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Never Thought I'd See You Again

Chapter 1

"Max! Please help me!"

Max turned to find the owner of that voice being dragged away by a man in a white coat.

"Angel! No!" she screamed in return.

She tried to reach them, but her wings wouldn't carry her fast enough.

She quickly lost sight of the two in the mass of trees in the forest, just before she collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

"Nudge! Gazzy! Fang! Where are you guys?" she screamed while searching wildly for her flock.

Jeb appeared from a cluster of trees and said calmly, "They're gone Max. They've been taken and you can't save them."

Max felt angry tears fall from her cheeks and yelled, "What do you know? Where are they?"

"Max they're all gone. They've been missing for a while and they are most likely dead. You can look all you want, but you will never find them."

Max started crying whole-heartedly (which was very out of character for her) and she yelled, "No! It can't be true!"

But she knew it was.

"In fact," Jeb continued, "It's only a matter of time before some lucky scientist finds you himself."

Max swallowed her tears and let her anger consume her.

She lunged at him.

She saw him disappear, but it was too late to stop herself.

Suddenly, the forest floor was miles below her and her wings just couldn't seem to comply.

She struggled to make her wings save her, but it was futile.

She was falling to her imminent death and no one could save her.

Not even Fang.

The ground became closer and she braced for impact.

She shut her eyes unable to bear looking at her undoer.

Max opened her eyes to find herself in the cave she decided to camp in for the night.

"A dream," she muttered to herself soothingly.

But it wasn't really all a dream

Her flock had been missing for almost 2 years and no matter how hard she looked, she couldn't find them.

She glanced at her small, flickering campfire.

Fang had always made the fires.

Max sighed.

She pulled the animal she had been roasting off of the make-shift spit and clanked at her dinner.

It was a desert rat.

A very unlucky desert rat.

Max was in a desert in Arizona.

It was one of the thousands of places she'd looked for her flock.

No matter how many times she convinced herself that they were gone, she couldn't stop looking for them.

She briefly allowed herself the luxury of remembering Nudge's voice.

And Angel's curly blonde mane.

And Iggy's and Gazzy's bombs.

And Fang's crooked smile that made her heart practically leap out of her chest.

She quickly felt tears coming on, so she stopped remembering.

Max refused to pity herself when her flock were in danger.

She barely remembered how they looked.

She pulled a map out of her bag and placed an X over Arizona.

She'd spent weeks scouring the area.

She'd soon need a new map because this one was falling apart.

She frowned and whispered, "Where are you guys?"

She took a bite into her rat and heard a voice in her head; make that the voice in her head say, closer than you think.

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