I know I should be working on something else at the moment, but I felt the need to post this. I wrote it today during Language Arts class (yes I'm still in school!), since we had to write a piece of dialogue between two people (Apparently some people in my class struggle with that... Ninja, you may know of who I think of…). I don't own anything. ENJOY AND REVIEW!

"Just face it, Malfoy!" a young James Potter yelled. "My dad was loads better at being seeker than yours!" He was obviously taking his uncle Ron's advice on dealing with 14 year old Scorpious and his family.

"At least my dad didn't get kicked off the team!" Scorpious Malfoy smirked.

"That was stupid Umbridge's fault! Plus," James took a breath, glaring at Scorpious, "it was your dad's doing that got him into it. He called my grandmum fat!"

"Yes, and I agree!"

"Oh, now you're asking for it!" James' brother, Albus, his sister, Lily, and their cousins, Hugo and Rose Weasley, all had to hold him back, screaming at him to 'end the violence!'.

"Bring it on, Potter!" Scorpious balled his fists. This was going to be a fun two minutes between divination and transfiguration. "Actually, can we do this after transfiguration? McGonigall'll have my head if I'm late."

"Well…. If you put it that way…. No!"

"What is going on here?" an appalled Professor Fligglehorn (Ninja…. Inside joke… For everyone else, she's the new DADA teacher.) ran up. "Malfoy! Potter! Detention! Now get to class!"

"We'll finish this later," James muttered to Scorpious, who glared in return. "Right after we make Figglehorn's life awful during detention."

"You're on."

Should I make it a series of individual stories about how they work together, in detention, to torture the professors? Tell me in a review!