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## Unknown location ##

"Damn it, Yukari!" the younger of the sisters cursed the gap youkai.

Obviously, Yukari was teasing the sisters about their princess. After all, Kaguya Houraisen was an important and crucial lunarian for the lunar capital.

"Like I said, he might taint your princess, or he might not; that depends on his actions" Yukari teased.

The younger sister, Yorihime, grunted profanities at the gap hag.

"Yorihime, it's not lady-like to use words like that; be thankful that our guest knows the location of our princess. Our new pet, Reisen, has confirmed that Kaguya-sama is, indeed, somewhere in that land. Even though we have confirmation, that doesn't excuse her from fleeing down there" Toyohime, the elder sister, told her younger sister with a relaxed expression.

Toyohime slouched forward with interest at Yukari's information.

"As I said, this all depends on his actions; if he pursues her with interest, he may taint the princess. If not, then it'll all be fine and dandy" Yukari added.

"True, but if what you say is true about him and Kaguya-sama, then maybe she'll become a better leader than before" Toyohime agreed.

"Hey, sister, are you really going to gamble on this? Even though Reisen confirmed Kaguya-sama being there, and Yukari confirming this, what makes you think they're both telling the truth? For all I know, Yukari met Reisen there, and tricked her into believing Kaguya-sama was there" Yorihime objected.

This disbelief made Yukari cringe.

"Now why would I do such a thing as that?" the gap hag asked skeptically.

"I know you well enough that you like to pull these sort of tricks. Believe me, I've done my research" Yorihime pointed out.

The younger sister got Yukari with that this time.

"Oh, so you think you know about me? Alright then, what am I scheming right now?" Yukari challenged.

"You're trying to provoke us into a prank of yours" Yorihime declared.

"And I was hoping you'd be a little more specific than that if you knew what I was up to" Yukari sighed in disbelief.

"Uh, Yorihime, you don't know what she's planning, do you?" Toyohime hesitantly asked her sister.

"Shut up! She's definitely up to something, and I know it!" Yorihime declared.

"Fine, fine. I'll have another talk with you some other time" Yukari said to them before disappearing into a gap.

With Yukari gone, the Watatsuki sisters sighed with relief. Toyohime sighed because of the lunar capital princess been found, but Yorihime sighed about being made fun of by the sisters indirectly, though secretly glad that their princess was found.

## Myouren Temple ##

It was the start of morning.

Byakuren Hijiri was furious after realizing that something happened in the mausoleum near the temple. She was pacing back and forth in her room grumbling about her situation getting worse.

"Hijiri-sama, what's wrong?" Shou Toramaru, one of her friends and disciple of Bishamonten, asked her.

"Those divine spirits! Something's caused them to weaken the seal on Toyosatomimi no Miko's grave, thus awakening her!" the she-monk screamed.

She was clutching her head as though a major crisis has happened.

"What's so important about this Miko person?" the disciple asked again.

Byakuren stopped and turned to Shou.

"She's the traitor to Buddhism who secretly practiced Taoism to achieve immortality!" Hijiri told her.

Upon hearing the short explanation, Shou was left clueless.

"Uh, why is that a bad thing?" she asked.

"Buddhists are not supposed to desire immortality or resort to cheap methods of attaining it. It's rather taboo, and as such, she needed to be sealed with her memories of Taoism erased! That's why the seal on her was so important!" Byakuren explained a little more thoroughly.

She then added, "That's what I'm about to ask you to do; take Nazrin, Ichirin and Unzan, and Nue with you to investigate the mausoleum. Find out what happened there with the divine spirits and check on whether Toyosatomimi no Miko is still sealed"

"Right away!" Shou agreed, and then set off for the mausoleum.

Shou ran off and rounded up her peers to investigate.

Unknown to Byakuren, Yukari was spying on her conversation from a well-hidden gap.

"You idiot, that place is full of those dark shadow things!"

Knowing this would mean danger if Shou and her peers investigated the mausoleum and encountered the shadows, it would mean disaster.

On the other hand, she was just as curious as to the events in there from what Reimu told her, and the divine spirits as well were a mystery to her. If she were to let things go as they are now, Hijiri probably wouldn't see her followers alive. Though, she would have to forcefully break her expert's promise to Eirin to stop the investigation… for their safety.

## Eientei ##

Morning hit Eientei, about 7:30 give or take.

Tewi was laughing to herself about something, Eirin was sipping coffee, and Reisen was making breakfast in the kitchen/dining room.

Kaguya came in, yawning all the while.

"Good morning…" Kaguya greeted half-asleep.

"Good morning" Eirin greeted.

By now, Kaguya plopped onto an open seat and rested her head on the table.

"That idiot better wake up soon; he still needs to wrap up that thing about priorities" Eirin muttered.


This sudden yell from nearby startled everyone, except Kaguya who jumped in surprise only to fall back on the table. The yell also happened to have come from across the hall in one of the bedrooms.

At this point, Tewi began howling in laughter.

"Tewi, dare I ask what you did to him?" Reisen asked her peer.

"Hehehehe, it's a secret" Tewi giggled mischievously.

"Oh, you mean the Brittleroot Muldavin powder? That stuff causes nightmares-"


"Wha-! Why is there a fairy next to me!"

That yell interrupted Eirin, who was about to lecture the earth rabbit on the substance the prankster used, until the sudden yell about a fairy.

"Huh? That's not part of the prank I pulled on him" Tewi was surprised at this.

"Oh, great… What do you want, Yukari?"

"Ah, that explains a lot… that gap hag pranked him after I did; how suspicious" Tewi replied.

"Yukari!" Eirin jumped at the sound of, and mention of, Yukari nearby.

Eirin quickly got out of her seat and rushed to the room she heard his voice in.

## Damion's (temporary) room ##

Inside, the necromancer just woke up. The fairy that screamed was wearing a blue dress with green hair. Clearly, she was terrified of suddenly ending up next to a male without warning.

This, unfortunately, was the worst time for him to wake up, and especially worse when Eirin barged into the room.

"Damn it, what's going on now!" he groaned with a face-palm.

The fairy backed up into a wall opposite side of the room of the necromancer.

"Good timing, Eirin. I was just about to get you to discuss the reason I'm here" Yukari said to the pharmacist.

Eirin sat down on her knees between the necromancer and the gap hag.

"Alright, explain" was Eirin's response. Her tone was that of irritation.

"First, that fairy is a Persona user" Yukari began.

This little bit of information took a few moments to register with the two of them. The fairy, on the other hand, was confused as much as she is frightened.

"And you know this… how?" the young man asked the gap hag skeptically.

"Sanae Kochiya brought her to Reimu's shrine a week before I brought you in, and told said person what happened. Sanae didn't tell me what that other fairy was that disappeared into a card and vanished. From what you told me a few days ago, I assumed it was a Persona. Sadly, I did not get to see what that fairy-like Persona looked like." Yukari explained.

"A fairy-like Persona? I know a few that are possible matches, but that depends on what that fairy Persona looks like" Damion muttered.

"I only knew it was a fairy-like Persona because of its size and wing size, as well as shape. I couldn't get the right details about it" Yukari mentioned.

"Dai-chan, do you mind showing us that fairy you saw?" Eirin asked the fairy gently.

"Dai-chan?" the necromancer asked Eirin.

"Her name is Daiyousei. Despite her name, she's quite timid. I don't know why she's afraid of you though" Eirin answered.

The fairy, Daiyousei, was hesitant to approach the three of them.

"Eirin, how much does she trust you?" the necromancer asked Eirin.

"She's not afraid of me, but I'm not sure what you're getting at" Eirin replied.

"We'll need a better description of her Persona; a picture, describing features, anything. I know that fairy Personas are generally low-stats, but it depends on the fairy. Could you get her something to write or scribble on for details?" he asked her.

"Alright, I'll be right back" Eirin agreed with uncertainty.

The doctress got up to get some paper and crayons from the desk nearby and went to the frightened fairy.

After a while of explaining the situation in simple terms so that the fairy could understand, Daiyousei somehow agreed to help, and began drawing a picture of the fairy she saw.

The picture in question showed a tiny fairy with clear wings and a blue leotard.

Once the picture was complete, Eirin escorted Daiyousei to the group. The fairy was holding onto Eirin for emotional support. Damion took the picture from Eirin and glanced at the content. Upon doing so, he immediately recognized the fairy in the picture.

"Tch, that one's Pixie. I don't know whether Daiyousei's has the same 'special' growth as Chen's Nekomata until I see her Persona card" Damion muttered.

"I'm not a pixie! I'm a fairy, you idiot!" Daiyousei angrily screamed at him.

"Dai-chan, it's your Persona that's named Pixie, not you" the necromancer retorted.

When he corrected her, Daiyousei quickly hid behind Eirin.

"Dai-chan, do you remember that card you got from the fairy?" Eirin said to the frightened fairy softly.

The doctress knew that every Persona user is needed to defend Gensokyo from the shadows. Personas that have limited growth won't be that useful.

Daiyousei, slowly being comforted by the doctress, nodded 'yes' to Eirin's question.

"Ok, do you mind letting me see that card?"

This time the green-haired fairy became hesitant. She then flew up to Eirin's ear and whispered something.

"Oh, no… he's not going to steal your friend; he wants to see how strong she is. I won't let him take your friend away from you" Eirin replied.

Once that was established, Daiyousei summoned the Persona card from her mind and materialized it into physical form.

The pharmacist gently took the card from the fairy and passed it to the shadow expert.

Glancing at the stats and skills so far, he sighed in disappointment.

"This Persona is a step-up from the standard one; has many level-up skills and a decent skill-pool to start with. Three skills; Dia, Patra, and Zionga. Dia is weak healing, Patra removes most of the mental ailments in battle, and Zionga is a medium electric skill. As for battle, it's strong against wind but weak to fire" Damion muttered as he looked over the Persona card.

"Where does that leave Daiyousei in the battle? Good? Bad?" Eirin asked.

"She'll be good against enemies weak to zio skills, as well as healer. Pretty much support/electric oriented. I doubt Daiyousei's physical strength is any good, but Pixie's magic stat will compensate for attack. In other words, she's around average and somewhat ok in battle" Damion summarized. (1)

Daiyousei, after hearing this, swiped her Pixie Persona card back from the necromancer.

"Ok, that leaves the question of whether Daiyousei knows how Personas work" he muttered.

"How they work?" Daiyousei asked timidly.

Damion sighed.

"Fighting shadows has a whole different set of rules than danmaku…" Damion began, but…

"Reimu told me danmaku doesn't affect those shadows" Yukari interrupted.

"Ok, so danmaku doesn't work" he repeated. "Back to the point; when fighting shadows, you put your life at stake. Health works in numbers, and 'magic' uses Spirit Points. Your spirit points is your 'magic' that you use to pull off offensive or defensive skills with Personas, but you can use health to cast more powerful physical attacks. Are you following, Dai-chan?"

The fairy, slowly taking in the information, nodded. She still, however, was afraid of him.

"Alright, most shadows have elemental strengths and weaknesses, like in the case of magic, but in seven offensive categories. Fire, Ice, Wind, Electricity, Light, Dark, and Physical. Basic elements are the first four, but light and dark are instant-death skills. Physical isn't technically a 'magic' skill, but works similar to using 'magic' skills" he continued explaining.

"Support skills, you can tell us later. There's something more urgent right now" Yukari interrupted.

Upon interruption, Damion became irritated.

"Alright, what's so important that I needed to stop?" he asked sternly.

"Some idiots from the Myouren Temple are headed to investigate the mausoleum. I fear their safety against the shadows, so I'm sending you to stop them. This fairy will help you fight them in danmaku should the need arise…"

"What!" Daiyousei and Damion screamed together and leaned forward in protest.

"As I said, those idiots are walking towards something they're not going to be able to stand against"

"Hold on, why didn't you stop them yourself by getting in their way?" Damion protested.

Yukari huffed.

"Do you really think they're going to listen to me? I'm famous for pulling fast ones on a whim, so trust is an issue"

"Tch, I hope this is as simple as you make it sound, unless there's something more that you're not telling me" he answered skeptically.

"Just get keep them away from the mausoleum, that's all. Use your minions to fight danmaku if you need to; Daiyousei is support for either battle type" Yukari replied.

"Eh!" Daiyousei screamed.

"That's up to Daiyousei; it's her choice whether she'll help or not…"

"I'll help out" Daiyousei suddenly declared, with timidity kicking in at the last moment.

The fairy slowly crept out from behind Eirin towards the young man. As she was doing so, she was mustering the courage to try and trust him. Sure, he had the aura of evil about him, and that scared the fairy, but he hasn't shown aggression to her.

The necromancer saw Daiyousei's tiny bit of bravery and extended his hand slowly to her. The fairy was tempted to back off quickly, but she continued to proceed forward to try and trust him.

Fortunately, she was able to shake hands with him.

"Alright, it seems you've taken the first step towards trust and bravery in my goal of helping Gensokyo fight back against the shadows" he said to the timid fairy.

Daiyousei nodded slowly.

"Alright, now that you two are trusting of one another, let's get you to work; I'm anticipating that those idiots will persist in seeing what happened in the mausoleum, so that's why I'm having Daiyousei help you with the danmaku and shadows" Yukari interjected.

"Just be sure to bring him back in an hour; he's scheduled to continue with priorities" Eirin reminded them.

"Yeah, I know; Just… I don't know how long it'll take to convince some temple disciples to steer clear of that place" he sighed with defeat.

Before anyone could say another word, Yukari opened a gap underneath Daiyousei and Damion, and said necromancer's minions, which caused them to fall into the unknown that is Yukari's gap.

"You could've gotten Reimu and Sanae to do the job, you know that?" Eirin muttered.

"They wouldn't bother with small matters like this; I asked them" Yukari replied before gapping herself out of the room.

A while later, Eirin left the room to scold Tewi for stealing her ingredient.

## Outside the mausoleum cave ##

The young man and fairy landed pretty hard on the ground.

"Ah! It's that violent guy!" someone yelled nearby.

The voice belonged to a mouse youkai, Nazrin. She was apparently reading the Bunbunmaru newspaper and sharing the contents with her superior and friends.

"He is?" Shou Toramaru asked, looking over the necromancer.

By now, said necromancer and his fairy companion helped themselves up off the ground.

"Geez, doesn't that gap hag know how to gently get people around with her powers?" he muttered while helping himself up.

He then noticed Shou and her group… until he saw 'Kat'. (2)

Nue, being the youkai she is, let her power go the moment she saw him, creating an illusion based on the fears of humans that she plans to scare.

"SSHHHHIIIIIIIIITTT!" he screamed. Upon doing so, he ran straight for the cave leading to the mausoleum.

"Fwa, hahahahaa!" Nue laughed at her illusion being successful (her illusion only works on humans that she plans to scare).

Daiyousei, upon seeing her partner flee like that, became very nervous.

"Wait a minute!" Shou yelled at the fleeing necromancer.

Unfortunately, her voice didn't make it in time, nor was it heard by the intended person.

"Nue! You shouldn't have done that!" Ichirin scolded the illusionist.

"Huh… the violent guy was afraid of something… how pathetic" Nazrin commented.

"Eh? Violent?" Daiyousei asked the mouse youkai.

"Here, take a look"

The mouse youkai handed the fairy the newspaper and read the article she was referring to.

"New Shikigami user sighted; attacks defenseless witches and summons assassins

This new shikigami user is a young man with a violent attitude and will attack any witch he sees. His first victim managed to survive his onslaught and flee his wrath. Victim, Marisa Kirisame, interviewed talks about being brutally attacked.

"It was terrible! People like him are scum to all of the men out there. His reason for attacking me… I think was because I wanted to see something of his"

When interviewed, he grew violent over a few questions about his personal life. Rumor has it he can summon assassins with a gun-like object.

The assassin in question was tall, wears a metal helmet, long black coat, and a large sword. The body structure is that of a protagonist from a movie.

Violent he may be, but he seems more focused on these new youkai he calls 'shadows'. Little is known about this new kind of youkai, except that only things called 'Personas' can fight back the 'shadows'."

As Daiyousei read the article, she became confused.

"Violent? He didn't seem violent back in Eientei; rather, far from violent" the fairy commented.

"Huh? Are you talking about the guy Nue scared off?" Nazrin asked Daiyousei in disbelief.

Shou seemed confused at hearing the different opinions of the person Nue just scared.

After a while, the necromancer emerged from the cave, but with friends… undead friends. The number of his 'friends' were around 30.

Shou, along with her peers, were startled by seeing the amount of skeletons behind him. This left them with little choice but to get ready for battle. Daiyousei, on the other hand, went back to being frightened of him.

"Alright, Kat. You followed me here, and now it's time for you to go back to Heaven!" the young man threatened 'Kat'.

Upon the threat, Nue decided to continue her charade, still thinking it's a prank.

"And so what? I'm still here, right?" Nue threatened back with a tone that mimicked seriousness.

Ichirin knew the situation would escalate into something worse than just shouting, and NOT danmaku battle.

Her familiar, Unzan, somehow communicated to its master. Ichirin agreed with her familiar's opinion and took action; she had Unzan whack Nue on the head.

"OUCH!" Nue screamed as she clutched her head.

This caused the illusionist to lose her focus, and her illusion on the young man to drop.

"What the!" the necromancer yelped when he saw the illusion drop.

Scratching the back of her head, Nue held her spear at him threateningly.

"Damn it, who are you now?" he asked confoundedly.

"That's Nue Houjou" Nazrin answered him.

He looked at Nazrin, then at Nue. Processing the information was tricky because of her name and what she was; it was hard for him to believe that one is named after their species.

"How is it that she is named after her species?" he wondered softly.

"Eh! His violence just stopped!" Dai-chan was surprised at the sudden mood change.

"Violent? Where do you get off with me being that sort of person?" he asked the fairy.

The fairy responded by showing him the newspaper and article about him.

The necromancer read the article a few times.

"Damn that Tengu" he grumbled irritatedly while face-palming.

"Alright, if you're done with your army, could you please move them so we can go about our business? Hijiri-sama needs us to check something out in that cave" Shou asked him nicely, trying to excuse herself and her peers from any more shenanigans.

When the young man and the fairy heard them mention 'check something out' and 'cave', they immediately got defensive.

"Sorry, but that place is too dangerous. Shadows are waiting to attack the weak-minded" he explained.

Shou and her peers weren't buying it, save for Ichirin who seemed to have an idea of what the situation.

"Shadows? You mean the new youkai from the Bunbunmaru?" the nun-like youkai asked with stoic concern.

Shou, Nazrin, and Nue quickly turned to Ichirin as though she was betraying them.

"Kumoi, are you saying he's the one from the paper?" Shou turned to ask her.

Ichirin and Unzan nodded.

"Unzan says he's sure about it, but not sure about all this" Ichirin answered.

"Either way, I can't let you in there…" the necromancer began, but was interrupted when Nue tackled him.


"Go, now!" Nue ordered.

Daiyousei was at a loss; Nue forcefully knocked down the young man who was not letting them through.

Shou, Nazrin, and Ichirin and Unzan nodded and rushed past the fairy towards the cave leading to the mausoleum.

"I didn't like you at first, and now I know I don't like you at all. You think you can exterminate one type of youkai simply because you call them dangerous?" Nue threatened him.

"Daiyousei, go protect them from the shadows; I'll deal with this ignorant prick" Damion ordered the fairy.

Daiyousei, still shocked from Nue's sudden behavior change, managed to hear his order. She nodded quietly and flew as fast as she could into the cave after the Myouren Temple group.

Once the fairy was out of sight, he turned his attention to the illusionist.

He got back on his feet a few seconds later and readied his Evoker to his head.

"Why are you arguing over those 'shadows' when you don't know the first thing about them; I studied them in their world while fighting them at the same time" the necromancer argued.

"It's not right to simply kill because they exist; they have emotions and feelings too!" Nue made her counter-argument.

Neither person was going to back down.

"Look, I'd rather talk, but Hijiri-sama's orders must be held, and I'm not apologizing for tackling you. Please, step down or I'll seriously get mad" Nue threatened.

"You brought this upon yourself to not listen to me when I said the shadows are dangerous, and continued to insist that they're things that can live. They are things that devour the minds of individuals that have the potential to have Personas" he tried explaining. He still had his evoker pointed to his head. "They are born from human emotions and given physical form; in other words, embodiments of a personality, acting on instinct to hunt Personas"

"You're not making sense" Nue replied, still with her stern expression.

"Just trust me on this; they're dangerous. Too long to explain, not enough time to do the explanation and…"

"MAMI-CHAN! HELP ME!" Nue screamed loudly.

Rustling sounds were heard near the two, and then a woman jumped out of the tree closest to the necromancer.


He was knocked to the ground again.


He was sliding on the ground for a few seconds, kicking up dirt.

"Don't you DARE hurt my friends!" This woman yelled at the necromancer.

The young man slowly helped himself up off the ground, and he was pissed.

"You damn illusionist. I'm trying to tell you those 'new youkai' aren't youkai at all!" he retorted to Nue. Then turned to the woman he was just kicked by.

The woman in question was wearing a brass-color shirt with a maroon-color skirt. On her head was a leaf. She had those glasses that pinch the nose to stay on their face. Strapped to her right hand was a notepad, and strapped to her left hand was a jug of what was presumably sake. The most distinguishing feature about this woman was her large raccoon tail.

"Hey! Don't put down my friends!" the raccoon woman yelled at him.

"Alright then, if you really insist on listening to her lies, I'll have to take YOU on before you and that illusionist will listen to me" he retorted.

The woman nodded.

## Battle against raccoon woman ##

The raccoon lady started things off by rushing up to him again and throwing a hard sucker-punch to his face (100% reduced to 93% health to Damion).

The necromancer started things off by casting 'scan' on the raccoon woman.

Various information became clear to him. Her name was Mamizou Futatsuiwa. Combat-wise, she's about the same stats as him, though slightly higher. Not-so-surprisingly, she has the ability to shape-shift into various objects or people, and her combat properties change with her changes. Sadly, she retains the gift of null light/dark insta-death skills regardless of form for this battle.

"A tanuki, huh? This makes things interesting, though I doubt she'd be able to transform into a Persona" he muttered to himself.

Unfortunately, the tanuki youkai overheard him.

"Oh, you think I can't turn into a Persona huh? Try THIS!" Mamizou retorted.

This turn, Mamizou began morphing from her normal appearance to that of a near-replica of Damion's Izanagi. The only difference was that it had a leaf on its head on top of the metal helmet.

"Wha? Izanagi?" the necromancer replied in shock.

"You see now? This ability saved many of my friends, but to think I have to use it for battle is despicable. Now face your shikigami assassin!" Mamizou (Izanagi) declared.

Sadly, her transformations used up her turn.

"Fine, fine. Just know that I can command up to twelve of these 'shikigami' as Aya calls them in her papers, at a time. What chance do you think you have of beating me with ONE of them, much less as a transformation?" he shot back at her.

This turn, the necromancer's head flashed once, indicating a change in Personas.

With this new Persona armed and ready, he brought his Evoker to his head and fired it. The Persona summoned looked like a fairy with blond hair and green attire. It was Sylph, the Persona.

The fairy-like Persona conjured up a gust of wind around Mamizou (Izanagi), and knocked her down to the ground from weakness (100% reduced to 95% health for Mamizou). (3)

*1 More*

He summoned his Persona again, and cast the same skill once more (95% reduced to 90%).

Mamizou (Izanagi) quickly brought herself back up and ready to fight.

"Damn it, what the hell happened!" Mami asked aloud.

The necromancer, and illusionist, were both equally surprised at Mamizou's sudden question.

"That's never happened when Mami-chan fought someone using her shape-shifting" Nue, equally confused, muttered.

"I think I have an idea, but… I'll explain after the battle" the necromancer muttered.

Mamizou (Izanagi) shrugged off his retort, but began her counter-attack. Sacrificing a small amount of her health, she took her form's sword and ran at the necromancer. While running past him, she swung her sword, dealing a fair bit of damage to the necromancer (90% spent 2% leaving 88% health for Mamizou left) (93% reduced to 90% health for Damion).

"Tch, so you can use Persona's skills. Just great" the necromancer muttered sarcastically.

The necromancer repeated his last turn's skills, Garu, on Mamizou (Izanagi), knocking her down (90% reduced to 85% health for Mamizou).

*1 More*

And again (85% reduced to 80% health for Mamizou).

Mamizou (Izanagi) helped herself up off the ground again.

"Tch, this assassin shikigami is no good? How!" Mamizou asked with heavy frustration.

"Like I said, I'll explain later, although it's probably obvious now" he shot back.

The tanuki youkai began another shape-shift, only to turn into an exact replica of the young man's current Persona, Sylph. This change in form also meant a change in combat properties. However, like Izanagi morph, it had a leaf on its head.

"Give it up already; copying my Personas will NOT give you an advantage! The Personas I use, I know their strengths and weaknesses" he told her with a chuckle.

His head flashed once, another Persona change.

The necromancer used his Evoker and summoned the Persona he swapped out with; Izanagi.

The Persona released a weak jolt of electricity upwards into the air, where it crashed down onto Mamizou (Sylph), knocking her down due to her elemental weakness (80% reduced to 75% health for Mamizou).

*1 More*

This time, he cast the skill Rakunda on Mamizou. A blue wave of energy shot out of Izanagi and enveloped Mamizou (Sylph) and affected her defenses.

As Mamizou (Sylph) helped herself back up, she grunted some profanities at him.


The tanuki youkai (Sylph) mimicked the necromancer's action he pulled last turn when he used Sylph onto him; Garu skill.

Like the Persona she took on the shape of, she conjured up a weak gust of wind that encircled and lifted the necromancer in the air. He was dropped after the skill finished, and knocked down (90% reduced to 85% health for Damion).

*1 More*

"How do YOU like getting attacked by your own shikigami now? Fufufu" Mamizou (Sylph) chuckled.

Once again, she repeated her last action, causing the necromancer another round of damage (85% reduced to 80% health for Damion).

He helped himself up off the ground and readied himself for attack.

He summoned Izanagi once more, this time to use Zio skill again.

Electricity was shot in the air, and struck the tanuki youkai (Sylph) hard. Her current form's weakness to electricity naturally caused her to be knocked down (75% reduced to 68% health for Mamizou).

*1 More*

And another Zio skill struck her (68% reduced to 61% health for Mamizou).

The tanuki youkai (Sylph) helped herself back up off the ground and battle-ready.

"Alright, I've been taking it easy against you. No more handicaps" Mamizou (Sylph) declared.

(Update: turn loss from Mami's transforming no longer applies)

The tanuki youkai began another morph, only this time into Izanagi again.

This turn, Mamizou (Izanagi) spent a little of her health to cast the weak physical skill, Cleave. This was done by running up to the necromancer and slashing him hard with her current form's sword (61% spend 2% to 59% health left for Mamizou) (80% reduced to 77% health for Damion).

"Alright, I'll play that game with ya. It was time for a chance of tactics anyway" the young man chuckled.

His new tactic involved a bit of luck, some prediction, and a line of logic he hoped Mamizou was running with.

His head flashed once, brought his evoker to his head, and fired it. The Persona summoned this time was what looked like a manta ray with a human body merged on its back. It was Forneus

This turn, he called for it to use Bufu on the tanuki youkai. A block of ice formed on Mamizou (Izanagi)'s torso and shattered, leaving behind some damage and cuts from the shattering of ice (59% reduced to 55% health for Mamizou).

*Rakunda debuff wore off from Mamizou Futatsuida*

"Switching elements? Ha!"

The tanuki (Izanagi) chuckled. She morphed into a Persona he didn't expect; Pyro Jack. Like the Personas before she shape-shifted to, it had a leaf on its head.

This turn, Mamizou (Pyro Jack) conjured a ball of fire at Damion's location that was Agilao skill. The elemental 'magic' so to speak exploded in his face (77% reduced to 72% health for Damion). (6).

"What? You should've been knocked down!" Mamizou (Pyro Jack) gasped when she saw him still standing.

The necromancer smirked.

"Gotcha!" he chuckled.

The trap was the common belief of elemental skill equals specialty and properties based on opposites. In other words, he hoped she would fall for the fire-knocks-down-ice-using Personas. This is especially common for most magic users to assume, even though it is also common sense.


He summoned Forneus again, and had it use Bufu on Mamizou (Pyro Jack). Another chunk of ice formed, then shattered on the jack-o-lantern Persona, knocking it down (55% reduced to 50% health for Mamizou).

*1 more*

And another attack (50% reduced to 45% health for Mamizou).

As the tanuki youkai helped herself back up, she muttered profanity.

"Damn it, why didn't you get knocked down!" Mamizou (Pyro Jack) asked him.

"Forneus's weakness isn't Agi skills; it's a different element" he shot back.

Upset over the ironic twist, the tanuki youkai morphed again, into Sylph.

She used Sylph's power to use a Garu skill. A small gust of wind picked up the Wild Card and dropped him on the ground, but not knocked down (72% reduced to 69% health for Damion).

This time, the necromancer's head flashed again and he summoned the Persona he just equipped. The Persona in question was a knight on a dark horse wielding a lance. It was Berith.

The Persona began its attack by throwing its lance at the tanuki youkai, dealing light damage, and with the rare critical hit (69% spent 2% leaving 67% health for Damion) (45% reduced to 40% health for Mamizou). This also knocked her down.

*1 more*

He went with a regular attack with his fists, slamming a fist into Mamizou (Izanagi)'s face (40% reduced to 37% health for Mamizou).

Now the tanuki youkai was royally pissed.

Mamizou (Sylph) shape-shifted again, only into his Forneus. Like the other Personas she shape-shifted to, it had a leaf on its head.

Using the power of her shape-shift's form, she replicated the spell he used on her before; Bufu. A chunk of ice formed, then shattered on the necromancer's arm, dealing some damage (67% reduced to 64% health for Damion).

"Too bad, its weakness isn't ice, like you hoped!" the necromancer jeered.

His turn again, and this time he changed his Persona to Izanagi once more.

Upon doing so, he made it cast Zio on the tanuki youkai, which knocked her down (37% reduced to 32% health for Mamizou).

*1 more*

This time, he had Izanagi cast Rakunda on the tanuki youkai.

Mamizou (Forneus) got back up and ready to fight, but shape-shifted to Sylph.

Upon doing so, she had it use Garu on the necromancer. A small gust of wind picked the necromancer and flung him in the air for a moment, where he crashed on the ground, knocked down (64% reduced to 59% health for Damion).

*1 more*

"Take THAT, you damn Nazi!" Nue cheered for her friend from the sideline.

Mamizou (Sylph) used the Garu skill once more on him (59% reduced to 54% health for Damion).

The Persona user got back on his feet, ready to continue the battle.

Summoning his Izanagi again, he had it use Zio on her once more. The electric shock from the Persona knocked down the tanuki youkai in its current form, which also had the same combat properties as the real one (37% reduced to 30% health for Mamizou).

*1 more*

He fired his evoker once more, thus summoning Izanagi once more for another Zio skill (30% reduced to 23% health for Mamizou).

The tanuki youkai got back up and ready to fight.

Mamizou (Sylph) was unsure about why he didn't change Personas. He knew she was going to use Garu on him while he has Izanagi equipped. She was, right now, getting exhausted from battling.

She also realized, right now, the answer to her question before about how her shape-shifting power took some unexpected properties. It was that she had the ability to copy Personas she saw. Her problem, however, is not knowing those Personas' skills.

Realizing this, she took to battle again.

Mamizou (Sylph) cast the Garu skill on him once more, also knocking him down (54% reduced to 49% health for Damion).

*1 more*

And again (49% reduced to 44% health for Damion).

He got back up, ready to fight.

"Time to end this battle quickly" Damion thought.

The young man summoned his Persona again, using the same tactic as last turn; zio on the tanuki youkai, knocking her down (23% reduced to 16% health for Mamizou).

*1 more*

Another zio attack from his Persona on her (16% reduced to 9% health for Mamizou).

As Mamizou (Sylph) got back up, she started to show signs of exhaustion.

"I… won't lose" the tanuki grumbled.

Like before, she used her form's power to use Garu skill on the necromancer, which knocked him down (44% reduced to 39% health for Damion).

*1 more*

And again (39% reduced to 34% health for Damion.)

"This is the end" he declared to Mamizou Futatsuida.

He summoned Izanagi once more for another Zio skill, knocking down the tanuki youkai, who also lost her shape-shift form. (9% reduced to 2% health for Mamizou).

*1 more*

The last zio skill used before knocking out the tanuki youkai (2% reduced to 0%).

## End battle ##

Upon defeat, Mamizou Futatsuida got on her feet. She couldn't

"Don't… hurt Nue-chan… please!" she pleaded.

He was taken aback by this.

"What do you mean? She called you to defend her when she didn't have all the facts about these 'shadows'" he shot back.


For the next five minutes he summed up why he was here this morning, how Nue tackled him to let her friends run into a hornet's nest (metaphorically speaking), without knowing why he stopped her friends.

Upon hearing this, the tanuki youkai whacked Nue on the head real hard.


Nue rubbed her head after being whacked by the person she called for help from.

"Nue! Don't cause misunderstandings like that!" the tanuki youkai scolded.

"Either way, Daiyousei's probably having a hard time getting those idiots out of the cave before they end up in a lot of trouble with those shadows, so I need to get in there now!" the necromancer said to them before rushing into the cave after them.

He was gone as soon as he could, and that left Nue to be scolded by her friend.

## Inside cave to mausoleum ##

Shou and Daiyousei were fending off the 'shadows', but just barely. Ichirin, Unzan, and Nazrin were too scared to fight, and stayed in between Daiyousei and Shou.

Daiyousei summons her Persona card and destroys it, thus summoning Pixie and commanding it to use Zio on the tiara-type shadow.

Shou, on the other hand, was using her spear.

"Jeez, what in Bishamonten's name are these things!" Shou complained as jumped up with her spear and dropped on another 'shadow'.

Daiyousei didn't answer at first due to another 'shadow' about to attack her. When she defeated it, she then answered Shou's question.

"I think these might be the 'shadows' from the paper; the ones that Persona users are only able to fend off!" the green-haired fairy replied.

"'Shadows'? The new youkai? They're a pain to deal with!" Shou admitted.

It was at this time that the necromancer arrived.

"I'd have been here helping out if she didn't stop to understand the whole situation" the necromancer panted as he arrived.

The shadows, upon noticing him, fled deeper into the cave.

"Damn it… *pant*" he cursed again.

With the 'shadows' fleeing, this meant a moment of ease for them all.

This was good because now the investigation group could relax and collect their thoughts.

The good news was that the group was safe and sound, save for the Shou and Daiyousei who took some damage from the 'shadows'.

"So… what did I miss?" he asked them between deep breaths.

Ichirin spoke up first, sharing what happened.

"Those 'shadows' whatever… I think they scared away the divine spirits" Ichirin began.

She went on to explain her idea of the situation.

Her theory was this: The divine spirits were doing their job keeping the mausoleum sealed until the shadows appeared. Some of said spirits fled in desperation to find help, which everyone in Gensokyo thought was mischief. When Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, and Youmu investigated, they couldn't handle the 'shadows' until Sanae awoke to her Personas when they were cornered. This led to Sanae being the one to take care of the 'shadows'. As the divine spirits fled, the seal on Miko and her friends weakened until they were unable to keep them sealed.

"I know 'shadows' tend to avoid normal people, but they do get restless sometimes and attack normal people. As for the divine spirits, I know next to nothing about them. From what you told me, they were the seal on Miko and her friends, and the seal weakened as they fled" Damion muttered.

"So then, tell me… Why didn't you help the usual problem-solving group if you had the power to fight off these 'shadows'?" Ichirin asked him sternly, "Unzan also would like to know."


"My familiar"

He looked around for anything, but couldn't find anything that looked like an animal or human.

"Where is she?" he asked bluntly.

Ichirin pointed at her familiar, which was a cloud-like youkai. She then added, "Unzan's a 'he', not a 'she'."

"That cloud…?" he sighed, "Fine, I didn't know about the 'shadows' being there until Yukari broke the news to me. As for what's going on regarding the divine spirits, that's something I have no clue about"

Unzan made the face of annoyance upon being called a 'cloud'.

"Hey! Unzan is not a cloud! He's a Nyuudou!" Ichirin scolded the young man for her own familiar.

"Alright, whatever. You found out what happened? Good. Please leave before the 'shadows' come back in larger numbers" the necromancer muttered.

He then picked up Daiyousei in an arm-over-shoulder-support type of carry. The fairy in question was exhausted and tired.

"Let's get back to Hijiri-sama" Shou suggested, "I think we learned all we can for right now, but I don't know about Miko and her friends.

The group agreed and left the cave together.

## Outside the cave ##

This is where the Persona users and the Myouren Temple group went their separate ways.

The necromancer called out for the gap hag, only to not get an answer.

"Just great… a friend is injured, and she's off sleeping or something-"

He was cut off in mid-thought when a gap suddenly opened in front of him. It wasn't Yukari who popped out, but Ran Yakumo. Behind her was Chen.

"Just when I thought she was going to ditch me…" he remarked sarcastically.

"My apologies, but Yukari-sama is resting. I have similar powers as her, but not as strong as hers. Is there something that needs to be done, Damion-kun?" Ran asked him politely.

"Sorry, but I need to get Daiyousei to Eientei fast; she's suffered a LOT of damage for first-time Persona users" he told the gap hag's shikigami.

"Ah, Onii-chan!" Chen almost squealed upon seeing him.

Using his free hand, he face-palmed.

"Anything but 'onii-chan'" he grumbled.


He sighed and lowered himself to Chen's level.

"Just call me 'bro' (Aniki)" he asked the nekomata youkai.

Hearing this, Chen jumped for joy. Ran noticed Chen's happiness at seeing him again, but then noticed him trying to make himself sound like a badass.

"I see you have a soft spot for children and cute things" Ran teased, smiling all the while.

His face turned red from embarrassment and retorted, "Not cute things, just kids!"

Chen then noticed the injured Daiyousei he was carrying.

"Ah, Dai-chan! What happened!"

Chen's happiness turned to worry when he saw the fairy.

"Relax, Chen-chan. She's been through a LOT of pain for a new Persona user. That's why I'm trying to get to Eirin-san pronto" he told the nekomata.

Ran nodded in understanding, but Chen seemed more focused on her friend.

"I'll open a gap to get there, and you can explain everything there"

Just like that, Ran opened another gap that led to the location he was trying to get to.

The three of them (one carrying a fourth) quickly entered the gap that took them into the mansion hidden in the bamboo forest.

## Eientei ##

The time now was around 10:22 A.M. by human standards.

The room Damion and Daiyousei were in earlier had a gap suddenly open. Eirin was in the room as well, so she set up shop in this room, almost as if anticipating or expecting them to return through a gap.

Out came Ran Yakumo first, followed by Chen, and then the necromancer who was carrying the fairy.

"Place her on the bed for now, Damion-kun" Ran suggested to him.

He did as suggested and helped set the fairy down in bed.

Once Daiyousei was set in bed, he plopped onto the ground next to the bed, sitting on the floor.

"Oh, you're back" Eirin said to them from her temporary workstation in the room.

Ran and Damion turned to look at her as though they were expected.

"Dai-chan's hurt a lot more than usual for first-time Persona users. I admit guilt for having her do something I was supposed to do, but… damn it. If that illusionist would've listened, Dai-chan wouldn't have been this hurt protecting the Myouren Temple investigators" he cursed softly.

"Damion-kun" Ran began, "I saw her battling from the side, and she was using her Persona extensively; she relied on Pixie's electric magic on most of the shadows"

"That's not good; Persona users need to be mindful of their spirit points to use skills, or their health for physical attack skills. From what I know about her Pixie, I'd say she exhausted her spirit points, and couldn't hold up for long against the 'shadows'" Damion replied.

"Her 'magic' for Personas?" Ran asked.

"Speaking in analogies, that'd be pretty accurate. Though her health is at relatively low; around that of almost fatal" he added.

Eirin entered the conversation.

"Then I suppose it's my turn to look after her. You'll be paying for her treatment since you made her do something that difficult" the pharmacist said with a sadistic smile.

The young man paled at this.

"Give me a break! That Nue wouldn't let me warn them about the 'shadows', and I was afraid for their safety! What else was I supposed to do?" was his response.

"Is this true, Ran-san?" Eirin asked the nine-tailed fox youkai.

Ran simply nodded in agreement.

Chen was still focused on Daiyousei to notice the conversation between her master, the pharmacist, and the young man.

"Regardless, she needs rest and treatment; you still have to pay for her treatment" Eirin told the necromancer.

"Dare I ask how much that'll cost?" he asked Eirin.

"Fortunately, fairies are cheap to treat, so about 5000 Yen should cover the cost of medication to heal her wounds, and maybe a day of rest" the pharmacist told her.

"5000 Yen? That's do-able" the necromancer sighed with relief.

He took out his wallet and paid her the amount requested.

Once the transaction was done, Eirin began work on treating the fairy immediately.

"Now then, Damion-kun, I need to talk to you about Chen-chan" Ran said to him, pulling him to the other side of the room.

On the other side of the room, somewhat out of earshot of the nekomata, Ran and the necromancer started talking about the nekomata in question.

"So, what is it?" he asked.

"About her condition, do you suppose she's ready to handle her Persona?"

Upon hearing that, he looked to the side to see Chen.

There wasn't anything wrong with her physical condition from what he observed.

"I hope so. I might be wrong about recovery rates, but we could give it a shot another time; I'm already late on my promise to Kaguya…sama" he said to the gap hag's shikigami.

Hearing this, Ran nodded.

"Alright, I'll stop by tomorrow with Chen to discuss her training"

Upon agreement, the nine-tail fox youkai called for Chen and opened a gap to who-knows-where.

Chen, upon being called, slowly followed her master into the gap. She did, though, wave to the necromancer on her way to the gap.

"Now to keep my promise" Damion thought to himself as he left to the living room.


(A/Ns: Some notes at the end to clear up a few things so I don't have to repeat myself:

(1): (Persona fans) Had to bump the P4 version's basic Pixie to around level 14 average with skills to match I know it's odd, but give me a break; OC can't fight EVERY battle alone, can he? Well, not at his level… and even then, not for too long. Even then, it'll get better skills as it levels. Call it the 'teammate' version of the Pixie where it learns skills as it grows instead of stop learning skills at a certain level.

(2): (For both audiences) To avoid confusion for THIS chapter, 'Kat' is Nue Houjou's illusion as seen by OC. It's Nue, but the OC doesn't know this until after he realizes the illusion. Kat is yet another OC I own, but doesn't appear in this fic.

(3): (For both audiences) During battle, Mamizou (PERSONA) indicate Mamizou's form. It will also mean her combat properties match the Persona's at the level where that Persona learns all of its moves.

(4): Unlike another OC of mine, Damion CANNOT obtain JUSTICE arcana Personas.

(5): (For Touhou fans) Buffs/debuffs affect skills and stats by a third as long as the buff/debuff is active. Countering buffs/debuffs is simple; -unda debuffs attack, defense, or agility while –kaja buffs the mentioned stats (Tarunda debuff counters Tarukaja buff for example). Dekunda/Dekaja (Debuff or Buff respectively) negates their respective bonus/detriment… This bonus/detriment comes after resist/weak is calculated.

(6): (Touhou Fans) I'm going to stick with Persona 4 stats as close as I can for Persona skills, strength/resistance, etc. as much as possible, but some Personas may not exist in P4, so I'll use P3 stats instead if that's the case. Even though Forneus uses ice, it is NOT weak to fire in P4 (This variation used here); some persona's skills and weaknesses don't match up elementally. Forneus's weakness is electricity, Zio. Berith isn't weak to bufu, it's weak to wind.)