Hey it's one of your favorite authors the mighty Gold Testament. Hehehe I joke, but anyway I'm sure some of you might have read the story Return of the Uzumakis. Well the good news is I adopted it, and this time around there will be more story and maybe more drama for the loyal fans of this story.



"Jutsu/Demon, summon, and Inner Sakura talking"

"Demon, summon, Inner Sakura thinking"


"Hold your ground and don't let up on the jutsu we have to stall until the fourth gets here!" Yelled a ninja with a leaf symbol on his headband to an army from his own village as they were in a major battle for their village.

Konoha, hailed as the strongest ninja village in the elemental nations, was being attacked, and it wasn't by another village, no it was the Kyuubi no Kitsune the strongest of the nine biju. The army of shinobi that were fighting it were barely able to slow it down before a mountainous orange toad wearing a blue vest and carrying a tanto arrived with a blonde haired man in a jounin outfit with a white cloak with red flames. This man is the Fourth Hokage of Konoha and the toad is the boss of the toad summons Gamabunta. When they arrived no one noticed the fourth was holding something as a bright flash enveloped him and the Kyuubi. Then Hiruzen Sarutobi the previous hokage looked at the corpse of the fourth he saw something that made him pale. He saw the son of the fourth and his wife Kushina Uzumaki newborn Naruto Uzumaki.

Moments earlier

Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze was in agonizing pain and crushing the hand of her husband Minato Namikaze the fourth hokage. Her pain would just so happen to be the fact that she is giving birth to their daughter only 3 minutes after their son.

"Keep going Kushi-chan you're almost there." Minato said helping Kushina relax before her final push.

"Congratulations lord hokage you and my dear friend Kushina are the proud parents of a happy and healthy blonde baby boy and girl" Said Tsunade as she gave the babies to the mother allowing both parents to see.

"They're so adorable aren't they Minato-kun." Kushina said with a truly happy smile that made Minato's heart melt to nothing after seeing his twin children.

"Yes they are Kushina; now what should we name our daughter since we decided our boy will be Naruto?" Minato replied and asked.

"How about Yuuka Uzumaki-Namikaze?" Asked the happy mother.

"Sounds like a wonderful name to me Kushi-chan." The fourth replied hugging his wonderful family.

Just then a leaf jounin barged into the room out of breath and worn out.

"Lord hokage the Kyuubi is attacking and will be on the village soon." The ninja said.

"The Kyuubi is here? There's no way anyone can beat the creature, so that only leaves one option." Minato said shocked and upset.

"What are you thinking of Minato?" Kushina asked worried as seeing her husband so upset.

"The only way to stop the Kyuubi is to seal it into a newborn infant less than three days old since their chakra coils are still undeveloped." Minato replied.

"No Minato you are not using either of our babies for the sealing!" Kushina exclaimed to her husband.

"Kushina the best one for the job is Naruto, and to ensure he isn't treated like other jinchuriki I intend to request the village see him as a hero please I need to do this." Minato said.

It was then Kushina reluctantly gave Naruto over his father, and after Minato left the hospital by his signature jutsu the hirashin Kushina put her daughter down on the hospital bed, got dressed, and began to leave with her daughter.

"Yuuka I know this isn't right to leave your brother at the mercy of the village, but if they ignore Minato's last request they would kill both of us as well. It would be worse for Naruto to be with us only to watch us killed in front of him by angry villagers." Kushina said to baby Yuuka as she went through the village gates never to be heard from again for 16 years.