For English class, our teacher wanted us to write a poem about a character in a book that we were reading. Red Dragon is absolutely my favourite book, and Francis Dolarhyde is the best villain. Although his crimes make you hate him, his "normal" personality makes you like him a lot.

If you read Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, then this poem structure should sound familiar.

Disclaimer: Francis Dolarhyde doesn't belong to me no matter how much I love him. He belongs to Thomas Harris.

And the Woman Clothed in Sun

June 6, 2011

Again he is walking alone, what a conflicted mind and body he owns,

People whisper as he passes by and their voices he can't ignore

Worse is how their eyes dark as coal, can peer right through his soul

He feels the Great Love deep within his core,

He doesn't deny it. He kills in the name of Love that resides deep within his core,

The deed is done. He is Francis Dolarhyde once more.

Of his past suffering no one knows. It doesn't matter, a great Transformation he will undergo.

He delights in killing. He is Becoming. Their cries he ignores

They are privy to a great Becoming, and yet they recognize nothing.

You are an ant in the afterbirth, his voice roars

It is your nature to do one thing correctly. Before me, you rightly tremble, he roars

You owe me awe, not fear, he implores.

Take my word that I am smiling. I am now the Red Dragon, I am beguiling.

Dolarhyde is inutile, his impotence I deplore.

His voice is crippled and his words are weak. I have replaced him and now I will speak.

With a tattooed back and a snaggletoothed grin, the world I will explore

Will Graham, I am coming. Your home I will explore.

I am the Great Red Dragon, forevermore