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Nationals were in Los Angeles and the fact that they have met half a dozen of celebrities may or may not have had influence on their results. They have competed, once again, with original songs and Finn and Rachel wrote their duet together. They were all anxious before performing and even more while waiting for the results. And what they have felt when they saw the name "New Directions", written in golden letters, three places from the top, was indescribable.

They haven't had the time for a celebratory party, though, with the finals approaching and then graduation.

And that's why Santana decides to throw a third-place-at-Nationals-slash-graduation-party at her house and everyone from glee club is invited. Including the new members – quite surprisingly, because they are her new targets since they have joined glee.

Rachel gladly assumes herself as the designated driver, which is a decision really appreciated by Finn. After half an hour, Puck approaches her with tears in his eyes, claiming he will miss her and her crazy and annoying personality and hugs her. It takes a second for Finn to cling to her, his arm draped across her shoulders and a firm glare in Puck's direction.

As soon as Puck heads in another direction, repeating the same mantra to everyone who crosses his path – "I love you, man, and I'm really gonna miss you" – Finn quickly pulls her closer and attaches his lips to her in a sloppy kiss.

"You know I love you, don't you Rachel? I'll always love you! You know that, right?"

She fights the urge to laugh out loud and nods. "Yes, I do, Finn. I love you too."

"You do? That's awesome!" he says, with the widest grin she's ever seen. Then, he furrows his brow. "But you really do know, right? I'm not dreaming or something like that. This is really happening, isn't it? I mean, we're gonna go to New York together and have the time of our lives, right?"

She giggles. He is an adorable drunk person. "Yes, Finn. You know, maybe we should ditch this party and go somewhere else. What do you say?"

He suddenly turns around to their friends and Rachel has to gather all her strength to keep him steady and not let him fall.

"Guys," he shouts, "it's been a pleasure to be friends with you and it was a pleasure to meet you, but my awesome girlfriend and I, we gotta go take New York by storm."

Everyone cheers and laugh. When they surround Finn and Rachel in a group hug, some of their friends are actually crying.

"We'll be back," Rachel says, with a smile. "I have to pick Kurt, Blaine and Mercedes later."

As soon as they leave Santana's house, Rachel takes Finn to her car. She drives to the lake; it has always been their special place. It's a bit chilly and sometimes a cool breeze hits them, so she lays a blanket on the grass and then uses another one to keep them warm. Finn looks less drunk and less sick, too – she has honestly thought he was going to barf inside her car.

"Why are we here?" he asks, holding her close, under the blanket.

"I don't know," she replies, softly. "I just… I needed to come here. This is somewhere special to both of us and this is probably the last opportunity we have to be here before we leave to New York."

"We can also have a special place for us when we get to New York, you know? Well, I guess we already have a special place there," he adds and they both smile at the memory of them in Central Park.

She takes his hand between hers.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that we've met here, in Lima, Ohio, and I just want this place to be imprinted in my mind."

He squeezes her hand. "I know what you mean."

They're silent, taking in the moment for as long as they can.

"Are you excited?" she asks, looking him in the eye.

He smiles at her. "Yes. I can't believe we're leaving in less than a month."

"I know, right? It seems all so sudden," she admits. She is not honest if she doesn't confess that she's a bit scared of the future, but as long as they are together, they can overcome everything. "I'm going to miss this more than I thought."

He kisses her cheek and tugs a strand of hair behind her ear. "I know, babe. Me too."

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