It was the last day of term, but that wasn't why James Potter was smirking. "Today's the day," he said to his friends as they walked down the steps of the Great Hall. "It's finally time," he strode ahead.

Scorpious gritted his teeth. He knew James Potter was waiting rather impatiently for his chance to continue their fight from the first week of school, to get his revenge for what he had heard Scorpious say, but James was smart. He wouldn't risk another detention for someone as insignificant in his eyes as Scorpious was- he got enough without trying. So Scorpious knew it was futile to avoid him. He knew what was coming.

James could see Scorpious' wand in his hand, slid just up his sleeve, like he was trying to hide it. Oh Malfoy, he thought. When will you learn?

"Expelliarmus," James whispered, and his friends, Kyle, Alex, and Rob all snickered. "Accio wand," Scorpious' wand slowly headed towards the compartment.

Not ten feet away from them, Scorpious was searching for his wand. Only moments ago he had felt it fall out of its secure place in his sleeve- Potter had to be behind it. And, sure enough, Scorpious saw his wand inch through a compartment door, which was quickly snapped shut. And now the fight begins.

"Give me back my wand," he sighed, flinging open the compartment door, banging it against the stopper.

"Manners?" James said cockily.

"I can't believe I'm about to say this, but please," Scorpious spat."

"Good," James tossed Scorpious his wand. "Now we can duel-"

"I'd best not hear of any dueling going on," a fifth year prefect from Ravenclaw called Margo Knecht stuck her head inside. "Malfoy, if I know you and your family at all, you wouldn't be caught dead sitting with a Potter- or any Gryffindor, for that matter. Come along."

"Next year," Scorpious mouthed over his shoulder to James, who, scowling (and, undoubtedly plotting how he has yet to get back at Margo), nodded.

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