So yeah, this is my first attempt in writing a La Corda d'Oro fanfic, so go easy on me.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of la Corda d'Oro and all rights go to the original creator. The only thing I own in this story is the plot and my own characters.

Well, anyway, I'll be using their first names in the paragraphs in the story, despite of the fact that I'm used in using their last names. But then again, I MIGHT be using their last names in the paragraphs as well. So, yeah, don't get confused they are still the same person. But hey, I trust that you know what their last names and first names are so I don't see much of a problem there.

I believe that is all. Also this is kind of an AU type of story since certain parts of the plot clashes with the events in the original series. And that the third years are still present instead of being already graduated. Plus the special episode never happened. But don't worry the main scenes are present and untouched. Hope you like the story.





Finally, the first Friday of December arrived and after a long week of stressful exams, homework and projects almost all of the students of Seiso Academy are excited about their plans for the upcoming weekend. It started to snow a few days before that day and numerous shops around town have started putting up big sales just for the coming season holidays. But as some were just sitting back, relishing the relief that the pressure of the previous exams is finally fading away, some were still rushing about the campus trying to finish certain errands and tasks before the day closes so they won't have to worry about it in the weekends - namely, the esteemed committee members of the upcoming Charity Concert.

The members of the previous Concours plus several volunteers and representatives were tasked to put up a Christmas Charity Concert, as was tradition. As one of the objectives of the said concert was to bring joy that comes with the Christmas Festivities through music, it had been decided by the committee that 80% of the collected funds will be divided and distributed to the orphanages around town as a form of aid to them. So far, everything seems to be going well. More sponsors are extending their help and financial support for the concert each week especially because of the mixed influences of those who belong to the high social-class families. The Concert is coming up in a few weeks, so everyone is working double time on their task, hoping to finish it in time so they can enjoy the weekend.

Keiichi Shimizu stifled a yawn as he walked down the now empty corridors of the music department building. His curly blonde hair looked unruly as ever but it did nothing to lessen his outward appearance.

"I wonder if someone is still in the committee room," the young cellist thought, instantly deciding at that moment that he would at least take a peek at the said room and check if somebody needed him for something before going home.

Unbelievably, of all the members of the committee, the young cellist was the first one to complete his task for the day. Since he spends most of his time asleep during committee meetings he was given the least job, not that he minded. He offered to help some of the other members but most of them told him that they could handle it. As it was still a little early to be heading home, the young sleepy cellist went to one of the music rooms to practice but it was not long before he fell asleep himself- as always.

When he was around the corner at the end of the hallway, he accidentally collided with someone. Fortunately, the impact of the collision wasn't that strong or else the other person would have ended sitting on the floor however, the collision didn't prevent the other person from dropping a couple of boxes containing what looks like music sheets thus scattering them on the floor.

"I'm so sorry," the other person apologized, a girl by the sound of it. Without even looking at the young cellist, the girl quickly knelt down and started picking up the scattered music sheets on the floor. It was only then did Keiichi take notice of the person he just bumped into; a music student with turquoise hair with clips on the side.

Keiichi knows only one girl to fit that description.

"Fuuyumi-san," the cellist said softly (or rather sleepily). Upon hearing her last name the girl froze from what she is doing and looked up. It was evident that it was only then did she realize who she just bumped into as well. Her eyes widen for a bit then her cheeks let out a pink hue; as she always did. Her reasons, only God knows.

"Sh…Shimizu-kun," she stammered in greeting and then muttered another apology.

"I should be the one apologizing, Fuuyumi-san. I wasn't looking," the young cellist replied as he also knelt to help her pick up some of the scattered music sheets.

Subconsciously, when they both reached out to grab a music sheet at the same time, they ended up touching each other's hand; with Keiichi's hand on top. Shoko immediately let go, blushing a little while muttering an apology. The young cellist didn't show any emotion but somehow, something inside him suddenly felt funny, something he can't place at that moment.

Maybe he was hungry?

Ignoring it, Keiichi just took the music sheet and handed it to her. Shoko once again mumbled an apology but somehow she managed to tone down her blush a little. Though he didn't show any visible indication, Keiichi was somewhat curious as to why the young girl would always apologize as if it was an automatic response to something. It would be extremely surprising if Shoko didn't mutter an apology about something for a day; though most of it was not really her fault.

"T...thank you…Shi…Shimizu-kun," she said, stammering as usual as she took the sheet and adding it with the rest.

"You're welcome Fuuyumi-san," he answered in his usual tone, smiling a little. Then he subconsciously looked at the general direction of where the committee room is, "Are you the last one from the committee to go home?"

Shoko Fuuyumi nodded sheepishly then her expression changed to a curious yet worried one, "D…did you forget something inside the room S…Shimizu-kun? I…I already gave the key to K…Kanazawa-sensei. I…I'm sure he is still here…" she trailed off.

Keiichi shook his head, "I didn't forget anything,"

"Oh," was all Shoko said, though clearly relieved by his answer. She then gave a small smile, "Well, that's a relief."

In all honesty, he didn't know how but somehow they started making their way out of the school building. Given the distance between the school building and the front gate, it took them a good five minutes to reach the statue of the supposedly guardian of the school. At some point in their silent walk, Keiichi spared his companion a glance and tilted his head slightly to the side as he eyed the box in the young clarinetist's arms.

"Are you going to take that home, Fuuyumi-san?" he asked.

Shoko looked down at the box in her arms and sheepishly nodded, "I…I didn't get to finish sorting them so I asked K…Kanazawa-sensei if I could continue it at home,"

"Are you going ice skating with Kaho-sempai tomorrow afternoon?" he suddenly asked when they reached the school gate.

"Yes, I am," Shoko answered with a nod then her eyes roamed her surroundings. When she saw her driver patiently waiting for her near a black car, the young clarinetist immediately blushed with a rather ashamed look. Upon seeing her, the driver rushed over and took the box out of Shoko's arms insisting that he should be the one carrying it for it is not right for someone like herself to do so.

"I should be going," Shoko said to the young cellist. Then her look became more hesitant as she tried to formulate her next words.

That was when the driver came to them and politely asked, "Will the young man be joining us, Miss Fuuyumi?"

Shoko immediately looked at him, the look in her eyes made the young cellist think that she was asking the question again though that gaze. But, of course, he had other plans for the day so ever so politely he gave a bow before straightening up again and smiled his ever angelic smile that made a lot of girls in the campus swoon - or on others' case, faint. "Thank you for the offer but I'm afraid I have to decline,"

"Oh," Shoko said, "W…we'll be going then, S…Shimizu-kun. T...Take c…care on your way h…home"

Keiichi nodded, "See you tomorrow then Fuuyumi-san,"

The young clarinetist looked at him for a moment then she smiled before giving a cheerful nod. The driver opened the backseat door for her and she entered the vehicle with such grace and ease that one could mistake her actions like that of someone with a royal blood. Well, given that she was raised in a high-class family, Keiichi figured it would be something that is normal; like a habit. As the car drove off, the young cellist started his walk towards the local park, hoping to play something for the crowd to hear to keep them in the Christmas Spirit.