Ice Storm Chapter 4

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After Rachel and Serena left, Wendy asked if they wanted to play sardines.

"Sure," said Conan. "Maybe I can sneak away when I go to find a hiding spot."

"I wanted to play video games," Zachary whined.

"Why don't you play sardines with us now, and I'll play videogames with you later."

"Okay, I guess I'll play for awhile."

"So, who do you think should hide first?" Ian asked.

"Nose goes," said Evan as he put his finger on his nose.

Everyone put their finger on their nose, except for Lauren, who didn't understand what was going on.

"I guess Lauren hides," said Conan. "But Serena said that someone has to stay with her."

"I'll go with her," said Wendy. "Count to thirty five."

As they counted Conan tried to figure out how to escape. "Maybe it would be better if I didn't he thought. Rachel would be furious if I went and they're probably half way to the store by now. There would also be the problem of the kids. They'll notice I'm gone, and I won't be able to get back before they find Wendy and Lauren."

"Thirty two; thirty three; thirty four; thirty five! Ready or not!" the kids yelled.

"I guess I'm stuck playing with them until the Old Man and Rachel get back"

Rachel sighed they had searched half the route to the store and found nothing. Suddenly, Serena screamed. Rachel ran over to where Serena was to see what was wrong. She was met by her dad and Serena.

"It's Max," Serena was sobbing uncontrollably now. "He's in the middle of that empty lot. It looks like he's dead!"

"Rachel, call the police!" said Moore

"Why does he always tell me to call the police?" she wondered briefly.

It didn't take her long to find a phone and call inspector Meguire. "Now all that's left to do is wait for my dad to solve the mystery."

"I can't take this anymore," thought Conan "they've been gone for more than thirty minutes. By now, they must have run into something. Time to come up with an escape plan.

It was painfully obvious where Zachary was currently hiding. If I avoid it and find him last, I'll have to hide and when I do, I can slip out unnoticed. He walked around pretending to search for Zachary until he was sure that he was the last one out, and then he went to Zachary's spot. All five kids were crowded into a small closet.

"Hey, you finally found us," said Ian.

"Yeah," said Wendy. "You have to hide now!"

"Okay!" Conan yelled back. "Count to forty five!"

They closed their eyes and Conan ran off. "I'll have to go out a door, so they don't notice that a window's open. I need a quiet door too, and my jacket. Maybe I can use the garage door.

Conan ran in the direction of the store, and was soon close enough to hear inspector Meguire shouting orders to his men. He heard one man say, "It looks like a shot to the eye, but we haven't been able to find a bullet, sir."

"Interesting. I need to have a look at the crime scene to help anyone, but how can I do it without Rachel seeing me. Maybe I should just start looking around and beg for mercy when I get caught."

He walked closer, and noticed a few things about the crime scene right away. It was an empty lot, and power lines stretched over the yard. Policemen were looking around carefully trying to find something, probably the bullet. "Weird that they can't find it, that's normally something they can do right away." Max was lying in the middle of it all. It looked like his eye had been gouged out. Odd there was an unusually small amount of blood for a bullet wound.

"Sir! There's an indent about three centimeters deep in the ground, right where his head was!"

"What!" boomed inspector Meguire. "No bullet could do that unless he was already down when he was shot!"

"That's the thing sir. There was no bullet. We've checked the whole area."

"Couldn't someone have stabbed him?" asked Moore. "Maybe hit him and stabbed him when he fell?"

"There's another thing sir. The indent was roughly celery shaped."

"How is that possible? What makes a hole that shape?"

"Maybe someone has a specialized weapon," Suggested Moore.

As the detectives were discussing the odd case, Conan was thinking. "What could have made a hole that shape? I'm convinced that a bullet couldn't have done it. But what Did?"

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