona!" he said cheerfully, hopping on his horse while Togetic climbed on behind him. "Hi-ho, and awayyyyyyy!"

"I will feast on his blood one day," Epona muttered as she reluctantly galloped off, carrying the Hero of Time across the field and away from Termina, never to return. Clefairy, Cleffa and Nuzleaf watched him go, and fireworks started going off around the Clock Tower as the citizens of Termina were finally able to celebrate the Carnival of Time…

And what a carnival it was. Such a day of merriment, debauchery and property damage had never been seen before in Clock Town. While most people were getting drunk at the Milk Bar and throwing rocks at windows, Linoone's carnival troupe incited awe and excitement in the crowds. The Meloetta Sisters performed their kinky dance, Ambipom played on his phonograph, and of course the Indigo-Gos put on a show-stopping performance with Vaporeon back in business. And in the midst of it all was the official wedding ceremony between Vulpix and Riolu, though with Nuzleaf's curse gone Riolu had finally evolved back into a Lucario, and Vulpix had likewise evolved into a Ninetales so the size difference wouldn't be so awkward.

And all throughout Termina were other celebrations going on among the Pokémon Pichu had made happy. Igglybuff and Jigglypuff lived peacefully on the ranch, free from any rectal probing aliens. The Grass-types and the monkeys celebrated the newfound peace among their people. Skitty and Loudred rejoiced at being a happy family once more. Servine cried over the defiled corpse of his son… uhhh, let's skip him.

But none of this was seen by the Hero of Time himself as he rode Epona back through the Lost Woods, which would probably eventually take them back to Hyrule once he was done getting them lost. As he went, though, he remembered he still had one thing left to do.

"So anyway, Togetic, I got you a present while I was out adventuring and stuff," he said as he pulled out the Couple's Mask. "Isn't it perfect? It's filled with true love!"

"…It also has no eyeholes."

"Yeah, that was sort of a running gag."

"Aww, it's perfect, Pichu!" Togetic gushed as she and Pichu started loudly making out on top of Epona, who shuddered very deeply as she kept walking.

Unbeknownst to any of them, Nuzleaf, Clefairy and Cleffa were currently playing around in that very section of the forest. Clefairy noticed Pichu passing by and watched with something that might have mistaken for fondness… if you were a stupid blind monkey. In any other case you could easily tell it was annoyance.

"Friggin' nutjobs. Let's hope that's the last we ever see of them."

"Now, now. You shouldn't be so dismissive of that boy," said Alakazam as he walked up from out of nowhere, apparently wanting some more screen time before the end. "I have every reason to believe he is the incarnation of an ancient hero. One who saved the world many years ago, back when Pokémon dwelt on islands high in the sky…"

Clefairy raised an eyebrow at him. "Okay, number one: Are you stoned? And number two: How long is this story that I feel coming on going to be exactly?"

"Number one: Obviously. And number two: Over a hundred thousand words, I imagine."

"Yeah, no thanks," said Clefairy, kicking him into a ditch.