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Moby had to admit, his plan of wooing Allegra was not going to what he thought was his well defined plans. She was like Zoe, but worse, at least Zoe would laugh and joke and flirt back... Allegra was just exceptionally angry; like a volcano wanting to burst. He wasn't entirely sure what had put her in a ratty mood; he knew of course it couldn't possibly be his charming demeanour... Surely not.

Allegra meanwhile was trying to worry a lot more than over Moby and his sex drive. She was still trying to find a way out, and it wasn't going that smoothly. Every turn they took usually ended up as a dead end and Allegra didn't want to go deeper and deeper into the mountain and get lost forever like those awful horror movies Viggo made her watch. "Ugh." She stated finally "I think we're really lost."

"How lost?" Moby asked.

Allegra's eye twitched. "Really lost." She stated.

"Lost enough to share one final passionate moment before romantically committing suicide together?" Moby asked hopefully.

As another yelp echoed through the caverns, Allegra was absolutely sure her fist had never had this type of work out before.

Zoe turned another corner with her M-Comm light and sighed, yet another fork in the tunnels and she was no closer to getting where she wanted to be. Her mountain survival instincts knew what to look for along the walls, it just seemed like they weren't getting anywhere. They'd already come across two blocked up tunnels, and she wasn't pleased about this at all since they were two ways she knew full well would find an exit. She wasn't about to tell Viggo and make him worry, he was irritating enough without him squealing like a woman they were lost.

"This cave is disgusting." Viggo announced, lifting his foot gingerly as he stepped in a pool of cold water.

"Well sorry I can't provide you 5 star comforts." Zoe muttered irritably, "No shut up I hear something."

Viggo opening his mouth to retort; snapped it shut and cast his ears around trying to listen to what Zoe claimed she could hear. Sure enough there was some sort of awful wailing sound emitting from the end of one of the forked pathways. "What is that!" He claimed, "It's sounds like some sort of ghoul with constipation."

Zoe gave a sigh, ghoul with constipation it was not. Only one thing sounded that traumatic and Zoe without speaking a word headed off in direction of the cat like screeches.

"W-Wait for me!" Viggo yelled, clambering after her.


"Sketchy, I'm freaking warning you, shut up." Elise snarled dangerously, even from her precarious position of being balanced upon Kaori's shoulder.

"Look!" Psymon replied haughtily, "Mr. Tattoo says if we don't make loads of noise then no one will hear us!"

"Well Elise says if you continue to make more noise then having someone find us will be the least of Mr. Tattoo's freaking worries!" She hissed.

"Maybe a different song Tattoo Boy." Psymon turned around and continued walking, "She doesn't like that one. MY COCK IS MUCH BIGGER THAN YOURS-"

Elise stared open mouthed as Kaori took a brief moment to cover Griff's ears... who was simply staring at Psymon in awe and wonder. "I'll need a pay rise after this." Elise stated. "I am going to make Rahzell's life a living hell."

"Why?" Kaori asked, wincing at the eruption of decibels in the background.

"For making me put up with this monstrosity." Elise pointed a finely manicured finger at Psymon who had now in full swing of some sort of tribal rain dance that Brodi might be proud of. "And" She added as an afterthought "For being right."

When Powder Pete landed his aeroplane down, he had to admit, he'd never really seen an avalanche like it. Rahzell was good to have called him and as he hoisted his survival gear onto his back and opened the back door to his small aircraft; the frantic tour manager was running towards him. "Pete! There you are!"

Pete tipped his hat in greeting and surveyed the general area giving a low whistle as Rahzell started muttering and winging in his ear... although to be honest Pete wasn't really listening. "Yo Rahzell, what caused it?" He asked.

Rahzell stopped with his long-winded explanation and shrugged. "I have no idea... But I WARNED THEM-"

Knowing the tirade was going to last a while, Pete started off in the direction of the entrances when something black and orange caught his eye... "Is that Fraser?" He asked pointing.

Rahzell gave a scream and ran off wildly through the snow in Mac's direction to meet him. Pete gave a long sigh; things were always interesting on the SSX circuit that was for sure.

Nate had left most of his belongings and a note explaining he would be back near the entrance to where he had let Mac escape, whilst he navigated the caverns searching for the others. With only his torch and a few necessary items in his pockets he headed in some of the directions he knew better leaving arrows left with chalk on the walls in the hope that if he missed anyone they might find them and follow them back to where Mac was bringing the rescue team.

So far luck hadn't been with him. Mac had been gone for about an hour and he hadn't found anyone injured or otherwise. He wasn't sure who exactly he was looking for, since he had no idea if anyone else was even trapped, but his instincts told him he wasn't the only one in the avalanches flow.

It took him ten minutes later before he got any signs of life... and that came in the form of arguing. He couldn't work out who it was exactly but slowly and carefully he followed it and eventually in the distance saw the glimmer of something bright that may possibly be an M-Comm. "HEY!" He shouted, "ANYONE THERE!"

"What's that?" Allegra cried happily spinning around.

Moby groaned, "Nothing love nothing." He stated waving it off. "Your imagination, see you're going delirious all this time without a man you're hearing things." His last ditch effort in vain as Allegra began running up towards a bright light in the distance Moby gave a shrug. "Ah well," he muttered to himself, "Was worth a shot."

"Allegra is that you!" Nate cried as his torch shone across a female figure.

"Yes!" She stated grateful stopping besides him a smile on her freckled face, "Moby is with me too... unfortunately." She added rolling her eyes as the Englishman stopped besides her.

"Please." Moby stated, "You were all over me back there! Couldn't keep your hands off of me if I remember correctly."


When Zoe rounded the corner, she was not expecting to see Psymon waving his hands up and down in the air whilst hopping around on one foot. Granted, she was used to his more frequent and ridiculous antics but sometimes... Well sometimes it got too much, and she threw him through windows. But this was too unreal to believe.

"He looks like a Goron." Griff commented to Kaori who just blinked in confusion.

"Uhhh." Kaori looked bewildered and then noticed the punky tough girl staring incredulously at Psymon. "Zoe!" She cried happily.

Psymon stopped dead in the middle of his dance recital, looking like a small child at Christmas. As Elise muttered something thankful under her breath, Zoe realised all too late what her appearance meant as Psymon threw himself at her like a cat who wanted cream.


The black and red haired woman gave a yell as she fell backwards with an oof, surprisingly landing on something soft as Psymon shook her wildly. "Did you MISS MEEEEEEEE!" He yelled gleefully. "MR TATTOO IS SOOOOOOO Pleased to see YOUUUUUUUU!" Zoe gave a grunt and with force pushed the psycho off of her with a laugh "Yeah good to see you too Sketchy." She answered.

"Ummmm guys." Kaori stated.

"Yes Squeaky?" Psymon answered a bright smile on his face as he peered closely at her.

Shuddering Kaori pushed him away and pointed at Zoe, "Who's that?"

"Zoe you idiot." Psymon snapped.

"No, no. Under Zoe-San." Kaori answered pointing.

All five members of the circuit peered at Zoe and unanimously their eyes travelled further down. "Oh crap." Zoe muttered standing up quickly.

Viggo spluttered and coughed completely winded.

"Whoops." Psymon commented.

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