Ice Storm: Chapter 1

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It was a bitterly cold, icy day. Rachel was taking Conan to Amy's house and teasing him about having a girlfriend. Conan thought that the whole thing was ridiculous. He was actually 16 years old, he only looked like he was seven. Then again, Rachel had no way of knowing that. Neither did the so called "girlfriend" for that matter.

"Why is all the ice on the ground Rachel?" Conan asked. "It's slippery." He had some idea on why there was ice on the ground, but he was asking to get Rachel to stop teasing him.

"Oh, the ice is there because it rained last night."

"But it was below freezing last night. Why didn't it snow?"

"It was warmer in the air than it was on the ground, so the water came down as rain, and froze once it hit the ground."

"Wait we're here, thanks for walking with me I guess..."

"It's fine. I was going to Serena's house anyway," Rachel said, completely ignoring Conan's embarrassment. "I'll be there if you need me." Not that It's likely to happen. She thought. Conan is generally good at getting himself out of trouble.

Conan walked up and rang the doorbell. Amy opened the door and said

"Hi Conan! Oh, Hi Rachel."

"Hello Amy. I'm going to Serena's house if you need me," she reminded them. "Have fun!"

"I didn't realize that it could be fun to work on homework" Amy said.

"I think she meant after we finish," said Conan "There's a big family gathering at her friend's house, so she'll be there for awhile."

"Okay, let's get started," replied Amy.

"I'm so tired of all this ice." thought Rachel. "it looks nice, but it's way to easy to slip on regardless of the salt. At least it's supposed to get warmer later today. Maybe the weather forecast will be right for once. Just then, she tried to stop too quickly, and slipped on an icy patch on the sidewalk. She was at Serena's house.

She knocked on the door and an older guy answered. He looked like he was around twenty years old. He was around six feet tall with black hair. Rachel figured that he must be Serena's cousin.

"Hi," he said. "You must be Rachel Moore." He smiled congenially, but something sinister lurked in his eyes. "Great butt."

"Yeah that's me," replied Rachel. 'I'll pretend I didn't hear that,' she thought.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Serena's cousin Max Sebastian"

Smiling somewhat uncomfortably, Rachel walked in, and Max lightly slapped her rear.

'Okay, that's it!' Rachel moved into the position that would ensure that Max got his butt handed to him on a silver platter.

Just then Serena came running up and pulled Rachel into the living room.

"My cousin Max is the only one here so far, so we can watch some T.V." Serena was clearly really excited. "I would rather do something else, but my Mom doesn't want us out in the ice."

"Okay," replied Rachel.

For awhile they argued about what to watch. So, of course, by the time they found something everyone could agree on, the rest of the family had arrived.

Serena had a huge extended family. Rachel was introduced to so many people that she could only keep about half of their names straight. Aside from Max Serena had ten cousins, four aunts' three uncles, and her two grandparents. Rachel forgot almost all the names as soon as they were introduced to her.

"Hello Rachel," someone said. She must have been about twenty five.

"Hi. You're Serena's cousin Joy right?" Rachel asked hesitantly.

"No, I'm Ashley," she said.

"Oh, sorry," Rachel said quickly. "There's so many people here, that I can't remember everyone's name."

"That's alright," Ashley told her. "I only know everyone's name because I've known them for a long time." Just than Serena came in. she looked irritated, which was weird. Serena was almost always in a good mood.

"Oh, hi Rachel. I see that you've met Ashley.

"What's wrong Serena?" asked Rachel.

"I was just getting tired of hanging around here, and we ran out of chips. My mom asked Max to go to the store to buy more snack food. I asked nicely if I could go, and she didn't let me."

"Is there a reason besides that?" teased Ashley "there wasn't a boy you wanted to meet?"

"Actually, no for once." Serena giggled. "I was just getting tired of being inside, but I've changed my mind. I want you to meet my younger cousins!"

Serena pulled Rachel away before she had time to react to anything Serena had just said. Her younger cousins were adorable, though. When the younger kids got bored, the girls taught them games they used to play when they were little. They both forgot the about Max and chips for a couple hours.

"Wow, it's almost six o'clock! I'd better go, or my Dad will be yelling about dinner," said Rachel.

"Alright, I know how he acts when he's hungry," Serena giggled. "You're right, you'd better go."

"Wait shouldn't Max be back by now?"

"He should, but he's probably just being careful about the ice. He'll be back soon," said Serena. She sounded uncertain though.

"At least it's gotten warmer,"said Rachel as she stepped outside. "a lot of the ice has melted already."

Conan looked at the clock to discover that it was nearly five thirty. He had been attempting to play a video game with Amy. He was absolutely terrible at video games, and his first grade friends didn't mind teasing him about it.

"You might actually be pretty good at this game if we set it on beginner and play the super easy level," giggled Amy. Very funny thought Conan 'I'm not that bad at this.'

instead he said "I wonder where Rachel is. Shouldn't she be here by now? She must have lost track of time." Just then the door bell rang, Amy opened the door to find Rachel.

"Hello you two" she said, "Sorry Amy, We've got to go pretty fast, because my dad will be complaining about dinner soon if we don't hurry. Did you get your project done?"

"Yes" they both said simultaneously.

"Okay good, we'll see you later Amy" said Rachel.


"So Conan, did you have fun at Amy's house?" asked Rachel, once they started walking.

"Yeah, we looked at books and played some video games," replied Conan, "How was Serena's house?

"Really crowded. It was fun though. Serena's younger cousins are absolutely adorable they loved the games we taught them. It's weird though, her older cousin Max went to the store for snacks around two and he never came back."

"That's weird. He should have been back by the time you left. I'm sure he'll be back though."

Serena was freaking out. "Where is he? It's seven in the morning already and he still hasn't come back. Did he disappear the way Jimmy Kudo did a few months ago? Why did they have to leave me here with the younger kids? I'm perfectly capable of searching for Max or calling the police. They're old enough to look after themselves. Why do I have to watch them right now anyway? I'd rather look for Max with everyone else. I wish that I could do something to help. Wait... I guess I can call Rachel. Her dad is a great detective. He'll know what to do..."

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