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"Talking" – Tailed beasts and summons.

"Thinking" – Tailed beasts and summons


Kushina stood in front of Naruto, Yuuka, and Konan wondering what he meant when he said she wasn't a cause of his suffering.

"Didn't Kurenai and the others tell you or did you not see who caused the Fourth Great Ninja War?" Naruto asked.

"You, you mean it really was Obito?" Kushina asked.

"To be fair it was the war that made dad famous that started it considering Rin was taken by the Hidden Mist which caused everything along with Madara's manipulation." Naruto explained.

"Who's Obito?" Konan and Yuuka asked.

"Obito Uchiha was a student of our dad Yuuka, he sacrificed himself to save Kakashi sensei as well as Rin the girl he loved. Later it turned out he was saved by White Zetsus that Madara had already made, and used their own flesh to restore his arm and leg." Naruto began. "When he regained his mobility but not his strength, Obito found out Rin was captured by the Mist and went with a Zetsu that bonded itself to him to help them." He continued. "When he arrived he saw them out numbered. It was when Kakashi prepared a Chidori that things turned out bad because when he went to strike down a Mist ANBU, at that moment Rin leapt in front of the attack and died in front of Kakashi and Obito changing the eye to the Mangekyo." Naruto paused.

"Naruto what happened next, please tell us." Kushina pleaded.

"When Rin died the strain of the Sharingan and the stress of what he did knocked out Kakashi." Naruto began. "Obito on the other hand snapped and started massacring the Mist nin, of course since the Zetsu and Obito's new limbs were made from Hashirama Senju's genetics, Obito was able to slaughter them with Wood Style." He continued.

"Afterwards he took on the name Madara and sought to continue his plan." Naruto finished shocking Konan.

"That means that he was the one that manipulated me, Nagato, and the Akatsuki!" Konan realized.

"Only after Danzo turned Hanzo against you, and forced Yahiko's death, at that time Obito was slaughtering the rest of the original Akatsuki. After that Nagato became the perfect pawn of Obito Uchiha." Naruto replied.

"But how did he know that Minato and I were having children?" Kushina asked.

"He overheard Kakashi at Rin's grave. When he found out he manipulated the one weakness of a female Jinchuriki." Naruto said.

"My pregnancy, Obito used that and your father's compassion to split us up so that he could rip the Nine-Tails-" Kushina began.

"Kurama, Nine-tails is a title, and all the tailed beasts were given names by the Sage of Six Paths." Naruto interrupted. "But yeah Obito did all that, and helped out Itachi with the Uchiha Massacre all the while manipulating the Akatsuki to capture and extract the tailed beasts." He finished.

"Wait all the tailed beasts have names?" Konan asked.

"Yes, and usually they are only told out of respect, because their names are all they have left of their father the Six Path Sage." Naruto told her.

"Then why did you tell us Kurama's name?" Yuuka asked.

"You and Konan have his respect." Naruto said before looking at Kushina. "You have his spite along with Mito for having strengthened his own hatred of Humans. As well as how your seal had him." Naruto revealed.

"What was mom's seal like for him?" Yuuka asked.

"Kurama was chained to a massive rock in a sea of lava with giant wooden stakes in his limbs, tails, and gut." Naruto explained making Yuuka and Konan gasp.

"Well Naruto after what has happened what will happen with the Tailed Beasts?" Kushina asked.

"Not sure, a lot of us and the tailed beasts are torn between making more jinchuriki to serve as guardians to the beasts, or placing a seal to ensure a Jinchuriki will never be made again, as well as to prevent their control from the Sharingan and Mokuton." He replied.

"Why guardians to protect the beasts?" Konan asked curious.

"To prevent people from trying to use them against their will like with Kumo and the Gold and Silver Brothers." Naruto answered. "Though it teaches Kurama to chew his food better rather than swallowing power hungry idiots whole." He added.

"How does that help the Jinchuriki be guardians though?" Kushina asked.

"Because they will not have the same upbringing as many jinchuriki. Thanks to Killer Bee and me, not to mention Gaara who earned the admiration of his village, Jinchuriki will be raised properly, especially when Bee and I reveal their purpose is to become friends with the beasts." He replied.

"Naruto why would they want to be friends with the tailed beasts?" Yuuka asked.

"Because being friends allows a Jinchuriki to earn the respect and full power of their partner. Like me and Kurama." Naruto explained as he showed them chakra mode.

"I see how that helps, plus I'm betting Madara controlling Kurama, and Hashirama distributing the beasts all over the continent didn't help them trust us." Konan spoke.

"Actually it's because of that Hashirama isn't respected as a Hokage much anymore, because of him capturing all the Tailed-Beasts and handing them out to the other villages caused the creation of Jinchuriki as weapons, and pariahs." Naruto replied.

"By the way Naruto can you tell me Danzo's fate?" Kushina asked with Konan agreeing.

"Well one good thing Sasuke did that helped earn him a place back in the village was that he personally killed Danzo due to being the one that forced the Uchiha Massacre. He's mostly been wandering the nations helping where he can to wash away the sins of the Uchiha." Naruto replied.

"There's more to it than the Massacre isn't there?" Konan asked.

"Well he's tried to constantly induct people into ROOT, make me into a mindless weapon that would serve him, turns out he also killed the Summon Toad that was supposed to bring me back if the village was in danger, tried a coup with Hanzo, used the destruction Nagato caused as a way of becoming Hokage, and tried to use Shisui Uchiha's Sharingan to control the rest of the Five Kage and Mifune." He explained.

"Wow with all that coming to light I bet anyone who respects Danzo is…" Yuuka began.

"A traitor to not only our village, but the elemental nations as a whole? Not only that, but because Danzo is so hated anyone who would be like he was or respects him is executed, and word of that person is sent to all the villages." Naruto finished for her.

"That's a good plan, no village needs to have a Danzo, he always creeped me out and spoke out against Minato." Kushina agreed.

"Kushina." Naruto called gaining all their attention.

"Would you like to come inside since it's still your house as well?" Naruto asked gaining their surprise.

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