I wrote this for English, and I must say, I think that this was fun to write. So yes, here is a RoseCaspian fic. If you don't know about Dreamerverse, get your butt over to PrincessPearl's writing and read A World for Dreamers. It will change your world.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia.

All good things have to Come to an End

From everything she's ever read

to everything she hasn't

There's nothing that makes her escape into her head

like an adventure story, told in tantalizing fragments.

She loves especially the old-fashioned ones

with gentlemen and kings

even if they make her tears run

(Because there's no hope for those things)

But all of the sudden, she's falling

into a place more wonderful than a dream

a place where she feels her true calling

begging her to explore Narnia's deep seams.

There are kings and queens

and talking animals

and magic! Magic better than anything she's ever seen

(because everyone know love is the most powerful magic of all)

Yes, she fell quite hard, didn't she?

For a brave, determined, noble, handsome man

who makes her tingle when he says her name (Are you okay, Rosie?)

and makes her blush so hard she thinks she needs a fan.

But all beautiful things come to an end don't they?

After all, if you have so much fun in a land of magic and mystery

you have to know that it will all eventually fade

it's happened over and over again in history.

So the tears run down her cheeks,

as she dresses for bed one last time.

If only she could have a few more weeks

Honestly, would that be a crime?

But she wakes up in her own bed

and finally knows what it's like to be dead.