Part I – Sam and Quinn

Sam was walking down the halls of McKinley high looking for his girlfriend. It was Friday and she always wore blue on Fridays, so he knew what he was looking for. On his way he passed Finn whom he high fived. It was senior year and finally everything was at peace with the Glee Club. Finn and Rachel had been going steady for quite some time now and Finn had completely stopped his longing looks for Quinn. After last year's girlfriend swapping it seemed as if no one were doubting to whom their hearts belonged. Even Brittany and Santana were officially a couple now. Sam smirked at the idea of him once believing that Santana was "so not gay". Right.

"What are you smiling at?"

Sam stopped at the sweet sound of her voice. He turned around and there she was in all her glory. Her blonde hair perfectly combed to one side and kept in place by a light blue ribbon matching her blue and white striped dress. The dress fitted her perfectly, accentuating her thin waistline. She was standing in front of her locker carrying some books. She opened the locker and put the books inside while blushing from the sight of her boyfriend dropping his jaw. That always surprised her. They saw each other practically every day yet he still became baffled by her beauty every time he saw her.

"Hi babe." Sam stepped closer and kissed her on the cheek. It was soft and a little warm. When he leaned in he could just sense her perfume. "Ready to go to Glee Club?"

"Sure, I just need to powder my nose."

"No need,"

Quinn looked at him skeptically

Sam smiled and put a lock of her hair behind her ear. "Trust me."

She let out a little grin and leaned into him putting her hands on his chest. He returned the hug wrapping his arms around her tiny figure and kissing her forehead. He had a good impact on her, Quinn knew that. Usually she became much more aware of her looks around boys but with Sam it was different. She just wanted to be good around him. She wanted to be kind. She knew he loved that side of her so she embraced it. People no longer parted like the Red Sea when they saw her, but she didn't need it. She had become friendlier with more people after the revelation of her past as Lucy, so instead of jumping to a side when people saw her, they now smiled at her, some greeting her. She never felt alone anymore.

They walked hand in hand to the choir room where they met Puck.

"Trouty. Milf." he said nodding.

Quinn sighed "Puckerman." But couldn't help smile a little.

Sam smiled too but held Quinn's hand a little firmer. He knew he could trust her and he didn't really expect Puck to make a move on her. Especially not since he had been seeing some sophomore girl for the last couple of months. Yet there was something between Puck and Quinn. Their chemistry seemed a little intense. He told himself over and over again that it was just a unique friendship – after all they had a baby together. And they had history. Maybe it was the fact that Sam's first interactions with Quinn happened while Puck was in juvie, so somehow he had stolen something that belonged to Puck. It was nonsense, he knew that.

Quinn felt Sam tightening his grip. It hurt a little, but it was okay. He always became this way around Puck. She couldn't blame him though; Puck had been her first and so far the only one and he was the father of her child. No doubt she loved him but only in a friendly manner. If only Sam could understand that as well. Not that she had earned his trust, not after what happened last year between her and Finn. That was ages ago in her mind, but it probably wasn't in Sam's. She felt bad. As they entered the choir room she let go of his hand and wrapped her right arm around his left. She looked up at him and he looked back with all the affection of the world. It was okay.

Sorry for all he grammatical errors; English is not my native language. Oh, and sorry for all the plotwise mistakes. I've not watched the entire second season yet! I love criticism and since this is my first attempt to write fanfiction, I will probably need all the advice I can get! :-)