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"Through the Looking Glass"

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Summary: [LV/HP] When Harry was little he used to wish that his twin brother was the chosen one. His brother used to wonder what it would be like to know the Dark Lord. Once he becomes old enough, Tarrant runs away to join Voldemort, who accepts him, thinking he is Harry – his mate. But he isn't. Harry is still fighting against him, and as the war begins to escalate Voldemort fears losing Harry before he's even found him. AU.

Warnings: Slash. Eventual LV/HP. Violence. AU. Language. Character Death. Creature!Voldemort. Light!Harry. Dark!Voldemort. Twin fic.

Rating: NC-17. Slash and Violence.

A/N: I was originally going to make New Divide a twin fic, but I couldn't bear the thought of a non-Harry BWL… Hmm… so this is what you get instead! Trust me, you'll like it. I don't think anyone else had done it this way, yet, but if I'm wrong, correct me!


The adventures first explanations take such a dreadful time – The Gryphon: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others – Lewis Carroll.

But it's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then – Alice: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Words: 3,926

Chapter 1

February 1980.

Lily didn't think she had ever been so excited in her life. Of course, receiving her Hogwarts letter and having Severus explain that it was all true, that magic really was real, came very close. But this! Nothing could ever make her happier than in this moment.

"Twins?" She asked, repeating what the medi-Witch had just told her. "I'm having twins?"

At her side, James grinned widely. Her husband had been practically bouncing in his seat, excited and nervous in equal parts as they waited for the verdict.

"Boys or girls?" He asked, running a hand through his messy black hair.

Lily and James both held their breath. Did they want girls, to dress in frills and lace and spoil rotten, or did they want boys, one to be an heir to the Potter fortune and the other who would obviously be a famous Quidditch star, inheriting all of his father's talent, or did they want one of each, the best of both worlds?

The medi-Witch waved her wand again over Lily's exposed stomach. "Hmm," she said a soft smile on her face. "This one is definitely a boy, but this one, well; I can't quite get a clear reading. You little man is getting in the way." Both parents frowned slightly, disappointed, but understood that there was nothing Poppy could do at the moment. "Maybe at the next check-up, hmm?"

"Yes, of course. Thank you for your time, Poppy," Lily said, sitting up with a soft smile on her face. James helped her pull down her shirt, and likewise thanked their friend. "Well we better be going. Sirius and Remus are probably tearing the Manor apart waiting for us to come back."

The resident medical person of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry offered her colleague and Lily's husband warm smiles each, before she left them alone. Poppy Pomfrey bustled around the ward, tidying this and that before making her way into her office. Lily fixed her clothes properly, and allowed James to pull her up off of the bed.

"One boy for sure!" He grinned, wide and proud, before gathering his wife into his arms and swinging her around in a wide circle. "I'm so happy!"

"Me too, love, me too," she whispered against his cheek.

"Come on, let's go home." James wrapped an arm loosely around her waist, his fingertips brushing through the ends of her long, red hair as he guided her towards the fireplace. In times like these, where there were Dark Lords attacking every which way at any given time, James knew the benefits of flooing directly to their destination. He didn't want to risk St Mungos, because while it might have been a brilliantly staffed hospital, it was still vulnerable to Death Eater attacks. But Hogwarts was safe, it would always be safe. Dumbledore was there, and if Lord Voldemort had ever been afraid of anyone it was Dumbledore. Using Hogwarts' medi-Witch meant that the Potters didn't have to worry about being attacked en route, or about someone finding out about their twins and telling the media or the Dark Lord.

"What does this mean for the prophecy?" Lily asked hesitantly, as the fireplace sprang to life. Green flames burned brightly, and Lily climbed in first then shifted over to make room for her husband.

"I don't know," James admitted. "Potter Manor!" He called, throwing down a handful of green floo power. The flames began to swirl, and Lily closed her eyes as she leant against her husband, one arm around his neck and the other cradling her distended stomach. "I don't know," he repeated as the flames swept them away.


Potter Manor was a large, sprawling building that spanned a good few acres of land. James knew it had nothing on Malfoy Manor, or some of the older Pureblood homes, but he was proud of it regardless. It was bright and airy, large, spacious and welcoming. It was home as far as he was concerned, and it was a damned sight better than any of the Black homes he had been unfortunate enough to have visited.

Sirius was easily able to admit that his old ancestral home was a hole, dark and dank and reeking of Dark magic, and he hated it. He was much more at home in James' house, a fact verified simply by his actually living there. Sirius hadn't gone home in years, not since he was a fifth year in Hogwarts, not since the Potters Sr. had invited him to live with them. He was James' brother in all but blood, though technically they were cousins so they were blood related, but James loved him like a brother and that was all that mattered.

It was why James had to ask, "Will you be my firstborn's Godfather?"

Sirius stared back at him, looking a little stunned, and at his side their other friend Remus nudged the shocked man on the shoulder. "Y-Yes, yes of course," he stuttered, unable to believe the honour that was being bestowed upon him.

"Stop your smirking, Remus Lupin," James added, grinning. "We like you to be our other child's Godfather. Well, I would anyway. I get to pick one Godfather for each twin, and Lily gets to pick the other. She was talking to Alice Longbottom by floo earlier, so maybe she'll be Harry's godmother?"

"Harry?" Remus asked, now looking as shell-shocked as Sirius.

"Yeah, we're naming out firstborn after my father, well if it's the boy obviously. And if the firstborn is a girl, well then the second child gets to be Harry." James nodded towards Peter, who had just stepped out of the floo.

Peter was their other friend, mostly a whiny coward, a little large around the middle with thinning fair hair, but he was a good man when it counted. Though James hadn't really seen him as much since Lily found out she was pregnant. Actually, at that announcement back in December, Peter had looked rather horrified and suddenly realised he had somewhere else to be. It was a good thing they had never bothered telling Peter of the prophecy Dumbledore had shared with them; the poor man might have fainted dead away. Remus didn't know either, not because they didn't trust him, but because the less people who knew the safer the babies were. But Sirius knew. Sirius always knew if it were something within James' power to share with him.

"Other child?" Peter asked in his usual nasal tone. He cleared his throat, nodding in greeting to his other friends.

Sirius, Peter, Remus and James had been thick as thieves in Hogwarts. Even once they had found out that Remus was a werewolf, it hadn't affected their friendship. Yes, Peter was a little bit more wary of being alone with the quiet, tawny haired boy, but they were still friends. There was nothing that could affect their friendship, James thought, glancing happily around the room. And yet while James thought as much, Peter knew that the reality of the situation was much, much different. Peter was a Death Eater – not that Peter would ever tell them that – and that of course would end their friendship. Peter wasn't really in a good enough position with his Lord to risk alienating the possible Chosen One.

"Other child?" Peter asked again, just as Lily made her way back into the room. She froze upon seeing him; she smiled tightly as she greeted him. Peter whispered 'hello' back, swallowing again. Lily had never liked him, so he had been rather surprised when she had hugged him and told him she was pregnant. His apparent disgust at the thought had spiralled her back into the 'disliking Peter' category of people now though. Really, he was happy for his friends, he was, but couldn't they have chosen a month other than November to have conceived a child? Why did their child, out of all of the people in the world, have to be due at the end of July.

"I'm having twins," she told him stiffly.

He almost asked what that meant for the prophecy, but bit his tongue. He wasn't meant to know, no one had told him (except his Lord) and to have even mentioned it would have been disastrous. "Oh," he said instead, "congratulations then. Do you have any names picked?"

"If it's a girl, I'd like to name her Alice." Originally Lily had wanted to continue the tradition of naming the Evans girls' after flowers, but during the earlier stages of her pregnancy she had begun reading "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", and then later "Through the Looking Glass", and it was during the second book, as she read out loud a paragraph of Alice's that the babies first began to kick. She had been worried by their lack of movement, terrified that perhaps they had died in the womb even though they continued to grow because they never shifted (but that was probably due to how little space they had as they were sharing, she now guessed). And with that first kick, she had fallen in love with them all over again, and thanked Lewis Carroll and James Potter and Alice herself every time her babies continued to kick.

"Of course Lily flower. And if the other child is a boy?" Sirius ran a hand through his hair, pushing it back behind his ears. It was almost shoulder length and curly; greyish eyes looked up curiously through the dark curtain his fringe made.

"Well," Lily said, glancing sideways at James, "we were thinking of using another of Lewis Carroll's characters." Remus understood the reference to Alice, but neither of the other two did being Purebloods and not big readers of Muggle literature. "My favourite is Tarrant, the Mad Hatter. Though James wants to call him Caterpillar or Oyster." The look she sent her husband made it clear what she thought of those ideas.

"Mate," Sirius chuckled, "what is wrong with you! That poor kid!" He nudged Remus, who couldn't help but agree with a laugh. They turned to Peter, expecting him to join in, but the man only stared at Lily's stomach sadly, wringing his hands in front of his own.

"So one boy for sure, yeah? What about the other? I mean, there's got to be a way of telling right? Is the boy the oldest?" Peter questioned, trying to look like he was interested, but all the while he was wondering what his Lord would think. Twins weren't very common (with the exception of that Weasley woman there hadn't been twins born in ages in Britain), so perhaps one of them was the prophecy child? They'd probably be powerful enough, or maybe sharing magic with a twin would make them weaker than average children?

"There's no way of telling that, Peter," Remus told him, looking rather confused. "Whichever one is born first is born first. But Lily said the medi-Witch will check the genders again at her next check-up. It's in…" He trailed off, looking over at his pregnant friend.

"A month and a half, Peter, until we know for sure." Lily brushed her hair out of her face, and turned. She made her way back out of the room, not noticing how Peter stared at her back or how he hurriedly turned to his friends and made hasty goodbyes.

"Really weird," Sirius commented.

"He really changed after graduation, didn't he?" James noted, frowning slightly. "He wasn't too happy about the babies either, was he?"

"Perhaps," Remus began, thinking about the way that Peter had been rubbing his left forearm just before he disappeared into the floo system. Then he thought about it, laughing softly to himself at the idea that Peter, of all people, could be a Death Eater; the boy didn't have the backbone, he wouldn't have lasted a day at Voldemort's side, and so Remus muttered the only thing he could think of that might fit. If it wasn't because Peter was their enemy then perhaps it was because, "he's jealous?"

"What?" Both Sirius and James shouted at the same time.

"I don't know," Remus added with a shrug and a blush, "maybe he fancies Lily, or you James, and thought you'd break up after graduation. But then you got married, and you're having a family, and maybe he's afraid of being left behind! Sirius and I are the children's Godfathers, and Peter, well he's just Peter, you know."

James frowned. He felt a little sorry for his friend, because in all honest they had been leaving him out a little, and then he also felt bad for Remus, because they had never told Remus their secret. "Maybe I can convince Lily to let Peter be the other Godfather to one of the kids? Maybe Tarrant, cause then Lily gets to pick one for our heir - that should go a bit towards softening her up, yeah?"

"Sure," Remus replied, his voice soft and unconcerned. "It might make Peter happier too."

"Actually, Remus, there's something I've been meaning to tell you." James grabbed him by the arm and pulled him down onto the sofa beside him. Sirius watched, hunched against the fireplace, with wide eyes as he waited for what he knew was coming. "There's this prophecy right, and it says that a kid will be born in July who will have the power to defeat the Dark Lord."

"Vanquish," Sirius butted in loudly, "vanquish the Dark Lord."

"Yeah, that," James agreed easily, not really seeing the difference. But Remus did, and his eyes narrowed slightly at what it all could mean. "But Albus thinks that maybe Harry could be that child, or Frank and Alice's son, but now, with twins, it could be either of them. But, yeah, I just thought you should know."

Remus looked between Sirius and James, the only real friends he had ever known (not including Peter, of course, or Lily), and he frowned. "Well, if we can't tell which is which, we'll have to try twice as hard to keep them safe, right?"

"That's the plan, my furry friend!" James grinned, leaning across the sofa to nudge their shoulders together. "And Lils, gotta keep Lily safe too."

"Of course," Sirius whispered as he slunk towards the sofa. He sat down, or actually he lay down, across their laps, head on the armrest by James and feet dangling well past where Remus was sitting and he grinned up at them both. "We're gonna keep all of us safe, this whole family, nothing is gonna happen to it. I promise."

Remus wanted to agree, like James had, and bump his fist against the others', but he couldn't. There was this horrible rolling feeling in the pit of his stomach, and he couldn't make his eyes look away from the fireplace that Peter had disappeared into. Something was going to happen, Remus knew that just like he knew there was something wrong with Peter. But Peter was his friend, and he was supposed to trust him, just like James and Sirius did… but Lily didn't, Remus realized. Maybe, he thought, maybe Lily realized something bad was about to happen too, maybe she knew that Peter was hiding something bad, and that's why she couldn't bear to be in the same room as him.

"You ok?" Sirius asked, poking Remus in the chest with his foot.

"Just thinking," he answered softly.

"About what?"

Remus smiled at them, the few lines on his face disappearing beneath his smile. "Just life, you know, the usual."


3rd August 1980.

It was quiet in the forest, though the wind rushed past and the trees and leaves rattled. He couldn't hear it. There was only silence, until suddenly footsteps could be heard in front of him, soft and cautious but loud enough to be heard as foliage crunched beneath them on their path.

"Who are you?" Tom called, glancing around the forest warily. He had been alone for so long, alone and waiting for that one person who would complete him, and yet he had remained alone. But they were here now, he realized as a being stepped into view. He wouldn't be alone much longer.

The boy was dark haired with pale skin and bright green eyes. He was a little bit on the short side, but he stood straight and calm and watched as the Dark Lord walked towards him. "Who. Are. You?" The child questioned back, and with each word a ring of smoke blew from between his lips spelling the letters 'O', 'R' and 'U' one by one.

Tom tilted his head to one side, frowning. He glanced down at his hands, long fingered and pale and frowned as the fingers stretched and grew until they were unnaturally long and most of the flesh melted away, till they were barely bones attached to the end of his palms. Red eyes glanced up, wary and confused as clumps of hair fell from his head, landing with soft squishy noises upon the forest floor. Ears that were faintly pointed at the tips shrunk and vanished, leaving only holes on the sides of his pale, bald head.

Lord Voldemort snarled as another boy stepped into view. He looked just like the first, but was a little bit taller. Both were, strangely enough, wearing matching pinafores with stripy knee length socks and sunhats. They were both beautiful boys, and yet only one captured his attention. The first boy, the shorter one. He grinned widely, offering a small wave towards the Dark Lord, who slowly began to shift and transform into what he had looked like at the beginning of their meeting.

"Who. Are. You?" He asked again, voice soft and lilting, and his brother glanced between them both.

"I am Lord Voldemort." He watched as the boy smiled softly again, waiting for the Dark Lord to continue. "And you are my mate."

"Will you come to find me?" the child whispered. He reached a hand out, moving closer so that he was almost able to place it against Voldemort's cheek; but then his brother was there, slapping the hand away, and pushing him away. Voldemort snarled, lips curling backwards and fingers twisting into claws as the creature within him surged forward to protect what was his. But the boy was gone. Only his mirror image remained, and the longer Tom looked at it, the more he realized that the two boys were really nothing alike. His boy had been beautiful, and while this one looked it, there was nothing good about him.

The twin grinned widely, lowering himself to one knee as he whispered, "would you not take me instead?"

Tom turned away.

And Lord Voldemort awoke with a startled gasp.

The dreams had been happening nightly since the Potter twins had been born. At first, Voldemort had felt that those dreams meant what he had always secretly believed: Potter was the one to be feared, not the Longbottom child, but with Peter's news that twins were to be expected, he had changed his mind, targeting poor Neville, and killing him. His parents, he had been told, would never truly recover from Bellatrix's torture of them or from the death of their only child, but that hadn't bothered Voldemort. Not until the twins were born mere days later, and Peter had come running to inform him that Harry, the eldest, had cried until his twin entered the world, and as he cried every object within the room had floated almost a foot off of the ground. That kind of accidental magic so early in life was nothing unusual, but to have had such an effect, to have been as strong only led credence to the belief that he had targeted the wrong family.

Voldemort turned over in his bed. Nagini lay curled on the pillow beside his own, asleep in the place that should have been reserved for his mate. Voldemort looked away at the thought, turning the other way so that he was facing the door. He considered getting up, even as he tugged the blanket up to his neck, and then dismissed the notion. It was early, insanely early in fact and despite the dream he had just experienced he was still tired. And a tired Dark Lord is not an efficient Dark Lord, just an angry one.

The concept of his having a mate tended to baffle his followers, since they believed him to be a Pureblood like themselves. When in actual fact, Tom Riddle had been born of a Witch and a Muggle, but even that was a lie. Tom Riddle Sr. hadn't been entirely human either; he wasn't a Wizard, but he wasn't a Muggle. His mother might have been, Tom's grandmother, but she had been seduced and bedded as she wondered alone in the forest by Little Hangleton, but had woken instantly in her bed afterwards and had always believed it to have been some strange dream. However, Tom later had learnt, it had been very real, and his father's birth had occurred as a result of a faeries mating with a married woman. She gave her husband a son, and never knowing it was not his own flesh and blood he bestowed his surname upon the child, and that child grew up and was seduced and beguiled by Tom's own mother, and they too had a son, who was abandoned and raised in poverty and not in love.

Soon, Tom grew up, and he came of age at fifteen, instead of the usual seventeen and was smart enough to know that that meant something. It was then that he had realized he wasn't a half-blood, instead he was a half-breed; partly human and partly not, but all in all better than belonging to some Muggle filth who was better off forgotten. He was part faerie, and he waited for years and months and days, and lifetimes, for the one who would complete him, for that one other person whose soul and magic and very being would match his own so wholly that they couldn't be anything other than soulmates. They were rare, many text books had said, and only the most powerful of creatures found them while others carried on their meagre existences mating with the next best thing to cross their paths. But Tom was special, powerful; better than everyone else. He was bound to have a mate.

Yet they had never appeared.

He had never stopped believing. He scoured his followers' families and offspring, hoping to find one that was at least a fraction as strong as he was, and of course they had to be a child, because anyone above the age of fifteen would have matured enough to bond with him and Voldemort would have found them by now. So it was a child he searched for, a strong child, one who was powerful, Dark and his, and he considered briefly whether the Potter twin who wasn't the chosen one could have been his mate. Voldemort dismissed the thought with a chuckle: his mate was Dark, because he was.

Lord Voldemort drifted back to sleep, and awoke to find himself in that forest once more, wondering again about the twins he encountered there night after night and what their names were. He never once stopped to consider that perhaps his mate would be Light, if only to balance out his own Dark nature, and make them truly equal in the way that soulmates were meant to be.


For anyone who is unsure, Lord Voldemort looks like a slightly older Tom Riddle from the Chamber of Secrets scenes (for the moment and unless specified in the dream). Hope you enjoyed chapter 1… chapter 2 is already done, but I'm waiting to see the response to this before I add it and on my beta to finish her RL stuff.