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"The waves smashed against the rocks harder and more viscous as the storm grew. Shrieks of terror filled the once silent night as the remaining crew of dark water witch fought for their souls, or what was left of it.

What, you might ask, would bring this mighty crew to the brink of death when many a pirate and navy man could not? Mermaids. Aye the story's are true, the vile beasts exist... If ye be willing to venture to white cap bay ye could see for yer self, though I'm sure someone... may prevent ye." John motioned toward the young boy he was lecturing's father: Captain James Wortherns, a wealthy privater in the employ of England. " If I got me hands on a monster like that Id suer her, there and then!" The boy leaped up his fists clenched as he waved them in the air. "Aye," Laughed John "ye say that now, but mermaids all be women, gorgeous, with beautiful voices to lure ye in. Makes it... tough to 'suer' her." the boy sat again, looking out to sea "Oh," He said looking slightly down hearted. "My heart is pierced by cupid... I disdain all glittering gold there is nothing can console me... but my jolly sailor bold" he mumbled the well known tune John had drilled into his brain when he was just a baby.

Suddenly, their was a rippling in the water, shimmers of skin raped underneath. A mermaid? The boy slowly walked over to a near by musket as he continued to sing " Come all ye pretty fair maids, who ever ye may be, who loves a jolly sailor bold, that ploughs the raging sea..." he lifted the musket and took aim "my hear is pierced by cupid, I disdain all glittering gold there is nothing can console me, but my jolly sailor...bold..." BANG! The boy waited a moment before small drops or blood rose to the surface of the water slowly turning into a pool of deep read. "I-I killed it... I killed a mermaid!" the boys face lit up, it was as if he had just became a man. But alas he face fell as a body rose to the surface, a human, no a fish, yes he did kill a mermaid but his joy was dead along with her as he cough a glimpse of her face. John was right she was beautiful, and by the looks of it young, the same aye as the boy. She hair flowed in with the blood a bright red with fair skin and piercing blue ayes now life less and a bullet in her head. "I killed a mermaid," the boy now sounded less proud of this, the monster was just a girl. The boy, although seeing her dead, was falling in love with the girl. But as soon as she appeared she was gone. Back bellow the waves...

"Zack, Zackery!" John called to the boy. "what is wrong with ye?"

"I killed a mermaid..."

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I wanted to write something new so expect adventure, curses and mermaid (DUH)

I have allllllwaaaaaysss been interned in mermaid and sea monsters things like that but the new POTC move really pushed me to write this one (how amazing is that movie!)