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Simon's POV

Letting out a whimper of absolute terror, Simon clutched Chloe to his chest as she gasped in horror. Seconds before the enraged werewolf hit them, a white blur tackled him to the ground. Rolling to a stop, Lily straddled his brother's chest in what Simon thought was a very sexual pose. At least, he would if it had been used on him. Bending down, she seemed to whisper something in Derek's ear before rolling of him and jumping smoothly to her feet. He still looked pissed beyond belief, but he made no move to turn him into a shish kabob.

Derek slowly took the hand she now offered him and was hauled muttering to his feet. Lily leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek that had Simon gritting his teeth to keep his temper. Then, with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, he took Chloe's chin in his hand and lifted her head to look into those frightened blue eyes. "Are you all right, Clo?" he asked, gently kissing her forehead. Simon heard his brother snarl and barely kept a grin off of his face. That urge died when he heard Lily's strangled gasp.

Turning slowly to look her in the eye, Simon saw the betrayal and heartbreak darkening her electric eyes. He was unexpectedly guilty, though he didn't know why. Maybe I was wrong, he thought in horror. If he was wrong, then there was no way in hell Lily was going to let him back into her heart.

But no. As they watched, she buried her face in Derek's chest and started to cry. His brother's arms circled her in a hug as he put his chin on top of her head and started cradling her. Lily's feet left the ground as she allowed herself to be picked up and carried in the traitorous boy's arms. For at that moment, Simon forgot what Derek used too be to him, what he used to mean, and that moment was all that was needed to rip the family apart. Simon angrily spat out the first spell to come to mind and hurled it straight at his new enemy.

The knock-back spell was powerful enough to send the muscular werewolf flying into a tree. But it didn't stop there. Oh, no. Simon was just getting started. Or at least he was before the sobbing girl cuddled against his chest screamed. That sound made everybody freeze, and Simon dropped the spell to leave his former brother slumping to the ground. He hit with an earthy thump!

This time, Derek looked really pissed. Simon could have sworn his eyes flashed red before he gave a wordless snarl, but was visibly subdued by Chloe's wail of absolute terror. Seemingly mollified, he took a step closer but stopped when she flinched away from him. Staring at them in disbelief, the bastard took a few steps back when Chloe choked out, "G-g-get away fr-from m-me you…you m-mo-monster!" He looked like he'd been slapped in the face. Simon couldn't deny that he was enjoying this, though a large part of him protested at the thought of the gentle giant, as he used to call him, being called a monster.

After all, technically, they were all monsters. How many stories were there in the world about child eating sorcerers, cannibalistic shape shifters and half rotting necromancers? A lot.

Simon watched as the bitch stepped forward to rub soothing circles on the teen's back. In his peripheral vision, he could see his father, wide-eyed with his mouth slightly opened. He pointed this out to Chloe, and smiled when he heard a slight giggle escape her trembling lips. Facing the other way, she missed the deadly glare that Lily shot her way. If looks could kill, the whole continental US would be six feet under. Shivering slightly, he turned back to his father and ignored the daggers being glared into his back.

He had won.

Lily's POV

She would have thought it impossible if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes. Simon, who had been so dear to her before, was suddenly the biggest asshole in world. Seriously, though, her mate was bipolar. One second they were happily making out, the next she and Derek were flying threw the trees! Lily couldn't understand what had caused this and she could tell her alpha didn't know, either. It scared her almost as much as the shudders ripping threw her new brother's body.

Lily had come to support most of his weight as they trudged to the cave. Her hands were slick with his sweat, but she was beyond caring. It was clear to her that her pack-brother was in pain, and she didn't know how to stop it. Oh, this is bad, Lily thought as she gingerly helped Derek sit. He was breathing hard, when she put her ears to her chest his heart was racing, and to top it all off he had a fever. Crooning softly, she dropped to her knees beside him and tucked his head under her chin. Lovingly, Lily stroked the sweat soaked strands of hair from his face as she attempted to soothe the shivering teen.

After a moment, he looked at her with glowing green eyes filled with pain and gratitude. Smiling at him gently, Lily grabbed a water bottle Kit had brought and dumped some on what remained of his shirt. After the fight with the pack and growing his wings, the poor boy's shirt was reduced to rags. He frowned at her as she knelt at his side and wiped his feverish skin. Reading his look, she smirked slightly and cooed, "Awww, poor baby has a fever!" Adding a theatrical pout, she gave a devilish grin and kissed him on the cheek.

Serious now, Lily whispered, "Be okay, little brother. Please."

Derek took the hand holding the cloth and grumbled softly, "I'm always okay."

Putting away their secrets, Lily and Derek exchanged sad smiles. Both were too old for their age. It might not show anywhere else, but if you truly bothered to look, you could see the shadows lurking behind their eyes. Shadows of a hard life were hidden expertly behind emotionless facades that made people look no further than skin deep. No matter how much it hurt, they knew it could always be worse. It had been worse. The scars may have faded, but their experiences with pain and grief created an unbreakable bond between the two.

Sighing heavily, they raised their emotional shields and readied themselves to face the dawn.

Chloe's POV

Sniffling sullenly, she looked at the back of the boy she thought she loved. Who Chloe had hoped loved her back. How foolish she'd been. A soft sob broke free of her control as she again buried her face into Simon's shirt. He stroked her back and shushed her, showed her how life could be. Those dreams of a suburban home and little dark haired children were gone, leaving only pain and confusion. Who was she kidding? Lily was all he things Chloe wasn't. Beautiful, brave and wild while she was plain, cowardly and tame.

She must have been thinking out loud because Simon quickly but gently shoved her away from his chest and scolded, "Not beautiful? Chloe, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. If Derek doesn't see that, then he doesn't deserve you. Find a man who isn't blind like my brother." As he said that, a hand reached out and traced her lips. Freezing, she kept absolutely still as their lips brushed. Simon pulled away and she scrambled to sit next to him instead of on his lap.

"So," he said casually. Simon's childish grin, however, while taking her breath away also gave her an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Wanna play twenty questions?"

Chloe couldn't help but laugh at the hopeful expression on his face. Nodding her consent, he grinned and chirped, "Great! I'll start. What's your full name?"

"Chloe Elizabeth Saunders. What's your's?"

Frowning in disappointment, Simon muttered, "Simon Francis Boudreaux-Bae. Boudreaux is my mother's maiden name. Why she gave it to me, I have no idea. Favorite color?"

Pursing her lips, "I'm going to have to go with…blue. My favorite shade is baby blue."

"Just like your eyes," he purred flirtingly. Blushing scarlet, she hid her face in her hands to hide her giggles. He continued. "Mine's green. I've always loved the forest. Hobbies?"

"Movies. I've always wanted to be a director."

"Really? Awesome! Maybe you could help me with my anime, write the words in the speech bubbles. I can never seem to get it right…" Simon trailed off when he realized Chloe was no longer listening. Her eyes were on the sky, glowing with the rising sun. It exploded into shades of reds and yellows. The sky was so beautiful, she could just feel her tension melting away. Kit stood up, looking over her head, and she glanced behind her to see Derek and Lily emerging from the cave. They both looked disheveled, and her rising spirits sank back down.

"Good," Kit began. "Now that it's light out and we're all up, how about we go to our new home?"

Kit's POV (Just a filler)

His head still reeling from the shock of the morning events, Kit led the way threw the forest and to the van. It was terrifying to see something you'd never hoped would happen come to pass right before your eyes, but Kit was dealing quite well. After all, nothing could surprise him anymore.


The little group made it to the van in one piece, surprising because of the glares being thrown at Simon and Chloe that promised bodily harm if they took so much as one step out of line. Fortunately, things didn't come to blows and he didn't have to choose sides. After all, he didn't want one of his son's to hate him. This issue wasn't going to resolve itself overnight. Or anywhere in the near future.

Still, Kit held hope for the rag-tag bunch he proudly called his family.

Pulling into the driveway revealed a small, cozy home backing the forest. He'd decided that since Derek had started Changing, he didn't want to drive twenty miles to the nearest wood. In addition to this, the pack could run around to their little heart's content without getting shot. Somehow, he didn't think his son or newly 'adopted' daughter would appreciate that very much.

In the hours it took to unpack what Jason had bought to replace their ruined clothing, Kit realized something. How the hell did Jason know all of their clothing sizes? Right down to the boxers.

He didn't know whether to laugh, cry or get a restraining order.

Lily's POV

Swinging her legs over the side of the tree branch she sat on, Lily contemplated the sunset. While this morning the sky had been cheery and warm with bright, happy colors, this evening seemed ominous with it's gloominess. The setting sun turned the sky deep shades of purple, deep orange and grey, somehow mixing together to create the darkening landscape.

Sighing, she dropped to the ground fifteen feet below her and landed gracefully on her toes. Ignoring the slightly painful jolt that comes from jumping at that height, Lily found her heart strangely troubled. She didn't know why. There was no danger here, nor any reason to leave. Lily had a family now, and it was part of her responsibility to protect them like her father couldn't for her. No, she wouldn't think about that.

But that feeling didn't leave her, even as she settled to sleep. Instead, it grew stronger…

2:00 AM

Her own heartbeat woke Lily from her slumber. Something was wrong. Somebody was hurt. Changing her ears, she listened carefully, barely breathing until she heard a soft, pained moan from Derek's room. He'd claimed the one right across from her, jokingly saying he would protect her from thing's that go bump in the night. Then there was something about a, Winnie the Pooh and, what was it… a hephelump! Odd name, but he told her he'd rent the movie.

Room choices aside, she silently got out of bed and picked her way lightly across the hall. Opening the door with a rusty creek, Lily let out a soft gasp and rush to her 'little brother'. He looked like absolute shit! Remembering his appearance in the cave, she shook his shoulder worriedly and whispered, "Derek?"

With a hoarse gasp, he shot up in bed. His eyes glowed so strongly now, you could barely see the pupils. In his sleeveless sweats, she could see the muscles snaking beneath the skin, like they had become live, independent things. Sweat soaked the sheets as well as his body, clearly leaving him dehydrated. Rushing to her room, she grabbed the water glass she'd taken before bed and carried it back to him. Raising it to his dry lips, she tipped it back and helped him drink. Having done that, Lily climbed onto the bed behind him and made him lean on her. "What's wrong, Derek?|" Her tone booked no argument.

Choking on a mouthful of water, he croaked, "I-I'm Changing. Now." Seeing the absolute terror in his eyes, she grabbed his arm and helped pull him to his feet. Brushing her hair back, Lily determinedly tugged him towards the back door. To the forest, where he could Change safely. But she stopped when he whispered one word. "Chloe."

Suddenly, Lily knew that Derek wouldn't-no, couldn't Change without her there. Sighing, she pushed him lightly towards the tree line. "Go", she whispered soothingly. "I'll get Chloe."

Without waiting to see if he did what he was told, Lily started sprinting towards the Saunders' residence. Behind her, an animalistic howl echoed in the trees. Shivering, she ran faster, thanking fate that they were practically neighbors. Scenting quickly, she found Chloe's window and a tree that led to it. Lily climbed quickly and in no time was knocking on the window with near painful desperation. When a sleepy Chloe finally opened the curtains, she looked about ready to faint from shock.

Motioning for her to open the window, Lily slipped inside and sat Chloe back on her bed. Looking her straight in the eye, she whispered, "I need your help." When the girl instantly became irritated, she held up a hand and whispered urgently, "Not for me, for Derek." That caught her attention.

"Derek? What's wrong with Derek?" she demanded a little too loudly. Realizing her mistake, the little Saunders girl whispered softer, "Tell me."

So Lily told her. Everything. The wolf-ness, the Changing- everything that time allowed, Lily whispered to Chloe. When she was finished two minutes later, there was steely-eyed determination in those deep blue eyes. She couldn't help but be impressed with the girl's courage. After all, if it was anyone but Derek, she'd be heading for the hills.

Telling her to follow, the two girls made their way through the window and into the forest. Quickly picking up the scent of sweat, vomit and wolf, not to mention the sound of crunching bone, they found Derek on all fours, dry heaves throwing up nothing but bile. Without so much as a second thought, Lily shifted to her wolf form and got on Derek's left side and started rubbing writhing shoulders with one delicate paw while lapping his cheek soothingly.

Eyeing Chloe, Lily silently asked her to make a choice. And she did.

That little rich girl in her expensive pajamas got onto her knees in the dirt and started whispering in his ear, rubbing his back and supporting him in the pain. The absolute calm radiating from her amazed the shifter and she growled her approval. Chloe didn't spare her a glance, instead placing a tender kiss on the top of his head. That was when Lily realized that not for a single second had she stopped loving Derek. It warmed her heart to think of Chloe's devotion to him.

During a lull in Derek's Change, Lily shifted back and caught Chloe in a hug, whispering, "I was wrong about you. You're not some rich snob who thinks only about themselves. Chloe, you are beautiful, inside and out, something I can never be. Don't worry about what others say about you, because you proved yourself tonight. I'm proud of you."

Lily didn't know what prompted her to say those words, but apparently it was the right thing. Flushing, Chloe quickly dropped back to Derek's side as the retching began again, but not before she choked, "Thank you. You deserve him." Puzzled, Lily decided to ask about it later. However, that thought was blasted out of her mind by an unearthly howl of pain from Derek. Quickly shifting, she took up her previously vacated position and raised her paw to continue massaging the twisting muscles and now, cracking bone.

Fifteen minutes later, when he began to Change back, Lily became human again because it was apparent the transformation wasn't going to be complete this early morning. Together, the girls gently got him to his feet and dragged him home. Lily turned to Chloe and said, "The boys fight over you, but I'll have no part in it. From now on, Chloe Saunders, we are sisters."

Chloe sighed and murmured, "If only Simon and Derek could be brothers again."

It was in absolute silence that they returned Derek to the house and bid each other good night. But their words lingered in the air.

'…be brothers again.'

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