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Chapter 4

Aaron had walked down all the dirt roads he knew. That was where he felt safe somehow. And who needed them anyway? They could go and get married and live happily ever after for all he cared. He walked along a lonely looking farm, growing tall grass that hid the home of the owner. It was a creepy place to be, this farm. He'd been scared of it as a little kid but not anymore—no need to shiver in fear.

Aaron walked on and on and allowed himself, finally, to soften about the idea of Rebecca. She was pretty nice to him. Maybe he was just being a prick. But she wasn't his mother, for goodness sakes! His mother was some drugged out drunk who called him when she thought she looked her most "mommy-ist". But it didn't matter. That was the only mother he'd ever have. No matter how messed up she was.

A car passed by, the bright lights fading away before him as it passed. Aaron now felt terrible regret. Ha! It was just like him to blow up about something, do something dramatic, and then feel bad about it and finally come around. Why couldn't he come around before he did the stupid things? Why—

Aaron stopped, suddenly realizing he'd been hearing footsteps behind him. Who would be following him? It had to be an animal. A deer or something—but, no. Those were definitely the sounds of a person's footsteps. He shuddered as he looked around the empty streets. Then he closed his eyes and gulped, turning around to face who followed him.

It was a tall, burly man that stood about fifty feet away. He just stood there, watching Aaron. Aaron shuddered and looked past the man to see and old green Ford truck parked on the side of the road, "It's a bit late, isn't it boy? Shouldn't you be home?"

Aaron half-turned around but thought it best to keep his eyes on the man. He turned back around but kept his face tilted toward the ground, "Y-yeah. On my way."

The man shook his head, "No. You don't live that way. I know who you are—you're Shawn Michael's boy. Yeah I know all about you. All about your family. Your house is that way," And with thick hands the man pointed behind himself, toward his truck, "I'll bet your dad would be mighty worried to see you out this late. There's some bad people in this world, you know."

Aaron sneered, "I'm acutely aware right now, actually."

The man laughed, "Oh you mean me? No! I'm the one that lives in that farm. You know, the one you used to stare at when you were a kid with your friends. You were all so afraid, but there was nothing to be afraid of. I was always staring back."

Aaron shuddered and took a chance at taking a step toward the road. Somehow he felt like if he could just get across the street, he'd be safer, "I think I'll be heading home now."

The man followed his step quickly and shook his head, pointing to his truck, "No. You don't need to be walking home. I know where you live. I'll give you a ride."

Aaron shuddered even worse and looked up at the man in horror, "You know where I live?"

The man smiled and nodded, "I was thinking I'd pay a visit tonight when I saw you walking down the road. But, yes, I know everything about you." The man said in a grave voice. Then he jerked his head toward his truck, "Come on. Hop in."

Aaron stood frozen for a moment, no idea what to do. He could only think of one thing, though, as the man began to walk toward him with his arm stretched out: Run.

Aaron turned and started to run as fast as he could. The wind whipped his face in a blur as the man screamed after him, now threatening him. But Aaron wouldn't stop. He stayed clear on the other side of the road—he was not going to fall into field and disappear forever. No—he would keep running until somebody saw him. But would anyone see him?

"I said come here, boy." The man growled and fear engulfed Aaron as the man tackled him to the ground, Aaron screaming out instinctively. He screamed and screamed for help as the man tried to hold him down and then resorted to beating on Aaron, "Shut up!"

Aaron tried to push the man off of him, "No! Get off me!" He screamed, but the man punched him to the ground, giving Aaron a bloody nose.

"Boy, you are going to shut up, get up, and come with me." The man growled, beating on Aaron more. Then he smiled, "You wanna know the scariest part of a farm, boy: No one can hear you scream."

Aaron gasped as the man continued to beat on him, vaguely aware of lights pulling up quickly. Two figures rushed over to them and ripped the man off. And in the halo of light Aaron looked up in shock as Shawn looked down at shock, not expecting it to be his son lying on the ground. Shawn froze for a moment and stared at his bloody and crying son.

"Shawn!" Rebecca screamed as the man began to rise. Shawn turned around, an anger building up in him that he had never felt before. He wouldn't even allow himself to say the thoughts he had in his mind as pummeled the man to the ground and began to wail on him, Shawn much stronger than the man. He muttered things that no one understood as people from the farm they were in front of came running up in their pajamas. Aaron stared in horror, dazed as he watched his father.

It was two a.m. and the Hickenbottom boys and Rebecca sat in the cold emergency room, Aaron holding ice to blackened eye. Aaron felt frozen in a state of shock and Shawn in a state of horror and anger as Rebecca rambled on nervously.

"You poor thing! You could've been killed! What if we hadn't taken that road? We almost didn't take that road!" She looked at Shawn, who stood in a corner of the room, his arms folded as he bit his lip, thinking hard, "Shawn! Say something!"

Shawn looked up and made himself release the feeling he had inside him. As a result he started to shake and tears welled in his eyes as he walked over to his son. He put his head against Aaron's and cried, "I'm so glad you're still here."

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