Well, I decided to make a sequel to Wolf Hunt and here it is. Chloe is a character in this one, but I may or may not kill her. I might just make her leave…Anyways, she'll be in this and will likely help Derek with the second part of his Change. Also, I might torture the Ed. Group some more… Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I just enjoy torturing the Ed. Group, I don't own them. But if I did… MUAHAHA!

New Beginnings

A week has gone by since Derek's capture by the Edison Group and things were getting back to normal. Or as normal as they can be. The boys were bickering in the back seat as Kit drove to their new home in Colorado. Their house in Buffalo had been compromised in the attack, so they had stayed a few days for Derek to recover then took off.

It was still a mystery how the Edison Group had found them. They had made themselves virtually untraceable, unless someone decided to call an old friend ( 'cough', Simon, 'cough')for a chat. But his boys were smart and after almost losing his brother, Simon was being more careful about who he trusted.

Derek was healing quickly, but Kit was still worried about his incomplete Change. With all the meddling the Ed. Group had done, he was worried his son might never finish fully. If he was in that much pain for the rest of his life… Kit shuddered at the thought.

Turning his attention back to the road, he frowned. A jeep wrangler had been following them for the past 30 miles. Kit was starting to get suspicious. Just as he was about to make a sudden turn, he felt a tingling in his head. And then he couldn't see. Shouting in surprise, he reached for his face as he heard Simon and Derek yelp. Realizing the trick too late, he chanted the counter-spell.

Kit felt something bash into the back bumper and cursed. They were trying to run him off the road! Derek grunted as he moved to the front and Kit carefully took his place. Derek was a cautious driver, so what he did next stunned everyone into silence. Slamming on the brakes, he spun around and raced back. The wrangler had no choice but to follow. Or at least that's what Kit was thinking when the bullets started ricocheting.

Feeling a starburst of pain in his chest, Kit gasped and looked down slowly and saw red blossoming on his chest. Simon looked over at his father and shouted something at Derek, who yelled something about 'pressure' and 'get the dish towel'. Kit's mind felt blurry and as he looked at his sons, he realized there was a good chance he wasn't going to live through this one. Blinking slowly, his eyes finally closed. They didn't open.

Simon screamed, "DAD! Derek, you have to do something! You're the genius here, not me!" But Derek didn't know either. Instead, he concentrated on driving and blocking the pain from his wounded shoulder. Things seemed to go in slow motion when a sudden explosion made the car roll wildly down from the highway until it smashed into a tree.

Then everything went black.

I KILLED KIT! Don't worry, though. It's only temporary. Besides, our favorite little avenger is going to show up. He has a debt to pay. I'd appreciate some ideas and some inspiration would be AWESOME.