Hey, reader. How'd you like the chance to deservedly flame a Mary-Sue? You've come to the right place. Welcome.


Once upon a time, a few years ago actually, I was at the orthodontist. One procedure they needed to do for me was to make a mold of my teeth using some really nasty paste gunk that they stick in your mouth. In order to keep from gagging I let my thoughts wander to other things like…Naruto Mary-sues.

I LOVE reading mary-sue fanfictions, you guys, because I get such a good laugh out of them. I love reading the flames because the author plain and simply deserves them. There's also something to be said for good OC stories, but sadly it's the bad ones that usually attract me. If there's a good OC story that gets my attention then the OC it centers on is probably really realistic or funny or easy to sympathize with. But this fanfiction isn't about the good OCs.

I am going to write a mary-sue story/parody story, featuring a new mary-sue character, new author, and a new NarutocharacterXOC pairing every chapter, because it will be such a piece of moose crap that it will bring joy and lolz to good and reasonable fanfic-ers everywhere.

And, just in case I haven't impressed it upon you enough:









Because it will be so hilarious. Think about it. Grammar-and-spelling inclined/original and reliable fanfiction author writing a piece of junk you would expect from a 13-or-14-year-old noob author. Oh the irony D:

I will keep the chapters here fairly short. Isn't that how most mary-sue authors are? (Well I guess I could put my all into it and once in a while write a oneshot several thousand words long, bringing you roughly three times the Marysewage. But usually, these kinds of authors write short, absolutely laughable chapters and then ask you to review, using more exclamation marks than needed or wanted and typing with so many grammar and spelling mistakes you'd think they were on drugs. All kinds of drugs. Or maybe their writing is actually fair, but it's just jam-packed with descriptions on why their OC is so cool.

Also be aware that I will create a little persona at the end of each chapter.

Like instead of me, Storm, giving my standard ANs, there will be some random author I imagine like UchihaWifeXDDD saying "wasnt that KAWAII! OMG, I love Sasuke lolz review pretty pwease!"


So, read these pathetic little Mary-sue one-shots. Flame them. Tell the "author" how much they need work and how they should find a new site to dump their toxic-waste tales. Or maybe you can tell me how hard you laughed. Or both. We'll all get a kick from it. For once you need not be held back by society's standard politeness and you can let all your enraged, true feelings show.

The first chapter will be by an author I made up named "FallenRaindancer" and about her mary-sue named Nanami Harukiya, who is the Jinchuuriki of the eight-tailed bijuu. Nanami will, naturally, be paired with Sasuke. Watch my writing skills OWN at the art of FAIL.

See you really soon, because these chapters will be pathetically short and easy and stupid.

Ta…Storm, for the only time in this story, since a new "author" will be telling you goodbye in each chapter

(Note: you may recognize this story from a long time back, and that's because it is actually a year or two old and is now being re-posted. I took it down once because I thought it might insult my friends and their Naruto OCs once I finally became brave enough to show them all my fanfictions. Well I showed them, provided a link for them and told them the things I write, and they continued on like nothing had happened. Since they clearly don't care of this hobby that I've wanted to show them for literally years, I no longer care about not offending them. Let's get to the flaming.)

(Note 2: Remember that the story was posted over a year and a half ago. The first chapter was posted in March or 2009, I think. This means that Killer Bee did not exist at the time I imagined Nanami the eight-tailed bijuu, so no, she is not just ignoring Bee's existence. This is one—JUST ONE—item that you can forgive her for, but if you still wanna flame about it, I won't mind ;D)