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Chapter 19: The Island of Doctor Octopus

Los Angeles- Safe House- One Week Later

Clint Barton slowly pulled back on the arrow that was strung up in his bow. He tensed his shoulders, calmed his breathing and focused on the target that was several yards away from him. He waited for the breeze pass by before he let the arrow loose.


"MOTHERF******!" he shouted in anger.

The master archer saw that his arrow had missed the center target by inches. He never missed…usually. He growled to himself and pulled another arrow from his quiver and let it loose.

THUNK! Came the sound of it hitting dead center.


Inside the Safe House

Clint stormed into the house and tossed his gear on the table where it slid over and knocked Peter's bowl of cereal off the table. Peter looked at the mess on the floor and then back to Clint.

"What the hell man, I was eating that. And look…are you trying to bring ants in here, because that's how you get'em." He said.

"Shut up." Clint grumbled as he opened the refrigerator and grabbed the only thing on the racks and that was a yogurt.

"What's got you so bunched up?" Peter asked while cleaning up the mess, "Besides knowing that this place will be filled with ants soon." He added under his breath.

"This Goblin case is really starting to piss me off and throw me off my game. So far I've been beat up by Sandmen, chased by giant spiders, mole men, and I was almost eaten by an Alien dragon and let's not forget that I was almost blown up by a freaking F-22 fighter jet."

"And let's not forget that in about two days time you'll be eaten by ants."

"WILL YOU SHUT UP ABOUT THE GODDAMN ANTS!" Clint snapped "I'm being serious here."

"Relax." Peter replied calmly "We're gonna get this Goblin guy I know it."

"And how do you know that?"

"Because we have a lead." Peter responded.

Clint scrunched his face in confusion which only made the young spy release a heavy sigh and shake his head.

"Don't you remember what I said before we went after the Goblin's point man in Las Vegas?"


"Of course you don't. I forgot that when I talk sometimes you don't listen."

"Only when you're not saying something that interest me, but I'm very interested right now. I need some payback, some good ol' fashioned payback."

Peter rolled his eyes as he tossed his cereal bowl in the sink.

"Before I…killed Mach-V he told me that the Goblin and the head of OGO industries shuffled data back and forth for about a year and some change. So now all we have to do is pay Dr. Otto Octavious, the head of OGO industries a visit and see what he knows about the Goblin."

"Octavious...…I know that guy, isn't he the millionaire or billionaire who owns his own island off the coast of Sicily."

"One in the same." Peter replied, "The man is an absolute genius in just about every field of science but arguably his best field is physics. I've been reading some of his recent work on my spare time or the spare time I used to have and right now he's been re-working his theory of energy and robotics to…" Peter started then stopped when he saw Clint turning away from him and scratching his chin, "Are you listening to me?"

"No." Clint responded "I've heard all I needed to hear."

"Glad I could be of some help." Peter said in a dead panned tone.

"Alright then, let's saddle up and go get this guy."

"Not so fast." Came a voice.

Peter and Clint looked to see Natasha standing at the kitchen threshold dressed in her gear. She walked over to them and tossed the file in her hands on the table.

"We have a problem." She said.

"When don't we have a problem?" Clint grumbled as he grabbed the dossier and began to flip through a few of the pages. He stopped at a set of pages and he flipped through them and then grunted, "Well this is a pain in the ass."

"What is it?" Peter asked.

"Octavious is a billionaire and one of his main sources of cash flow is Oil." Natasha stated.

"And oil always brings problems." Clint said while tossing the dossier back on the table.

Natasha sat down at the table, while Peter reached for the file and began to read it for himself. He quickly scanned over each page and what he read blew him away.

"Holy crap, I didn't know that Dr. Octavious was the second largest oil supplier in the world."

"Second only to Anastasia Hardy and the Hardy Foundation." Natasha replied.

"It also says here that he is in bed with a lot of people…namely the US and…wait a minute. It also says that he is in bed with a lot of special interest groups whose relationships with the US are practically non-existent. How is this possible, one man playing both sides of the fence with something like this?"

"It happens when the number one oil supplier is a very shrewd business woman who doesn't have much love for the states." Natasha answered, "Anastasia Hardy supplies Europe with most of its oil, but when the US and other countries reached out to her she gave them a price that wasn't practical and so they went elsewhere."

"Octavious." Peter stated.

"Yes, but it seems that Dr. Octavious made a lot of promises to a lot of different people. Since there's enough oil to go around he has promised to supply everyone with their own private oil reserve for a hefty but affordable price."

"He controls the oil and he controls the price for it." Clint interrupted.

"And no one has tried to take him out?" Peter questioned "I'm shocked."

"It would be catastrophic not only for the global market but for everyone in general. Octavious has set himself up nicely. If anyone did try to take him out then there would be a mad grab for the oil lines that he controls and not just by the super-powers but other countries looking to set the price…some of which are enemies of the US. It would be the beginning of another war and that's something no one wants…especially nowadays where men like the Hulk and Thor exist. The solution that everyone seems to like and has worked for the past couple of years is to just pay him and keep him happy. Alive and happy."

"How is he doing this?" Peter asked, "I'm sure someone would've noticed that one man is trying to control Oil distribution."

"Shield has found out that he's did this through various shell companies and other back door investments, like you said….the man is a genius. He's set up a couple of figure heads in various companies but they have no actual power. He controls everything."

"Oh my God, this is a huge scandal waiting to happen." Peter responded "If this ever got out to the public that our country is doing business with a man that is bed with our enemies and has been for…"

"That's why it can never get out." Natasha interrupted "Which puts us in a bind because we can not just make him up and disappear or hurt him too much."

"Damn." Clint whispered under his breath.

"So what do we do?" Peter asked, "How do we sway him to our side?"

Clint stood up from the table.

"We do a good old fashion bribe." He said as he stretched his aching muscles.

"The man is a billionaire Clint, what could we possibly have that he would want?" Peter asked.

"I guess we'll just have to ask him." Clint replied with a smile, "Now gear up."

Flashback- Six Months Ago- Algeria- 2:15 am

A man and woman ran through the jungle as fast as their legs could carry them and even though they were tired and full of panic they continued to run.

(RUN!) Came the Arabic shout of a young dark skinned man with short black hair an average build. He was wearing a green and beige camouflage outfit and in his hand was a semi-automatic weapon. The young man stopped and turned around and looked back towards the thick humid jungle behind him, raised his weapon and fired wildly at the voices shouting behind him.

He continued to fire until his weapon went empty.

(Sh**!) He yelled until a slim hand touched him on his shoulder.

He turned to his left and to the beautiful blonde woman next him; she handed him another clip.

(Last one, so make it count.) She said before raising her own semi-automatic weapon and firing into the jungle.

He quickly stuck the new clip into his weapon and fired as well.

(We have to keep moving. The boat is not that far away!) He shouted.

(What about the others?) She asked.

(We can't worry about them now; I'm only worried about you. Now come on.)

He stopped his firing and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her along, continuing their trek through the thick jungle and towards the awaiting shore where a boat would be waiting.

The shore

The two of them emerged from the jungle and ran across the sand towards a rickety looking motor boat. The engine was already started and they could see one of their friends a light brown skinned woman by the name of Yasmine. She had long hair, brown eyes and a slim build that was covered in the same green and beige camouflage outfit. She stood up in the boat and waved to the approaching duo.

(HURRY!) She screamed in their native Arabic tongue.

They ran towards the boat and got inside, but just as they sat down a single shot rang out in the night; the blonde recoiled in shock as warm blood splashed across her face.

THUD! Came the sound of a body hitting the boat interior.

(KWASI!) Yasmine shouted, seeing the dead body of her brother in front of her. She reached for his weapon and began to fire at the mercenaries on the beach. They ducked for cover.

Yasmine gripped the mast and the rickety motor boat sped across the water and away from the shore and the mercenaries that were starting to return fire.

The blonde haired woman scooped Kwasi into her arms and she looked towards the beach where she could make out the face of a tall woman who was standing at the edge of the shore, shouting obscenities at them.

Yasmine continued to fire until they were well out of range. She whipped towards her blonde companion with an angry look upon her face.

(I told him and you that this was too dangerous!) She shouted (We weren't ready, we needed more time but you had to talk him into it!)

The blonde haired woman looked up at the visibly angry Yasmine.

(I hope you saw enough Ms. Stacy. I hope you saw all you needed, because his death is on you!)

Present Day

Gwen Stacy shot up from her bed breathing heavily from the intense memory. She frantically looked around searching for any signs of the mercenaries that had been chasing her, any signs of the jungles of Algeria but all she saw was a modest looking hotel room. She settled down when she didn't see any danger and she put a hand to her thumping heart.

She swung her legs over the edge of her bed and she ran a hand through her sweaty blonde hair. She remembered that day as clear as crystal. She remembered what the weather felt like, she remembered how her lungs burned as she ran away from the mercenaries that wanted her dead, she remembered the sand crunching beneath her feet and the sound of the motor boat and she remembered the feeling of Kwasi's warm blood splashed across her face.

Gwen stood up from her bed and she went to the sink her bathroom. She turned on the water and splashed some of the water off of her face; for a split second she saw blood on her hands and she recoiled but when she looked into the mirror she didn't see any blood only her blue eyes staring back at her.

"Get a grip Gwen." She whispered to herself "It will all be over soon."


Gwen went back into her room and she walked towards the small desk that had her computer and cell phone. She grabbed the phone and answered it but upon hearing the voice on the other end she immediately regretted it.

"STACY WHERE THE F*** ARE YOU!? AND WHERE IS MY STORY OF THE CENTURY!?" roared her employer, the editor and chief of the Daily Bugle J. Jonah Jameson.

"Hey JJ. I'm in the midst of getting it together." She replied tiredly.


"I understand what you have riding on this JJ and I'm doing my best and I thank you for the opportunity. The story that I've stumbled upon is a game changer. I've already got so much info but it's not right yet. I just need a little more time to get it together."

"How much more time!"

Gwen opened her mouth to respond when a text screen popped up on her computer. She peered at the text and saw that the words: are you there Ms. Stacy, posted.

"Give me another seventy two hours." She said before hanging up on him.

She scooted to her computer.

"Who is this?" she whispered to herself as she typed the response; she waited for a second and a familiar name popped up on the screen. Gwen gasped as she saw the name.


Up Above

Peter peered out the window of the airplane and at the populated city on the Island below. Dr. Octavious bought the Island about seven years ago and three years after that he renamed the mass of land to Otto Island.

'Pretentious Jackass' Peter thought to himself as he said the name of the Island over in his mind again.

The young spy turned away from the city and to his companions who were sitting next to him. The plan was to infiltrate a gala that was being held later that night in the large and expensive resort that Dr. Octavious resided within. He and Natasha were the point men meaning they were going to be visible at the gala while Clint snuck into the resort and took out any guards that may be in Otto's room or around his suite.

Natasha and Peter were to make contact and she would lead him back to his room while Peter followed behind and took out any nosey guards or if need be create a distraction.

The plan was sound but what Peter didn't like was that were going to offer someone that wasn't exclusively an ally yet not exactly an enemy anything he wanted. He knew that they did stuff like this all the time but for some reason, offering anything to Dr. Octavious did not sit well with him at all.

He saw a picture of him in the dossier and there was just something he didn't like about the man.

'Probably his smug smile. He knows he's basically untouchable…not unless anyone wanted to start a war.'

He felt the plane began to descend and it snapped him from his thoughts.


Elsewhere- Otto Island Harbor- Sunset

The woman, known as Yasmine stare through her binoculars at the large and grandiose resort where her enemy and the enemy of her people lived. She lowered the binoculars and she looked towards the twelve rebels that were standing behind her. The rebels had subdued the harbor guards.

(We must hurry. We don't have much time.)

Later- Nightfall- 9:45pm

A tinted white Ferrari pulled up in front of the massive and beautiful Hotel and Resort that was only reserved for who's who's of high class society. The front side walk had a red carpet laid out and it was lined with men and woman who were dressed to impress; each of them decked out with their silver watches, diamonds ear-rings and bracelets that sparkled even when there wasn't any light shining. They were all laughing and talking amongst themselves, sipping on wine until they all caught a glance at the Ferrari.

The valet opened the passenger door first by sliding upwards and from the sports vehicle out stepped Natasha Rominova. She was dressed in a form fitting backless red dress that showed off her curves; her fiery red hair was curled up at the top of her head with a few strands falling down the side of her face. She had on red lipstick with minimal make up on her face. She had on white gloves with her silver wrist gauntlets around her wrist and red heels.

All the men stood there staring at her, wanting her and all the women felt a hand of jealousy creep up their spine, that was until the young and handsome Peter Parker stepped around the car and to the red carpet.

Peter was wearing a black suit, a crisp white shirt, a bow tie and his web-shooters that had been refitted to look like stylish wrist bands; he had a cocky grin on his face and his chestnut brown hair was combed back showing off a few waves. He adjusted the gold cufflinks and he nodded his head to a woman that winked at him. All the other women paid close attention to the young spy and the confidence he oozed.

Peter held out one of his arms and Natasha looped her arm into his and they both started down the red carpet and into the Hotel and Resort.

Ballroom Interior

Peter and Natasha easily made it passed the mean and burly guard with a list of names to check off. The two of them entered the giant circular ballroom and were in slight awe of all the gold and decadence.

"It's amazing what a billion dollars can buy." Peter whispered as he looked up at the high hanging chandeliers. There were four different levels and each level had gold diamond plated banisters plus numerous people dressed in their best outfits and mingling with each other.

"Money makes the world go round Peter." Natasha whispered back, her trained eyes shifting through all of the foreign senators, dignitaries, waiters, waitress and models. She was trying to find her target and so far she hasn't spotted him, "He's not here yet."

"Yeah I don't see him either." Peter responded as he glanced towards the upper deck; he saw more high class people, including several generals but he didn't see their target, "What do we do?" he asked.

"We mingle." Natasha replied while breaking away from him and grabbing a champagne glass from a passing waitress.

Peter watched her go to the left and so he went to the right.

Underground- Sewers

Hawkeye sloshed through the foul and rank smelling water in the large sewer pipeline until he reached a metal ladder that went upwards.

"It's not fair." He grumbled to himself as he started up the ladder, "They get to rub elbows and drink champagne while I wade through sh**. I'm the best field agent so why am I always stuck in the sewer."

"You do know that we can hear you right." Came Peter's voice over the communications lines.

"Now I do." Hawkeye grumbled.

"Consider wading through….I really don't want to think about it, but consider this your punishment for bringing ants into the house." Said Peter.

Hawkeye stopped his ascent and closed his eyes tightly.

"I swear to God if you mention ants one more time."

"Peter...where are you I've found the target he's…."

"I see him too Nat."


Standing at his position on the second floor Peter saw Dr. Otto Octavious standing on the gold banister of the fourth deck of the ballroom. He was a plump looking man with a bowl style haircut that stood at about five six. He looked to be in his early forties and he was wearing a crisp button down white suit and black shoes.

Otto loudly cleared his throat before speaking.

"GOOD EVENING MY FRIENDZ!" he shouted. A thick German accent was present.

All eyes down below found their way to him.

From Otto's back four mechanical arms emerged. They slithered and snapped together a few times before lightly clamping down on the banister and lifting him up and then slowly lowering him down to the center of the ballroom. The crowd of people murmured with amazement.

"Velcome to my party. I trust I did not keep you all vaiting too long." He said while putting a charming smile on his chubby face, "Music! Music! Vhere is the music?"

Suddenly music began to play in the ballroom. Otto looked to his left and then his right and that's when he spotted one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and that woman was Natasha.

He raised an eyebrow as he looked her up and down; before he even finished his thought his upper left tentacle stretched over to her and lightly wrapped around her waist. The tentacle dragged her over to him and gently placed her in his arms.

"Shall ve dance the dance my pet?" he asked.

Natasha put a smile on her face.

"Of course."

Peter finally reached the bottom floor and he stood to the side watching Natasha dance with Otto but while it was a true spectacle to see, he like everyone else was watching the four mechanical limbs that were protruding from his back.

He had read about Dr. Octavious once before; when he was being taught science and technology during his time at the Shield training camp. He remembered reading that Dr. Octavious had created those four mechanical arms as a way to safely experiment with a Cold Fusion project he had been working on. He also remembered reading that there was a terrible explosion and most of the scientist were killed however he survived but those four mechanical arms had been welded to his spinal column.

'Six arms and two legs…instead of naming this place Otto Island he should've named it Octopus Isle…he looks like one. Heh, or maybe he should've named himself Doctor Octopus. Nah, with a name like that a man might be a crazy super-villain or something, but he has turned tragedy into triumph…and then triumph into shady business deals.' Peter thought to himself as he watch Otto dip Natasha with his lower right tentacle and then bring her back up to his arms.

Peter shook his head.

"Show off." He whispered; his danger sense suddenly gave him a light nudge.

Peter looked to his left just as he saw a very attractive blonde woman wearing a very simple but elegant green dress briskly walking past him and towards the dance floor. She tripped over her own feet and was about to fall into the table full of food when he rushed forward and caught her in his arms.

"Whoa, where's the fire…Ms…" he asked, 'She smells wonderful' he thought as her perfume found its way to his nose.

She looked up at him and their eyes locked for a brief moment and he was completely stunned by her vibrant blue eyes.


"Thanks for the save." She replied after straightening herself up.

Peter was about to say something else however she had already turned around and continued towards the dance floor. He watched her take a moment to go to one of the buffet tables and grabbed a bowl full of hot red soup and continue towards the dance floor.

"Uh oh." Peter said.

Gwen Stacy tightly gripped the soup bowl and her twitched a little as waited for her moment.

'You deserve so much more than this you bastard.' She thought in her mind.

Otto and Natasha came close enough and that's when she stormed out onto the dance floor with the bowl of soup and she tossed all over him and Natasha.

"AHHHHHHH!" Otto screamed feeling the hot soup burning through and horrendously staining his white suit.

Natasha gritted her teeth as she felt the hot soup on her arm but what caught her attention was Otto's wildly swinging mechanical arms.

All of the guest in the ballroom gasped at the sight and if anyone wasn't paying attention they were paying complete attention now.

"YOU DARE!" Otto yelled as all four arms snapped their pinchers together before shooting towards Gwen ready to stab her through the heart however Peter dove in from the side and tackled her out of the way and to the ground making them miss.

Peter looked at Gwen.

"Are you alright?" he asked but his danger sense came to life again. He looked to see one of the tentacles coming for him but he backhanded out of the way, however as he did that though another tentacle slithered in and grabbed him by the foot and tossed and into wall.

Dr. Octavious looked away from Peter and to Gwen Stacy who stared at him unafraid.

"DR. OCTAVIOUS!" a voice shouted.

The voice shook him out of his rage and he quickly composed himself in front of his guest. He took several deep breathes and turned to his head of security.

A woman who stood a six three with green eyes and long blonde hair drawn back into a pony tail; she was wearing a form fitting black dress that showed off her powerful muscular frame. She had a white earpiece around her ear and she put one of her hands up to it.

"Interior units to me. We have two intruders." She said before walking towards Otto, "Dr. Octavious remember your guest." She said in a low voice.

Otto gritted his teeth a bit and he looked around the hall and at all of the eyes upon him.

"Thank you Ms. Brancale. I mean Angelina…I almost forgot where…" he started before Gwen interrupted him.


Otto grabbed Angelina by the arm.

"Shut her up right now!" he exclaimed in a hushed voice.

Angelina stepped to Gwen and lightly backhanded her across the face, but it was hard enough to silence her. At that moment several men dressed in black suits came rushing into the ballroom; several of them surrounded Peter who was getting to his feet and the other surrounded Gwen.

Angelina signaled to the men and they roughly grabbed Peter and Gwen and led them out of the ballroom.

Natasha put a hand to her face and shook her head.

'Goddamn it Peter.' She thought to herself.

Otto looked to his stained white suit and back to the crowd; he put a smile on his face.

"Old girlfriend." He said before laughing. It took a moment but everyone else in the ballroom started laughing however no one knew whether it was because of fear or a wish to put that very awkward situation behind them.

"I know it may be in bad form to leave you all but I must change my clothes."

"Do you mind a little company?"

Otto turned to Natasha who had a sexy suggestive look upon her face. He perked up a little and a wide grin appeared on his chubby face.

"Not at all fräulein. Not at all."

She looped one of her arms within his and she gave a gasp as his four mechanical arms lifted the both of them up to the fourth floor and to the elevators.

Outside- Back of Hotel

Peter and Gwen were led to the outside street by the guards that had a hold of them. Angelina followed behind and once she was outside she walked in front of them. Gwen spit at her.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Peter whispered to her.

"I do seeing as how she is the one that murdered by friend!" Gwen snapped. She instantly recognized the tall woman before her as the one that shot her friend Kwasi in the head six months prior. Angelina narrowed her eyes at Gwen for a moment and she too was struck with a memory.

"You're that girl from the beach. They're rebels." She said.

"Rebels?" Peter questioned.

Angelina smiled as she stepped towards Gwen.

"You tipped your hand little girl. I'm going to enjoy getting information out of you and your friend about the other rebels."

"Uh, we're not actually together." Peter said, but it was then his danger sense went off.

Angelina came across with a backfist that he ducked under; Peter came up and smacked her in the chin with his head. Angelina jaw clicked together so hard a tooth went flying from her mouth.

CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICKI! Went the sound of the guards drawing their weapons and aiming them at Peter and Gwen. He looked to his left and right and saw that he was outgunned.

'Damn. I can take these guys with no problem but…the girl. If I make a move, she's dead.' he thought to himself.

Gwen looked at Peter and then at Angelina who was in obvious pain; seeing her like that allowed a small smile of satisfaction grace her lips.

'Who is this guy?' she thought.

Angelina spit out some blood and she looked to Peter.

"Good shot little man. You're stronger than you look. Heh. So am I."

Angelina lashed out with a powerful left hook that nearly took Peter's head off of his shoulders. He swayed back and forth until Angelina came with right hook and then a hard uppercut that lifted him up off of his feet and then down to the ground unconscious.

Upstairs- Top Floor Penthouse

Natasha eyed the two guards that were standing outside of Otto's room. The two of them tensed up as they saw her with him; Otto took notice as well.

"Relax gentlemen, relax. Ms….uh…mein gott I don't even know your name."

Natasha smiled.

"I'm in position." Came Hawkeye's voice over the line.

She seductively made her way around to his back gently touching the mechanical arms. Natasha eyed the back of his neck and she leaned in close to his ear.

"My name is…Black Widow." She said.

Otto's eyes widen however Natasha struck before either he or his arms could react. She elbowed him in the back of the neck and he collapsed to the ground in an instance. The guards drew their weapons.

CLANG! Came the sound of the vent above them bursting open and Hawkeye dropping down to the ground. He removed two knives from his waist and in two quick motions he disposed of both guards.

THUD! Came the sound of them hitting the ground.

Hawkeye nodded to Natasha before a confused look crossed his face.

"Where's the kid?" he asked.

Natasha put a hand to her face as she moved away from Otto and towards the elevator.

"He created a distraction a little bit too early and he got thrown out, try to contact him." She said over her shoulder as she made her way back to the elevator. She pried opened the metal panel and fiddled with the electronics.

Hawkeye put a hand to his ear.

"Kid? Kid where are you? We….." he started then stopped.

A look of horror crossed Hawkeye's face as Otto's four mechanical arms lifted upwards in the air; the four arms snapped their pincers dangerously and for a second it looked like they were talking to each other.

"Uh. Nat."

Natasha finished sabotaging the elevator when she heard her name. The red headed spy turned around to see two of Otto's four arms facing her and the other two looking at Hawkeye.

(Oh Sh**) she said in Russian just as the pincers snapped together once more and lunged.

BAAAAANNGG! Came the sound of the upper and right tentacle slamming into the metal elevator doors. The arms tried to skewer Natasha however she managed to lean out of the way at the last second.

She lifted her hands and fired a few bullets at the arms but they ricocheted off of the metal.

"WHAT THE SH**!" Hawkeye shouted as he dropped to the ground and out of the way of the mechanical arms that smashed through the double doors of the penthouse suite, "THIS WASN'T IN THE DOSSIER!" he yelled while quickly rolling to the right and out of the lower left arm that tried to grab him, instead the arm grabbed one of the dead guard. The two left tentacles took ahold of the guard and then easily ripped him apart.

Hawkeye got to his feet and took his bow of his back; he gave it a jerk and it extended into a full bow where he was able to string up an arrow. He let one loose.

The tentacles ducked and then threw the severed guard at him where it smacked into him sending him tumbling back and into the large suite.

Natasha barely managed to hug herself to the wall as one of the right arms tried come in low. She lifted her wrist again and the gauntlet rounds changed to electric stingers.

PFFT! PFFT! Went the sound of two stingers latching onto the arm.


The metal arm let out a screech as it felt the electricity; Natasha didn't have time to celebrate because the other arm grabbed her by the waist and threw her down the hallway. She hit the ground but turned it into a roll and then into a crouch.


Natasha turned her head to see the upper left arm getting ready to smack her in the head when an arrow smacked into the mechanical appendage and securing it to the wall with what looked like cement.


Natasha saw the lower left arm coming right for her and jumped over it and then dashed towards Hawkeye who let loose another cement arrow but the tentacle slithered out of the way and hit Natasha in the back sending her flying towards Hawkeye.

The two spies rolled along the ground with Hawkeye landing on top of her.

"Well this escalated quickly." He grumbled.

"Those things have a mind of their own….how is that possible?" Natasha questioned.

"Do I look like Bill Nye the science guy, hell if I know. Science really isn't my thing, it's Pete's and we could really use his…"

Natasha's eyes widen for moment before she grabbed hold of Hawkeye and jerked both of their bodies out of the way of a refrigerator slamming down in their previous spot leaving a large dent in the ground.

"We could really use his super-strength right about now."

The mechanical arm threw the refrigerator at them and the two spies barely had enough time to dive out of the way.

"WHERE THE HELL IS HE!?" Hawkeye yelled before putting his hand to his ear communicator again, "KID! KID! SPIDER-MAN….."

Elsewhere- On the road

"…WAKE UP!" Gwen shouted at the top of her lungs while she struggled with the zip tie that was tightly wrapped around her wrists. The blonde haired journalist shifted her weight a little and kneed the unconscious Peter Parker in the stomach hoping to wake him from his force slumber.

Peter felt the knee to the stomach and he started to slowly open his eyes and the first thing he felt was the stinging pain in his jaw.

"Ow. What happened?"

"That blonde hair b**** knocked you out!" Gwen exclaimed while still struggling.

Peter took a moment to think and that's when the blonde haired woman came to mind.

"That's right. Damn, she packs a wallop, and if she knocked me out that means she is not normal."

"Can you please put aside your wounded male ego and help me find a way out of here." Gwen returned.

"Wha…My ego isn't wounded, it's…." he started but was quickly interrupted.

KRZZZZZZZZZZZcame the loud garbled sound of static in his ear.

"AHHHHH!" he yelled at the loud sound in his ear.

Gwen scrunched her eyes up in confusion.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she asked.

"I think my friends are in trouble."

"Well good luck helping them when you're dead." She replied, "After they torture us I'm pretty sure they're gonna kill us."

Peter tried to move but that's when he felt zip ties around his wrists and ankles.

"Where are we?" he asked.

Gwen stopped her struggling and she laid her head down on the spare tire that was next to her.

"We're in the trunk of a car being carted off to a remote area where no one can hear us scream."

Peter finally took notice that he was indeed in the trunk of a moving car. He rolled his eyes and he let out a long sigh.

"Great, just great."

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