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Big Mountain was known for many things, Big Courses, Big characters, Big Air and as the first rays of sun for the day hit the lodge big screams. Most of the Lodges inhabitants were peacefully asleep, well, that was save for two.

"DIE! Die you excuse for a video game character! Stupid evil green lizard! Why won't you die!" Griff spurred on by the sugar rush of his frosted cornflakes was most certainly awake. The other slightly bemused but interested occupant in front of the TV was Kaori. Who; despite being Japanese really had no idea who most of the little beings were jumping up and down and attacking each other on the television.

"Griff-Kun, I really don't think yelling at it will make it die." She said thoughtfully, balancing her plate of toast on her knees and munching away on a piece happily.

"But Kaori." Griff turned his childish face to her, pausing the game and speaking in a voice much more define for his 12 years of age. "In a game as excruciatingly difficult as this, there is no point playing; if you simply cannot yell insults at it."

Kaori picked up the game box where the certificate stated 12+, surely it couldn't be that difficult. "It's your turn anyway." Griff stated standing up to sit on the couch and handing her the controller.

"I'm not sure I'll be any good..." Kaori trailed off as she picked a character, deciding on what looked like a small little pink marshmallow.

"That's why I'm teaching you to play, see?" Griff stated matter-of-factly.

It soon became apparent to Kaori, that it wasn't as easy as she had thought it might be. Kaori wasn't completely oblivious to video games, she had a small little DS Lite, her brother had bought her for Christmas; with Style Boutique and Nintendogs among other things. But she didn't own an actual console. It was totally not used to the controls. "Stupid evil little Baka!" Kaori was yelling. "DIE!" She cried out intently staring at the screen and punching buttons for all it was worth. "TEME!"

Griff sucked on his lips, his eyes a little wide in shock. He had no idea what she was yelling but it sure was loud... enough to wake a sleeping lion in fact-

"DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH!" Kaori and Griff jumped at the roar, Toast and controllers flying everywhere as Psymon appeared angrily in the doorway. Griff knew he was in trouble enough not to comment on Psymon's delightful underwear, which consisted of white boxes with love hearts all over it.

Kaori trembled before Psymon let off some sort of unfathomable tribal yell and started after. Griff dived off of the back of the couch onto the floor, as Psymon dived over it sending it flying backwards as Kaori let out a scream and ducked under the maniacs outstretched arms. Psymon launched himself after her, of course now he was chasing her; they were making a hell of a lot more noise than Griff and Kaori were doing moments ago.

"AAAIIIIIEEEEEE!" Kaori flung open the door to the room she shared with Elise and Zoe as Psymon came hurtling after her.


"ELISE! ZOE! SAVE MEEEEE!" She cried throwing herself around Elise's bed as Psymon advanced on her.

Elise, was awake; and sitting up, her hair all over her face but still managing to look like her stunning; beautiful; amazon; supermodel self sat up. "Hey, Hey!" She cried pushing Psymon back across the bed, "Sketchy what the hell is going on!"

"Here's what's going on BUDDY!" Psymon yelled. "The day we get married is the day I send that little brat back to Japan! GET THE PICTURE! It's me." Here he pointed proudly at himself. "Or her!" He flung his arm out at Kaori and growled.

By now, the majority of the lodge had congregated outside of their room. Elise gave a lazy yawn, stretched and answered. "Her."

"What!" Psymon spluttered incredulously.

"H.E.R Her." Elise stated shaking her head at him. "For two reasons. One; I have no idea what crazy monkey zoo you were bred in Stark to make you think we-" Here she flicked her perfect manicured forefinger between them a couple of times. "Are getting married, and two; she is nowhere near as annoying." She answered. "Now, go away."

"Well I wouldn't wanna marry you anyway!" Psymon recovered diving over Elise to get at the Japanese girl. "Get back here now Squeaky!"

"AIIEE!" Kaori dived under Zoe's bed as Elise irritably pushed Psymon off of her with a tremendous oaf.

Zoe, sat up and as Psymon started to pick himself up; frowned at him, being the only person who could usually control him she shrugged. "What did she do anyway!"

"She was screaming and woke me up!" Psymon cried.

Practically everyone rolled their eyes at this, even Griff; who stood behind Nate couldn't see and had no idea what was going on. At this point, Moby decided to make his opinion known. "Yeah god forbid you wake Sketchy up when he's having his beauty sleep." He snorted before adding, "Not that it does much."

"JONES!" Rahzell sat up in bed yawning at the new tremor of noise ricocheting around the Lodge. He looked as the clock on his bedside table before continuing to listen to the unmistakable sounds of a chase going on. "YOU GET THAT ENGLISH ASS OF YOURS HERE JONES, I'LL SHOVE SOME SCONES UP IT!"

"Meant nothing by it mate!" Moby retorted, "Really got the wrong end of the stick-!"





Rahzell gave a sigh and shook his head. "All this and it's only seven am."

Two hours later, after a waking ritual which although slightly different in some way; seemed to occur almost every day, they were all accounted for at Snow Jam. "Well this morning dawned chirpily." Viggo stated sarcastically to Allegra as he stifled a long yawn.

"No shit Sherlock." She replied tying her bandana up and sighing.

Nate started to begin to tell everyone of his own ritual of having to get up at five every morning back at his ranch in Colorado but was thankfully silenced by Psymon starting to laugh maniacally and loudly at a joke his tattoo had just told him.

Rahzell made his way towards them with a clipboard. "Right gang!" he stated, "You all want to ride today, fine no problem; but I warned you all at breakfast about the unstable activity in this area-"

"You never told us anything at breakfast." Moby argued.

Rahzell heaved a sigh and groaned. "Yes I did Jones, it's not my fault if you were too busy stuffing your face full of pancakes, egg and bacon to pay any attention, My point is don't break your necks out there. Except you Stark." He added as an afterthought, "You go break your neck if it'll make you happy."

Moby interjected. "The only thing that makes him happy is his right hand and lube."

"Don't be thick, I don't need lube." Psymon argued. Rahzell opened his mouth to say something, but thinking better of it shook his head. "Does anyone have anything to say that's actually a question or something appropriate?" He asked glaring at Moby. Moby chuckled and nodded.

"I have got one other thing to ask." he stated, "It's a serious question, with an answer that all of us here wish to know. So you can't get angry at me Rahzell for asking." Rahzell sucked in a deep breath of air as Moby made his question known. "On a scale of one to Perez Hilton how gay is Viggo?" Ignoring Viggo's argumentative yells, and several sniggers; Rahzell went to yell at Moby again; but before he could however, slowly out of the corner of his eye, he saw Psymon raise his hand. Knowing full well he would be better to ignore it, against his better judgement Rahzell addressed the crazy Canadian.

"Yes Stark?" He asked; forcefully smiling through gritted teeth.

"Yes." Psymon stood straight and cleared his throat momentously. There was a dramatically long pause as Psymon looked around to make sure he had everyone's attention. When he was certain he did; he raised two gloved hands "Allegra is ginger and she has no soul!"

Rahzell gave an incomprehensible yell as he walked away.

As it turned out however, Rahzell had been quite right about the unstable activity. There had been some serious storms in the night, and anything that hadn't already shifted was now waiting dangerously for any tiny interruption of order to cause anything hazardous to become a disaster. Such as a squirrel trying to get a nut for example. Anyone who knows Squirrels, know how determine they can be for food, even going at great lengths to pass a man made obstacle course for example to get them. This Squirrel was no different, and as it forcefully tugged free the nut it had been attempting to seize, it was of no concern to the squirrel as it sat on the highest branch of a tree to eat it; that it had just caused the biggest avalanche in big mountains history.

I hope this was enjoyed by most of you. I'm not planning on making this very long. Faith is giving me a hand with some bits but she's too busy to co write it so it's just me at the moment. :3